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Latin Resources

3,669 results

Greek Mythology Webquest for Kids (Great Website)

Created by
History Wizard
Greek Mythology Webquest for KidsStudents will gain basic knowledge about the Greek gods and goddess by completing an internet-based worksheet. This website is great for students who might be studying World History, Literature, Mythology, Greek, or Latin. The Greek Mythology Webquest uses the following great website. would like to thank Illumismart for the wonderful clip art!M

Greek and Latin Roots Spelling and Vocabulary

Created by
Hello Learning
Are you looking for a way to improve your students reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary skills? This Greek and Latin roots spelling and vocabulary program will be the perfect resource for you! Students will learn Greek and Latin roots through spelling words and word study in this easy to use resource!Click on the green PREVIEW button above to see more details about this resource!What is included:34 Greek and Latin word root units94 different word roots2 differentiated spelling lists for e

Greek and Latin Roots Word Study | Anchor Chart, Cards and Worksheets

Created by
Snips and Snails
Simplify your lessons on Greek and Latin Roots with this word study set. Help students build vocabulary by teaching them to look for and understand the roots of words using the 40 most common roots in our language. Various strategies for implementation allow students to identify and define the roots, locate roots in the real word, and collect lists of common words using each root. Games also reinforce their learning.❤️Included in this resource:Anchor Chart for wall display40 root cards & 40

Roman Mythology Webquest for Kids

Created by
History Wizard
Roman Mythology Webquest for KidsStudents will gain basic knowledge about the Roman gods and goddess by completing an internet-based worksheet. This website is great for students who might be studying World History, Literature, Mythology, or Latin. The Roman Mythology Webquest uses the following great website.Click here to view the website!My students enjoy learning about the Roman gods and goddess using this website. This website is tame and is a G or PG version of Roman Mythology. I use this

Writing & Speaking Rubrics, based on ACTFL's proficiency guidelines

Created by
The Chase Place
These easy to use Writing and Speaking Rubrics will help you to evaluate your language students' writing and speaking by grading smarter, not harder! They're based on the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages' Proficiency Guidelines and range from Novice Low to Advanced Low. These rubrics are non-language specific and you can use them for whatever language or level you teach. The Introduction Page has Proficiency Expectations for each level and corresponding letter grades on the ru

Greek and Latin Root Words

Created by
Hello Learning
This resource includes 89 Greek and Latin root words on colorfully illustrated cards. These cards make a great display and visual learning tool to use during any of your root word activities.This set of root word cards can be used to make a colorful word wall that students can use as a reference when learning about word roots, spelling, or determining the meaning of new words.The root words also make a colorful bulletin board display where you can add cards as you learn new roots.The root word

Greek and Latin Word Root Bundle- Word Lists, Root Cards and Slides

Created by
Hello Learning
Here is everything you need to teach Greek and Latin word roots to your students this year! This bundle contains all three (3) of my popular Greek and Latin Word Root products: Greek and Latin Roots Spelling and Vocabulary Greek and Latin Root Cards Greek and Latin Root Instructional Slides The 3 products are in a zipped file. The word lists and word root cards are pdf files and the instructional slides are in a Powerpoint file. The Greek and Latin Spelling and Vocabulary includ

Common Core Multisyllable Word Building with Prefixes, Suffixes and More!!!

First students sort the word parts into 3 piles- prefix, root word, and suffix. Next, they are given a definition and need to use the word part cards to build the word. In parentheses on each definition card is the number of word part cards the students will need to make the word. Once the word is built, they are directed to use it in a sentence in their journal. Student directions page is provided as well as an answer key for teachers or students to check their own work. Common Core: CCSS

Greek and Latin Roots Puzzles

Created by
Melanie Kross
Students in 2nd through 5th grades will have the opportunity to match up Greek and Latin roots with their meanings, examples of words containing the roots, and pictures to lock the meanings into memory!! There are two versions, one that is more difficult because the colors are the same, while the other set is multi-colored for easy self checking. Once puzzles are completed students will record the matches they have made in a chart.

Latin: The Language of Rome Fun Worksheet #1

Created by
Mark Aaron
A fun and easy to work with worksheet on 20 Latin words and their English meaning. Students work as "word sleuths" to try and identify the meaning of the 20 words for a set period of time and then correct and score it themselves orally with their teacher. Words were chosen for their similarity to English counterparts. Ideal lesson for either a social studies or language arts class. Check out the Preview to see how this is formatted. English counterparts for Latin words are given in the answer ke

Weekly Latin Phrases Language Arts Word Study Etymology CCSS ELA

Created by
Simone Ryals
Weekly Latin Phrases Language Arts Word Study Etymology CCSS ELA This is a set of popular Latin phrases for classroom display purposes, in portrait format with large fonts. There are 43 in all, so you have more than enough for the school year. Example sentences and clarifications are included for teacher reference as well. They are listed in the order I use them in class—but of course you can use whichever ones you prefer in whichever order suits your needs best. I laminated mine for years

Greek and Latin Root Words Game 8th Grade, 7th, 6th Grade Vocabulary Words Game

Created by
Amy Skillicorn
Please preview the video to make sure this Greek and Latin Roots resource is suited to your class's needs.Description Students click through this Greek and Latin Roots video game. If they click on the correct answer, they advance to the next question. If they answer incorrectly, they are directed to try again. A free Google account is required to access this Google Slides Greek and Latin Roots Video Game. Answers cannot be recorded for grading purposes.Updated to include free resource roundup t

