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Building Skills at Home - Parent Handouts (English & Spanish!)
This packet of informational handouts is aimed at parents of children in grades K-2. Each subject-themed sheet contains tips, ideas, and strategies parents can do at home to build their child's skills. These would be perfect to attach to a weekly newsletter, pass out at the beginning of the school

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Parent Handouts for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten
Parent handouts are an easy way to help parents support their child’s learning at home! It’s super simple. Just print and send home! You can send the parent letters home at the beginning of the year, on various parent nights, at parent teacher conferences, before summer, or attach to your newslett

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Elementary Math Charts Packet (Free! Free! Free!)
Students can learn a lot about numbers just using these! Just print, laminate and display as classroom posters or have students cut out and place/glue in their math journals for their own reference throughout the entire school year. Very convenient for busy teachers and students alike. Includes math

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STOP! Teach THIS lesson before introducing telling time to the hour!
I find that many kids have the misconception that the hour is whatever the short hand is closest to. This works in the beginning when they're learning how to tell time to the nearest hour. As telling time increases in difficulty, they have to relearn how to find the hour. This kit helps by showing

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Addition Facts Practice: +0 through +10 and What Makes 10?
There are 54 worksheets total that include +0 through +10 and Making 10 facts. There are also mixed addition fact worksheets. I use these addition math facts worksheets to help my students memorize their addition math facts. These worksheets work well for timed test! The ZIP file contains PDF fi

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Number Formation Activity Pack
Make learning to write the numbers 0 to 30 fun for kids! This number formation activity pack is bursting with motivating ways to practice writing and recognizing numbers: *Posters with memorable poems (one for each number) to hang on the wall as helpful reminders, *A 0-10 review sheet kids can tak

Also included in: Kindergarten Math Bundle


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Equivalent and Comparing Fractions Centers and Activities
This set of hands-on stations activities and practice helps students to find equivalent fractions and compare fractions that are parts of wholes and parts of sets. Interactive activities give students opportunities to explore manipulate fractions. Included in this pack...*Equivalent Fractions Folded

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Distance Learning Long Division - Step by Step - Google Slides
This product now includes Google Slides Format perfect for Distance Learning!I created this fold-up for use in my 5th grade classroom. It is intended for use with students who are either just getting started with the long division process or with students who are struggling with the process. The e

Also included in: The BIG Bundle: 41 Math Fold-Up Resources Bundled into ONE!


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Measurement Activities: Inches, Feet, Centimeters, and Meters
Measurement Unit: Linear Measure with Feet, Inches, Centimeters, Yards, and Meters This hands-on activity pack is a sure way to keep your students engaged while exploring standard and non-standard linear measurement standards. This pack includes quick prints, hands on activities, and task cards that

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Telling Time Math Unit
This freebie is designed to help you supplement teaching time to your students. This unit focuses on both digital and analog clocks and telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter after and quarter to. In this unit you will find: “At What Time?” – Students write the digital time and draw the analo

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First Grade Morning Work Bundle
1st Grade Morning work practice sheets are a great way to include a spiraling review for your students throughout the year. Each worksheet will take between 5-15 minutes to complete when your students first come in in the morning. They cover a variety of math, reading, writing, and language skills.


Morning Work First Grade
Morning Work: Morning Work for First Graders will provide your students with a meaningful task. It will be a snap with this Common Core Aligned daily morning work. Take attendance, speak with a parent...your students will have a routine and know that learning begins as soon as they walk in the door.

Also included in: Morning Work Bundle First Grade


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Pre-Kindergarten Goals Sheet
This pre-kindergarten skill goal sheet is a one page sheet of typical skills that a student may learn. It is a fun and very visual way for the kids to see what skills they have mastered and document the child's learning. When a skill has been mastered, the child can put a sticker in the box. If yo

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4.NF.3 & 4.NF.4 Practice: Add, Subtract, & Multiply Fractions
This CCSS aligned fraction packet includes 22 practice sheets filled with practice fraction problems, example problems, and step-by-step directions. These can be used to introduce a concept, review a concept, or send home as reinforcement for homework. An answer key is provided. - - - - - - - - - -

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Practice Sheet BUNDLE: All 4th Grade Standards


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Touch Math Magic {Basic Subtraction With Touch Points}
Touch Math works like magic. If your students can count, touch points help them to become very accurate in their computations.Touch Math Magic {Basic Subtraction With Touch Points} is a wonderful supplement to your math curriculum. It focuses on counting back (a skill needed for touch math subtrac

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Kindergarten Number of the Day
Number of the Day is a great activity for whole group, small group or center work that will reinforce many different ways to represent a number and will build strong number sense. On this worksheet: ~write/ copy the number of the day ~write the number in word form ~identify if the number is odd

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Adding and Subtracting Integers Color Worksheet
Adding and Subtracting Integers Color Worksheet. 25 well thought out problems that will strengthen and reinforce student learning. Each problem has a unique solution between -12 and 12 that corresponds to a coloring pattern that will form a symmetrical image. Great for classwork, homework, or ext

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Common Core ELA Cheat Sheets for Grades K-5
Common Core ELA Cheat Sheets for Grades K-5 Are you tired of flipping through dozens of pages to figure out what a certain Common Core standard is?! I know I was. I decided to make this 1 page "Cheat Sheet" that I keep in the back of my ELA Lesson Plans Binder. Every Common Core English Language Ar

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Multiplying Decimals
This unit contains three mini-lessons: multiplying decimals by whole numbers with visual models, multiplying by decimals by decimals with visual models, and multiplying decimals with area models. This resource be used in two different ways:- Whole group instruction to show how to use visual mode

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Distance Learning Working with Factors and Multiples! Google Slides
This product now includes a Google Slides Format perfect for Distance Learning!Until mastering what a factor and what a multiple is, a student is going to struggle to find the Least Common Multiple or the Greatest Common Factor. This realization is what prompted me to make this Working with Factors

Also included in: The BIG Bundle: 41 Math Fold-Up Resources Bundled into ONE!


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Sub Plans for Emergency Sub Days Grades 1-2
Emergency sub plans are there for you when you are just too sick to go into work. This set of substitute plans makes being out easy for you and your substitute teacher. Print these and put them in your sub tub or substitute binder, and you are ready to go!This file contains 3 complete days of sub p

Also included in: Emergency Sub Plans 9 DAYS BUNDLE


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Math Folder Resources
100s chart, multiplication chart and lots of reference posters to help students remember math skills and vocabulary! My students have a math folder in their desk. It is a standard three prong folder. They keep their work in the folder. I also like to put several resources in page protectors. These

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Fractions Unit - Centers and Activities
In this unit, students will participate in centers activities to identify fractional parts of wholes and sets, as well as build a foldable flipbook and get plenty of practice in fraction naming skills. Included in this pack...2 posters: naming and identifying fractions of sets9 word wall cardsCircle

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Algebra Basics (Algebra 1 Curriculum - Unit 1) DISTANCE LEARNING
Algebra Basics (Algebra 1 Curriculum - Unit 1)UPDATE: This unit now contains a Google document with links to instructional videos to help with remote teaching during COVID-19 school closures. These videos are created by fellow teachers for their students.  Please watch through first before sharing w

Also included in: Algebra 1 First Semester - Notes, Homework, Quizzes, Tests Bundle


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