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Oregon Trail Simulation with Wagons Powered by Math Skills & Teamwork
Don't just teach about the Oregon Trail! Have students become a character and write about their journey westward as they live the Oregon Trail simulation experience. This project integrates social studies, writing, and math AND student wagon train groups manage their own classroom behavior and use t

Also included in: Oregon Trail Simulation & Story Book BUNDLE - Interactive Writing Project FUN!


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Measure-Thon - Measurement Project Based Learning
MEASURE-THONThis math simulation is the perfect culminating activity and alternative assessment to measure your students’ understanding of second grade length measurement concepts. During the Measure-Thon math simulation, your students (AKA Mathletes) will compete in four measuring events. They will

Also included in: Math Project Based Learning (PBL) Bundle for 2nd & 3rd Grade


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Personal Finance Unit: That's Life - Project-Based Learning Simulation
If you’re looking for a way to teach life skills that gives kids the opportunity to see what it’s like to have the financial responsibilities of an adult, this Project-based Learning Simulation is it! In this financial literacy unit, kids will confront the challenges we all face, as they try to make

Also included in: Personal Finance PBL Simulation Unit - Money Crack the Code Bundle


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Minecraft Area and Perimeter Project Based Learning 4.MD.3  3.MD.8
4.MD.3 - Apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical problems. For example, find the width of a rectangular room given the area of the flooring and the length, by viewing the area formula as a multiplication equation with an unknown factor. Students will pla

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Oregon Trail Activities: Simulation, Interactive Game & Journaling Project
Oregon Trail here we come! This interactive activity about westward expansion gives students a glimpse of what life was like on the Oregon Trail and it is definitely #oneofmyfavorites! By rolling dice, keeping track of supplies, and following a map, students will get to learn about this historical

Also included in: American History/U.S. History Bundle: Beginnings through Westward Expansion


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What is the Electoral College? PPT/Notes/Super Fun Competition!
Used in over 1,400 classrooms! This is the most fun your students will have learning about the Electoral College! I have used this Electoral College activity over and over throughout my two decades in the classroom, and it has always been a hit; especially on an election year! You are provided wi

Also included in: Bundle: What is the Electoral College? Voting with Mystery Candidates


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Business Bundle
This bundle provides an engaging business unit that promotes creativity. Students will: -Learn the basics of starting up a business -Brainstorm their own ideas for a business -Create a business plan -Analyze their business plan -Explore various marketing strategies -Create a marketing campaign -Lea

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2nd & 3rd Grade Data and Graphing Math Project | A Valentine-Themed Simulation
This simulation introduces your students to four methods for displaying data: frequency tables, bar graphs, pictographs and line plots. Students will have the opportunity to record observations about each method for displaying data and compare/contrast methods for collecting data. Students will then

Also included in: Math Project Based Learning (PBL) Bundle for 2nd & 3rd Grade


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Line of Best Fit and Scatterplots
This engaging activity allows students to use a real life scenario to apply scatterplot data and line of best fit to. Students use data to solve a mystery and capture the correct suspect. This activity is also available in a bundle at a discounted rate:Scatterplots and Line of Best Fit BundleAligne

Also included in: Line of Best Fit and Scatterplots: The Bundle


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Ecosystems- Roadrunners and Coyotes NGSS Middle School LS2-1
Turn your students into an active ecosystem. This activity is similar to the classic Oh Deer simulation with a roadrunner and coyote twist. This sequence of NGSS aligned activities/assessments includes two simulation activities in which students are in the roles of a population of roadrunners, a pre

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Immigration Simulation!  A Month-Long Integrated Cooperative Project for Gr. 3-6
Immigration is an amazing subject to study and students LOVE this project! The scope of this classroom-tested, fabulous integrated immigration simulation covers myriad curriculum areas, and is terrific fun for students to collaboratively complete! Additionally, they apply concepts introduced durin

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Hands On LCM GCF Build It! Least Common Multiple, Greatest Common Factor
Kids will master the concepts of least common multiple and greatest common factor by actually manipulating items into groups. With this fun, hands-on activity, the problems are already created for you! An answer key is provided. All you need is to print the worksheet and distribute base-ten blo

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Heredity and Probability Cross Curricular Activity
About this resource : This hands on heredity and probability cross curricular math and science activity ties together the science concepts of heredity and the use of Punnett Squares to the math concepts of experimental and theoretical probability. Activity Overview - With a partner, students per

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Smartboard: The Doorbell Rang
This is a Smartboard file to be used while reading The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. The file consists of 5 screens, each with an increasing number of plates (labeled with character names) that need to be filled with the 12 available cookies. The cookies can be moved onto the plates to help stude

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Finding Simple & Compound Interest - Car Activity
This is a quick, one page activity involving simple and compound interest. It presents a car and its price and offers four financing options. Students calculate the total to be repaid for each option. Great for comparing compound and simple interest or showing how length of a loan affects credit!Key

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Tech Choices: Task Cards w/ QR Codes!
Recently updated 6/15 I am so excited to share these 40 technology choice task cards with you! I've complied some amazing resources in this group of cards and not only included the website, but also the QR code for easy scanning. Thanks for downloading this product. I am so excited to use this in

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Jurassic Zone Classroom Transformation
The Jurassic Zone classroom transformation will challenge students to work together, use higher order thinking skills, and addresses several NGSS standards in reading, math and science. Included is: a teacher edition with answer key and instructions for set-up, student workbook/handouts, color &amp

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Cells - Cell Size Lab
Cells - Cell Size Diffusion and Math Lab Why are cells so small? This integrated math lab allows students to experiment with various "cell" sizes to determine the ideal cell size. Lab activity includes lots of measurements and calculations to demonstrate why the ratio of surface area to volume is s

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Class Money: The Checkbook Project class economy financial literacy
The Checkbook Project pumps life into a classroom the way the stimulus package pumped bucks into GM. It improves test scores, inspires the entrepreneurial spirit, and even turns "thugs" into pussycats. Simply put, it's a more complex form of "class money" without the bother of handing out Monopoly b

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Ocean Floor Mapping Battleship Game
Teacher Review: "My students are obsessed with this activity! They even ask to play during indoor recess!" - Turner's Teaching Troop (January 22, 2020)Ocean Floor Mapping Battleship includes 36 unique maps of the ocean floor, a recording sheet, a detailed lesson plan with suggested pre-game activiti

Also included in: Earth Science Games Bundle


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Restaurant Menu Activity
Looking to incorporate real world examples of math in your classroom? Your students will LOVE this restaurant menu simulation! This activity can be used with any menu and across multiple grade levels. Download a menu from a popular restaurant or provide real menus from actual restaurants! Your s

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Living in the Real World - A Math Simulation Game
Sure there are lots of consumer math lessons out there, but this one is just like being in a reality game show. Each student draws a biographical sketch depicting their income, marital status, number of children and education level. Using the statistically accurate data, they plan a budget, purcha

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Independent Business Planning Project (Google Slides)
In this two part project, students will research business terms, design a school business, and present it to a panel of investors (Shark Tank style). The project is very guided so that students don't get overwhelmed, but questions are open ended to allow for critical thinking and creative problem so

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Project Based Learning:  Math and Language Skills
This engaging project allows students to use a variety of math and language skills in a relevant simulation. They will plan, prepare, and race in a Dog Sled Race. Here's a list of the different activities included in this project:Activity 1: Your Team: Students create their dog team. They draw p

Also included in: Project Based Learning Growing Bundle


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