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A fun and easy to work with worksheet on 20 Latin words and their English meaning. Students work as "word sleuths" to try and identify the meaning of the 20 words for a set period of time and then correct and score it themselves orally with their teacher. Words were chosen for their similarity to En
A fun and easy to work with worksheet on 20 Latin words and their English meaning. Similar in format to "Latin: The Language of Rome Fun Worksheet #1" but with totally different words. Students work as "word sleuths" to try and identify the meaning of the 20 words (both nouns and verbs this time)
Encourage a growth mindset in you students with these ocean themed posters full of quotes to inspire young minds!Follow my blog!Other great resources:Under the Sea Welcome BannerCharacter Education Word Wall CardsRamona the Pest Novel StudyThe Mouse and the Motorcycle Novel Study
This product is adapted from my Ancient Rome 2nd - 4th grade package. I have taken out the Language Arts and Math that is geared toward the lower grades. Most of this product includes foldable notebook inserts and information, as well as interactive map activities and reading about various topics. L
This has helped tremendously in helping my students understand the etymology of words, which is emphasized in the CCSS for ELA. This is a compilation of over 80 Greek and Latin word parts, complete with definitions, that I use in my classroom. Greek origins are shown in green and Latin in purpl
A collection of posters that break down the Latin etymology of Latin-based Harry Potter Spell. Each has an appropriate image, and magical font.
A set of 19 different bingo cards with an uppercase letter of the Greek alphabet in each square. The teacher calls out a random letter of the Greek alphabet, and students place a token on that letter if they have it. (A great source of tokens is that surplus of European coins that are no good becaus
This worksheet is exactly like #1 and #2 in my series of Latin lessons, but with sixteen words instead of twenty for students to work with. Please look at the Preview to see how the lesson works. Kids love this word sleuthing activity, and this printable addresses the following Common Core Standard:
A pre-made, personalizable template for your virtual classroom! Includes clickable items in the classroom, music in the background, steam rising from the mug and music notes rising from the computer. Included: - Multiple furniture options with shadows for depth- Multiple animated objects and pets to
This bundle contains 6 packs of Latin verb puzzles for first year Latin students. Each pack contains 5 puzzles focusing on around 10 verbs. That gives you 30 puzzles (with more than 60 verbs) to use with your students to help them practice their vocabulary terms! When you purchase this Latin Verb
Latin Battleship allows students to review nouns and verbs by playing the classic game battleship. The packet includes boards for both nouns and verbs as well as directions and a blank template.
This is a great sheet to give to students to practice the imperative in Latin. You can start out as Simon, giving various commands to students, and then whoever wins the first round can take your place giving commands. I've done this with kids ranging in age from 8 to 15, and it's always a hit!
Introduce your young child to Latin and the ancient world with the Classical Coloring Book. 13 line drawings of the ancient world in full-page size to be colored, with accompanying Latin phrases that describe them (translations of the phrases are included at the back). Great for a rainy afternoon or
This is identical in format to my Latin worksheets #1, 2, and 4 but with fifteen new single words. Please read the descriptions of those lessons/worksheets or look at the preview to see what is included and the format. Check out the Preview to see how this is formatted. This printable addresses the
Students can list cognates from English and Spanish, match animal cards and create their own matching cards in this lesson and activity.
Print and Use Roman or Greek Mythology Project! Students research and assume the identity of a Greek or Roman god. They then must find and take pictures that god would have taken. They are required to think about what the gods saw in the ancient world and what they would find amusing today. S
This pack of 5 puzzles will help your first year Latin students practice their number vocabulary from 1 to 10, 100, and 1000. Solving puzzles makes learning vocabulary fun and easy! Included in this PDF: A list of the vocabulary words used in the puzzles Scramble Latin Links Roman Numerals - a ridd
Assignment for creating a derivative tree. Using Latin root words, prefixes, and suffixes, students can create English words, make connections between Latin and English vocabulary, and increase knowledge of English vocabulary. Includes a list of Latin prepositions that function as prefixes in Engli
Click here to visit blog post with instructions!This Gamified Classroom Activity has 6 challenges for your students to complete in teams. Its content is basic case function review.Escape Room Google Forms (QR scan option): 3 teammates must unlock all keysQuizizz code (or QR scan option): 2 teammates
Students bring life into Latin class or social studies class with independent, expressive classical world projects. The classics live through artwork, performance, writing, song and dance. Grades 4-12.
"Trivial Persequor" is a review game for Latin class based on the popular game "Trivial Pursuit." 30 game cards are included, with 6 questions per card. (That's 180 questions!) All the questions are aligned to the National Latin Exam syllabus, using both Intro to Latin and Latin I levels, making i
Save $2.00 when you purchase this bundle of Latin puzzles! That's like buying 4 Latin puzzle packs and getting 1 free! These puzzles were designed to help students review their first year Latin vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. There are 5 puzzles in each pack for a total of 25 puzzles in thi
Please make sure to preview the file and ensure that it is appropriate for your class prior to purchasing.This fun and 100% interactive game both teaches students root words and reviews etymologies they already know!Students advance spaces by rolling a die and completing a task!Sigma Spellers: They
This has an image of the Hogwarts Crest and a breakdown of the Latin used.

showing 1-24 of 293 results

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