Weekly-Themed GREEK & LATIN Root Word Curriculum for the Whole Year

This is a cumulative 36-week product that continually builds on prior lessons taught. Ready to use from the first week of school. Product includes engaging Power Point presentations, Weekly Review presentations, Weekly Tests, Cumulative Tests, Handouts, and Certificates.What is included?I. An introductory 27-slide Power Point that gives students an overview / explanation as to why Greek and Latin roots are so prevalent in the modern English languageII. Exactly 132 Greek & Latin roots that

Greek and Latin Word Roots Instructional Slides- 247 Powerpoint Slides

Created by
Hello Learning
Learning Greek and Latin word roots and their meanings will help your students be more successful in all academic subjects! These colorful word root slides will give your students a chance to learn Greek and Latin roots visually, orally and in written form. This Powerpoint presentation contains 247 slides covering 80+ different word roots. For each word root presented there are 3 different slides. Slide 1- Introduce the root and brainstorm words containing that root. Try to determine the

Power Point: A History Lesson on Greek & Latin Roots in the English Language

(NOTE: This product is also included in another product in my store titled: Weekly-Themed Greek & Latin Root Words for the Whole Year. Product includes Power Point presentations, tests, handouts, and certificates.)The "Power Point: A History Lesson on Greek & Latin Roots in the English Language" is a 28-slide Power Point presentation that has been created to provide students with an overview / explanation as to why Greek and Latin root words are so prevalent in the Modern English lang

Roman Gladiators Primary Source Worksheet

Created by
History Wizard
This worksheet allows students to use a primary source document to learn about Roman gladiators. I use this worksheet to help students better understand gladiator fights, and that some Romans were opposed to the gladiator fights.This activity is very easy to use. All you have to do is print off the primary source from the following website for classroom use or direct students to the website to answer the worksheet questions: here to view the

Latin Word Root Practice (Create a BEAST!)

This project gives the student a LARGE list of latin word stems and asks them to blend them together to describe a beast and the powers that it might have. They are then asked to illustrate their beast. As an extension, students can write a story about their beasts or a paragraph describing their beast's powers.

Mythology Unit 1 The Study of Mythology

Mythology Unit 1 is an introduction to mythology which examines the nature and significance of mythology. Students investigate origins, purposes, and interpretations of myths. The unit is designed to promote close reading, critical thinking, writing using reasoning and evidence, speaking and listening, media creation and other language arts common core learning standards. Powerpoint with script, objectives, activities, assessments, and rubrics are included.

Caesar's English & Latin Stems Book 1 BUNDLE

Created by
Fisher Fancy Ups
This packet includes resources to accompany Michael Clay Thompson's Caesar's English Book 1, both vocabulary lessons and Latin stem lessons. Caesar's English Resources: Unit Vocabulary posters in color and black and white Weekly Assignments Vocabulary Memory cards for each lesson Jeopardy Review Game I Have... Who Has... review game Student take home lists Colorful Word & Discussion Posters This packet is meant to be used to fully implement Michael Clay Thompson's Caesar's English Vocabulary

Latin Activities in a Gamified Classroom: Free Latin Game

Created by
Amy Skillicorn
Click here to visit blog post with instructions!This Gamified Classroom Activity has 6 challenges for your students to complete in teams. Its content is basic case function review.Escape Room Google Forms (QR scan option): 3 teammates must unlock all keysQuizizz code (or QR scan option): 2 teammates must earn 100% scoreAnnotate a picture: Label 10 items within a picture using Latin vocabularyEmpathy organizer based on Polyphemus after reading a Latin passageEdPuzzle: 2 teammates must earn 100% o

Black Ships Before Troy Student's Notebook

This is a 40-page student notebook for a teaching unit on Rosemary Sutcliffe's Black Ships Before Troy, a simplified prose version of the Iliad. The notebook contains study questions for the 19 chapters in the book that students are to complete each night for homework. It also contains readings from English literature that touch on themes and characters in the book, as well as instructions for a project due at the end of the book. To accompany BSBT, I created art PowerPoints for each chapter, wh

Romulus and Remus Activities

Created by
Frau Leonard
Lesson and activities to introduce students to the mythical founding of Rome. Students learn about Romulus and Remus, the myth surrounding them, and use what they learn to write an argumentative essay.Includes:- Notes Power Point with student worksheet to introduce students to the miss- Worksheet where students put the myth's events in the correct order- Crossword puzzle- Rubric for students to create a comic summarizing the myth- Argument writing assignment: rubric, suggested sources, and grap

Greek and Latin Roots Game 5th and 4th Grade Digital Breakout Edu & Answer Sheet

Created by
Amy Skillicorn
Engage students in an immersive 360-degree digital escape room with Greek and Latin roots! This product also includes a master list of Greek and Latin roots, as well as definitions and examples.A teacher walkthrough video is included (3 minutes) and a complete 5 page answer key.How long does it take to complete the challenge?I recommend you allow 30-45 minutes to complete the escape room. Teams are also encouraged since escape rooms foster student leadership and teamwork!The escape room can be c

Latin & Greek Word Stems Unit (Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots)

Created by
Miss B's Shop
Word stems are common prefixes, suffixes, and root words found in the English language. In this unit, students learn 50 of the most common stems. The download includes five PowerPoints, a word stem chart for students to fill out while viewing the PowerPoints, a review game, and a 55-question quiz covering all 50 stems. Each PowerPoint presents ten stems and includes three illustrated examples of each word stem. Each ends with two application questions and slides reviewing the stems.I use this in
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