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This activity requires students to draw their room or items in their room that would be preserved if a cataclysmic eruption, like that of Vesuvius in 79 AD, occurred. Student must also describe in writing what items would be found if archaeologists unearthed their bedroom and what those items would
Included:Chapter 1 HW 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4Chapter 2 HW 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4Chapter 3 HW 3.1, 3.2, 3.3Chapter 4 HW 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5Chapter 5 HW 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6Chapter 1 BingoChapter 1 Word SearchChapter 2 Crossword Vocab PracticeChapter 3 Forms BingoChapter 3 Vocab PuzzlesChapter 4 Pl
NEW LOWER PRICE! The perfect resource for Latin teachers using Bolchazy-Carducci's series Latin for the New Millennium! This puzzle pack includes three crossword puzzles for every chapter of the level one textbook. That's a total of sixty-three crosswords! SIXTY-THREE! Assigning homework just got
6 fun worksheet pages exploring Greek and Latin root words. Start with a root, then explore: - definitions - cognates - words containing the root - decompose the word - map each word in pictures, words and colors - write sentences using the word - find new words and draw pictures Pick a root each
This assignment asks students to create a dialogue which they will use in a comic strip. The assignment includes a list of requirements that need to met for the dialogue to be complete. A rubric is included.
Student must make a 3rd declension adjective, 1st or 2nd declension adjective, and 1st or 2nd declension noun all agree in case, number, and gender. This is best for a Latin 1 classroom. This download yields two, double sided worksheets.
Included:1. Caesar 4.24 Homework Sentence Analysis2. Caesar 4.24 Vocabulary Quiz3. Caesar 4.24 Translation Quiz with Rubric4. Caesar 4.25 Translation Quiz with Rubric5. Caesar 4.24, 4.25, 4.26 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle6. Caesar 4.25-4.26 Vocabulary Quiz7. Caesar 4.27 Fill-in-the-blank Activity8. C
Assignment meant to replace Socratic dialogue on Jason and the Golden Fleece. Can be edited to change expectations.
Included:1. Caesar 5.24 Sentence Analysis Homework2. Caesar 5.24 Sentence Analysis Homework 23. Caesar 5.24 Translation Quiz with Rubric4. Caesar 5.24-25 In-Class Essay with Rubric5. Caesar 5.25 Fill-in-the-Blank Activity6. Caesar 5.24-25 Vocabulary Quiz7. Caesar 5.24-26 Vocabulary Activity8. Caesar
This is a worksheet which requires student to change nouns and verbs from singular forms into plural forms and vice versa. This worksheet is aligned with the vocabulary and grammar of the Cambridge Latin Course Stage 5 but can be used for any beginner level Latin class in which students have been
Included:Chapter 6• Forms & Vocab Quiz• HW 1-4• Mastery Sentence• Guided Note Packet• Groton/May Parsing• Vocab ActivityChapter 7• 3 Bingo’s• Classwork• Guided Note Packet• Vocab Quiz• HW 1-4• Groton/May ParsingChapter 8• 3 Bingo’s• Crossword Puzzle• HW 1-4• Play Script Instructions• Packet• For
Included:1. Notes on Grammatical Constructions to Review before Caesar 1.12. Caesar 1.1 Sentence Analysis Homework3. Caesar 1.1 Translation Quiz with Rubric4. Caesar 1.2-3 Sentence Analysis Homework5. Caesar 1.3 Color Coding Homework 6. Caesar 1.3 Essay Activity7. Caesar Vocabulary Quiz 1.1-1.38. Ca
Included:1. Caesar 5.37 Sentence Analysis Homework2. Caesar 5.37 Crossword Puzzle3. Caesar 5.38 Sentence Analysis Homework4. Caesar 5.39 Sentence Analysis Homework5. Caesar 5.37, 38, 39 Vocabulary Word Search6. Caesar 5.40 Sentence Analysis Homework7. Caesar 5.41 Sentence Analysis Homework8. Caesar
Includes 50 in-depth warm-ups from Caesar-- across reading list material from books 1, 2, 5, and 6.Connect with Me! Latin Teaching BlogA blog post about AP Latin activities in particular!Follow me on TPT! My products are 50% off for the first 24 hours.

Also included in: AP Warm-Up Bundle

This series of quizzes/homework/tests/supplements are to be used with the Prima Latina Latin series. They are only supplemental resources that the program does not include and do not replace the curriculum. - The files are in PDF format. - Includes quizzes for each lesson (5 lessons for each of 5
Worksheet in which students must match Latin sentence with funny family photos. Great activity to review vocabulary. If students know numbers and family vocab they can deduce the meaning of the rest of the sentence. Powerpoint even includes a number vocabulary slide so students can focus on the f
This is a group activity for Stage 11 of the Cambridge Latin Course. A detailed and whimsical descriptions of the various collegia are provided to make the topic more engaging for students. Students are formed into groups to create an election slogan in Latin using the dative case and then present
Shake up instructional time with this no-prep, fun illustration activity! Students must correctly translate each short sentence in order to correctly illustrate them. You can also have students write their translations under each drawing to verify their translations. This activity is tied with t
Tired of reciting declensions each day? Need a fun project to keep your students excited about their Latin studies? This Latin Book Project is great for beginner Latin students who have mastered the following:1st conjugation verbs1st and 2nd declension nouns1st and 2nd declension adjectivesGet those
Every week I would give my students a handout containing derivatives from the chapter vocabulary. Each student was responsible for carrying out the instructions on the worksheet for 1 - 2 derivatives, depending upon the class size. The next day the students would get up in front of the class and sha
This homework assignment is tailored to correspond to Stage 15 of the Cambridge Latin Course. It reviews all the major grammar points introduced in that stage. There are exercises for identifying and translating forms of the relative pronoun; choosing adjectives that correctly agree with nouns; an
Storyboard created to accompany and summarize the passage in Cambridge Latin Course Stage 12, 'ad urbem'.
Suitable for first- or second-year Latin students. Introduces the reflexive pronoun "se". Also covers adjective forms and "with" construction. Assumes students have already learned other personal pronouns. 8 practice sentences included at the end, suitable for homework or classwork. Creator: Em
An PowerPoint introduction to all Latin infinitive forms, including the future passive infinitive. Includes brief exercises to test knowledge, suitable for in-class work or homework. Assumes students have learned about principal parts and verb conjugations; no other knowledge required. Clean, sim

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