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Yearbook Journalism Photography Complete Teaching Pack, Beginners

Created by
Julie Faulkner
This Composing the Right Shot for Beginning Photographers Teaching Pack is designed specifically for your yearbook or journalism students. The tips and pictures were chosen for situations and scenarios that students in a yearbook or journalism publication class would encounter. If you are wanting to improve the quality and composition of the photos in your yearbook no matter what type of camera you have, then this teaching pack will be perfect. With carefully chosen images taken by my staff an

Caption It! Caption Writing Creative and Expository Writing Activity

Created by
Tracee Orman
"Caption It!" is a standards-based activity that features over 25 images for students to write captions. Directions are included for both a creative writing exercise and an expository (journalism) writing exercise.Caption writing is a shorter writing exercise that still practices proper conventions of grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling in standard English. Start with these shorter exercises before moving to larger writing pieces such as formal essays. In addition, fosterin

Yearbook Journalism Bell Ringers for 100 Days, Volume 1

Created by
Julie Faulkner
Inevitably, your journalism students come to yearbook or newspaper class distracted – thinking about emails and texts they have to answer, tasks they have to complete, friend issues, and the game after school. If you want your group’s full attention, warm up with a bell ringer - a mental exercise that’s both enjoyable and calls on as much of your students’ brainpower as possible. These no prep, highly engaging class starters, designed specifically for yearbook, take just a few minutes but will

Journalism Yearbook Starter Kit for Advisers

Created by
Julie Faulkner
This Yearbook Starter Kit for Advisers includes everything a yearbook adviser would need to kick the year off and manage the program throughout the year. This is a one stop shop for getting your program going. The pack includes:-- an extensive application for new staff members (printable and digital)-- staff contracts-- equipment management contracts and forms-- course overview with goals and standards, to use for course requests or as a course syllabus, CCSS included-- full year curriculum/pac

Yearbook Spreads & Pages Rubrics, Checklists for Grading, Evaluation, & Feedback

Created by
Julie Faulkner
Assigning grades in yearbook can be tricky. Proofreading and editing spreads can be laborious. That's why I created these rubrics. With this set of 4 rubrics, you can score and give feedback on yearbook double page spreads - academics, student life, sports, and portrait pages - consistently and quickly. I like to use them as an editing guide for students to take note and make suggested changes before final submission! They make deadline day a lot easier, too, because needs are identified and

Yearbook Curriculum BUNDLE+ for Student Journalism Publications

Created by
Julie Faulkner
In this yearbook bundle, you'll have everything you need to plan, prepare, market, design, and create your student publication with this one-stop resource for your yearbook program. This yearbook curriculum includes all of my best-selling tools for creating a yearbook and conducting a yearbook and/or journalism class, plus some NEW tools (only in this bundle) to make a full, cohesive curriculum for yearbook/journalism advisers. *DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW FOR FULL LIST OF CONTENTS*-Units include the f

Yearbook Project The Best of Me: An Autobiographical Photo Story

Created by
Julie Faulkner
Inspired by the quote, “Be the best version of you,” this digital media project is creative and original. Students get to express themselves and demonstrate their photography and multimedia skills. I use this independent project with my journalism class for their final project of the semester. The ideas suggested on the assignment sheet are springboards to inspire the students’ creative thinking. On presentation day, I always enjoy seeing the end results. You could also use this for a digita

Journalism Writing and Publications Planning Bundle

Created by
Tracee Orman
My journalism bundle of resources is for the journalism teacher and/or the student publications adviser (newspaper/yearbook) and is completely editable: Journalism Writing and Publications Planning Bundle {Editable in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe PDF} This IS included in my mega bundle: ALL of my WRITING RESOURCES GROWING BUNDLE. This journalism bundle includes ALL of the following resources: Journalism Handbook and Stylebook {Editable} Expository Writing "

Expository Writing Activity: Fact vs. Opinion

Created by
Tracee Orman
Expository Writing Activity: Fact vs. Opinion This IS included in my mega bundle: ALL of my WRITING RESOURCES GROWING BUNDLE. Do your students struggle to identify and correctly write unbiased expository pieces? This activity will help them identify various forms of bias in writing and how to change them to unbiased or factual statements. I have used this in both English and journalism courses with success. This IS included in my Journalism Writing & Planning Bundle. The download has a

Yearbook Theme Development, Complete Teaching Pack

Created by
Julie Faulkner
Need to choose a yearbook theme? Want to develop your theme throughout your book? This Yearbook Theme Development Teaching Pack is just what you are looking for! The theme is key to a solid yearbook. Therefore, good ideas must be brainstormed early on. Just taking a little time up front to commit and brainstorm goes a long way, and makes a strong and creative book!Student Experience: Students will take notes about what a theme is and what it means to develop a theme. Next, they will see real e

Yearbook Project A Photo Documentary of Student Life, Beginning or End of Year

Created by
Julie Faulkner
This project, an excellent activity for yearbook class at the beginning or end of the year, chronicles the lives of students in their natural way at your school. I have so much success with this independent project each year! On presentation day one year I had a surprise visit from my yearbook company's agent AND the assistant principal! My students and I got rave reviews from both! Plus the students loved it!Included:100% Editable Word FileThe task sheetcollection logrubricteacher's guidecomm

Yearbook Vocabulary Teaching Pack, PPT, Interactive Notebook, Game, Quiz

Created by
Julie Faulkner
This yearbook vocabulary teaching pack is designed to help you teach your students the most common yearbook-specific terms. They will also have the opportunity to practice using the terms in an authentic format.Included:- PPT Guided Lesson- Flip Tab book interactive notebook insert for notes- Interactive labeling exercise for practice- Fill in the blank paragraph completion for terms practice- I have who has game for review- 2 Editable Assessment Word Files- CCSS Literacy StandardBe the first to

