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Data Binder
1st Grade Data binder - folder Supports common core! Some pages are editable! FREEBIE in the Preview! Updated on July 21, 2015 IF you have this packet, please go to My Purchases and re-download. SOME PAGES ARE EDITABLE!!!! This is saved in PPTX (power point). So you can EDIT some of the pa

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Data Binder
Kindergarten Data Binder - Folder Supports Common Core! Some pages are EDITABLE! FREEBIE in the DOWNLOAD PREVIEW! This packet has some editable pages: sight words, reading levels. This is NOW saved in PPTX. Make SURE you have this power point program before you buy. :o) Do you use data fo

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Construct a Zoo - Area and Perimeter - Project-Based Learning
This project-based learning activity lets students put their knowledge of area and perimeter to the test as they construct their very own zoo! This project contains two leveled-assignment tasks, as well as differentiated extension activities, combining mathematics and ELA skills into one project!

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Area and Perimeter - Create a Zoo
Customary and Metric versions with Canadian spellingKids love this project!In this integrated math and reading project, students are assigned an area of the zoo to design. There are 8 areas of the zoo from which to choose. Each area has 4 animals. They must read about their four animals and creat

Also included in: Integrated Math Projects GROWING Bundle Grades 3-5


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Fraction Project- What Fraction of the Day Do Animals Sleep?
Updated! April 2020 a new look and a digital activity for distance learning on Google slides!Included in this packet are three nonfiction articles on animals that sleep for long and short periods of time and other animals who have a regular sleep schedule. Also included is a digital activity to b

Also included in: Integrated Math Projects GROWING Bundle Grades 3-5


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Zoo Keeper Math and Writing Project
Congratulations! You've received a very generous donation that allows you to start your very own zoo! Students work in teams to create their own zoo, and practice a few math skills along the way. Teams begin by selecting the animals they want in their zoo, then they draw the animal habitats and

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Polar Bear Glyph with Writing Options
The Glyph Girls have designed the perfect polar bear glyph for you to use this winter! It even has two options - vertical or horizontal. Both options come with writing templates students can use after researching polar bears. Look what is included: Glyph Survey (with fun questions about polar bears)

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Penguins: A Research and Writing Project PLUS Centers!
This penguin research project is designed to make research and writing developmentally appropriate and engaging for students. This resource contains everything you need to create anchor charts, graphic organizers, student research journals, and centers to conduct a penguin research project in your c

Also included in: Research Project Bundle: SPRING Research and Writing Curriculum


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Apples: A Research and Writing Project PLUS Centers!
This apple research project is a fun, hands-on, engaging way to bring research and writing about apples into your classroom. Through whole group research, the use of anchor charts, graphic organizers and writing activities, students will learn all about apples and Johnny Appleseed. Students can even

Also included in: Research Project Bundle: FALL Research and Writing Curriculum


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Student Math Reflection : Outside the Box Project
Student Math Reflection : Outside the Box Project You have just discovered a hands-on project that is meant to allow students the chance to get to see just how much math they already know and how much math is ingrained into their day! Not only is this enjoyable to make, but it is stunning to see

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100th Day of School 100 years Ago
Celebrate 100th day of school by traveling back in time! What was life like 100 years ago? Includes morning messages, tech connection, and graphing. This packet contains: Morning Work: 3 Morning Messages and answer key about life 100 years ago. These are a great way to review skills. Can also

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“All About My Rock” Graphic Organizer/Research Paper
“All About My Rock” Graphic Organizer/Research Paper This product includes a graphic organizer, parent note, detailed station directions, as well as lined writing paper for your students to copy their research to. You may choose to have your students complete the graphic organizer only and discus

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All About Animals
A science unit with exciting activities related to animals: *Types of Animals Web and Information Charts (pp. 3-9) *Mammal or Not a Mammal Game (pp.10-14) *Graphing with Animals Game (pp.15-17) *Animals Word Problems (p. 18) *Color by Animal Sheets (pp. 19-20) *My Animal Book (pp. 21-28) *Mystery A

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A Skippito Pack-ito-Math and Literacy for Skippyjon Jones Books
Aye, Caramba! This 92 page packet has everything you can think of to use with the muy funny Skippyjon Jones books! (Right now, it's for the 5 first books. I will have an update as soon as I get the newest one in my possession!) What you will find in this jam-packed packet: Comprehension pages f

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Penguins Activities - Math - Reading - Writing - Research - Science
Penguins: Reading, Writing, Math, and Research – Common Core Aligned This 197 page giant package provides students with everything they need to complete a variety of penguin activities. Everything is included to teach a complete penguin unit, with little teacher prep required – just print and teac

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Lab Report Form, Scientific process, Lucy Calkins Science Labs
I made this lab report to supplement the 2nd grade Unit 2 Science Labs and Informational Writing unit in the Lucy Calkins series. I felt that a form provided a good scaffold for the scientific process to writers who needed it. It follows the format of a good science lab report: 1. Hypothesis 2.Mater

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Measurement Project- Researching Endangered Animals
This project is a great way for students to use what they have learned about standard and metric measurement conversion. Included are six nonfiction information sheets on different endangered animals. Students are asked to convert measurement units in both metric and standard measurement systems

Also included in: Integrated Math Projects GROWING Bundle Grades 3-5


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PLAN A COMMUNITY FOR THE HOMELESS | Project Based Learning STEM | Social Studies
(TPT Featured Product) Students are going to establish a community for the homeless. After researching the different causes and effects of homelessness, they will plan the community with services and activities. This PBL unit focuses on a real-world problem, while incorporating 21st century skills.

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Real Word Enrichment Activity
Enrich your children while they plan a family vacation through research, math enrichment, and more! This enrichment activities integrates all subjects while engaging your students in a real life skill! Students will go through all the steps to plan a vacation. They can then write a letter to their p

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Penguin Scavenger Hunt with data collection and graphs
This scavenger hunt presents facts and fun information about the various penguins species. Students will collect data and complete graphs related to penguins. A Compare/Contrast matrix comparing flightless birds is provided for additional student research.1. Print the Penguins Scavenger Hunt cards o

Also included in: Science Scavenger Hunts Bundle


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Geometry: Geometry - Angles Have you ever thought about why a “3” stands for three or why a “4” stands for four? This activity provides an element of novelty where students gain an appreciation for research by discovering the origin of our number system. The student will have an opportunity to:

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Penguin Research Study Project - Facts, Information, and Activity!
Penguins: Species Research Study Report This Penguin Research Study Report teaching package contains everything students need to complete a research report project on a variety of penguin species. Penguin informational text, creative templates, worksheets, graphic organizers, and writing pages are

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Correlation All-Star -- Sports Data Analysis - 21st Century Math Project
Bring an authentic sports-based math project to your Algebra, Algebra 2 or PreCalculus classroom with Lines of Best Fit and Correlations! All in this 21st Century Math Project! Using data from the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL students investigate correlations to some of sports most common questions like: "

Also included in: 21st Century Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus Math Project Starter Bundle -- Common Core


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ONE DOLLAR WORDS 2.0 Critical Thinking Challenge Math ELA Research
ONE DOLLAR WORDS 2.0 Critical Thinking ChallengeContinue the fun and learning from ONE DOLLAR WORDS Freebie with the 45 new clues. One Dollar Words 2.0 are any words that have a value of exactly $1 when the letters are added together using these values: a = 1¢, b = 2¢, ... z = 26¢. The true value

Also included in: ONE DOLLAR WORDS BUNDLE I Critical Thinking Challenge Math ELA Research GATE


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