Yearbook Page Requirements Checklist for Journalism Students

Created by
Tracee Orman
Yearbook Page Requirements Checklist for Journalism Students A valuable tool for any yearbook adviser! This checklist covers everything the student should include for that yearbook page. All sections represented: Sports pages, Events, People ("Mug" pages), Academics, Organizations, Table of Contents, Colophon, Index/Advertising, etc. You can customize this file with your school name and text sizes/style of fonts. Makes yearbook production much easier for you and the student/staffer. Also

Journalism Curriculum: Year-Long Journalism Resource for Newspaper Advisers

Make teaching journalism and advising the school newspaper a breeze with this journalism curriculum! This journalism curriculum has everything you need to get your journalism students started on the right foot and working on a successful newspaper -whether you publish in print or digitally! From learning basic journalism terminology to news writing to the inverted pyramid to AP Style writing, this curriculum has everything you need to get your student journalists writing and publishing high-qual

Yearbook Journalism Bell Ringers BUNDLE, 200 Days Full Year

Created by
Julie Faulkner
A full year of yearbook bell ringers to get your journalism staffers engaged, thinking, and involved right from the start of class. These 200 no prep bell ringers, designed specifically for yearbook, take just a few minutes but will be very powerful in building crucial skills throughout the year and get class started on the right foot.The 200 days of mini lessons include:First Semester- Monday Picture Inspiration- Tuesday Problem-Solving Scenarios (based on real events!)- Wednesday Evaluating Ba

Associated Press (AP) Style Writing Bundle: An Intro to Journalistic Writing

Writing journalistically for either newspaper or yearbook is quite different than writing a paper for English class. With this AP Style teaching bundle, your student journalists will learn the fundamentals of AP Style writing and how to write for a scholastic journalism class. This journalism unit includes a variety of resources to help your students learn the basics of AP Style, and it includes materials for direct instruction, student practice, and assessment!This AP style journalism writing u

Info Text Hot Topics Lesson for Yearbook with Photo Project: Selfie Obsession

Created by
Julie Faulkner
Are your yearbook students as obsessed with selfies as mine are? Or how about just obsessed with themselves and their own group of friends? This lesson is the perfect way to start back the year to get them thinking in the direction covering more students. It also works because we will be covering some literacy and speaking and listening standards, too. The article alone would be very effective in any subject, as well. Student Experience: This lesson was written to use with my yearbook staff as

Expository News Writing Tutorial & Activities

Created by
Tracee Orman
Common Core Expository News Writing Tutorial and Activities: A news writing presentation with several student activities and tons of examples and models for students. This IS included in my Journalism Writing & Planning Bundle. When students go out into the "real world" they'll need to be able to write clearly and concisely, restating facts and analyzing data. News writing practices all the skills essential for "real world" writing. If this writing is not your area of expertise, don't worr

Designing Yearbook Spreads Templates, Rubrics, Checklists for Grading & Feedback

Created by
Julie Faulkner
With this rubric pack for designing yearbook spreads, your students will be able to take ownership of page designs, and you be able to check off all the necessary elements for the yearbook spreads and put some grades in your grade book.My students have designed the section templates for years, and I love allowing them the freedom and creative space to do so. I just need to make sure nothing is left off before we roll them out to the other pages and students begin developing the content. A tool

Yearbook Back to School, Complete Teaching Pack for Motivation

Created by
Julie Faulkner
Building classroom community and a solid foundation for teamwork is critical to the success of any yearbook program. Get students going in the right direction and set the tone in your yearbook class with this inspiring motivational lesson. It would make a great first days back activity!Included:- PDF & PPT Guided Lesson- One page interactive note-taking guide- Video LinkBe the first to know about my new discounts, freebies and product launches. Look for the green star next to my store logo

Journalism Newspaper Yearbook Assignment Specs Handout

Created by
Tracee Orman
Journalism: Newspaper and/or Yearbook Assignment Specifications Handout for Students Makes your job as advisor easier AND puts the responsibility on the student: This is an assignment sheet I used for both yearbook and newspaper staff members. When an editor or staff member had an assignment for another student, they used this sheet to give the specifics of the assignment (for writers, photographers, and design/layout). For example, if a student editor assigned a news story, he/she would f

The Anatomy of a Newspaper: Journalism and Informational Text Lesson

Teach your students all about the elements of a newspaper with this journalism and text-based lesson, Anatomy of a Newspaper. With this resource, your students will learn all about the parts of a newspaper, which will help them be able to identify key information quicker. This journalism teaching unit includes the following items:a 26-slide presentation for direct instruction that breaks down the various elements of newspapers including the section, headline, byline, photo caption, and more news

Yearbook Project, Back-to-School Idiom Inspired Digital Art Task, Photography

Created by
Julie Faulkner
Inspired by popular idioms regarding a back-to-school theme, this project should stretch students’ critical thinking and photography skills. The ideas suggested on the assignment sheet are springboards to inspire the students’ creative thinking and photography skills. Students think outside the box in order to complete the task. On presentation day, I always enjoy seeing the end results. All the work is done! Just print and go! Included:1 PDFAssignment SheetRubricCommon Core Literacy StandardsC

Photo Analysis Unit - Media Literacy and Analyzing Photographs (Print & Digital)

Created by
Nouvelle ELA
Extend your students’ media literacy skills with this Photo Analysis unit. Students develop a vocabulary for analyzing photographs and art (Elements of Art and Principles of Design), strengthen understanding through nonfiction readings and practice activities, and complete individual analyses. Key Takeaways for students:✅ Analyzing photographs is like analyzing a text✅ Elements of art are like figurative language for photographs✅ Photographers consider audience, context, and purpose This collect
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