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Racing Through Elapsed Time is an exciting math game for practicing elapsed time word problems. The game can be played in cooperative learning teams, with a partner, or in math centers. It includes student directions, a game board, math word problem task cards with QR code answers, a printable answe
Measurement Conversions Enrichment: This measurement project, available in both printable (PDF) and paperless (made with Google Slides™) versions, was created to improve measurement understanding and connect measurement conversions to real-life. Many of the problems are multi-step and challenging to
Area and Perimeter Tic-Tac-Toss is a partner math game for practicing area and perimeter. Two versions of the task cards are included, one with the polygon dimensions given in customary units and the other using metric units. To play the Area and Perimeter Tic-Tac-Toss game, players take turns solvi
Gallon Robot to the Rescue is much more than a set of Gallon Man or Gallon Girl patterns! It's a comprehensive collection of teaching strategies and printables to help your students learn to convert between the customary units of capacity. The activities also help to reinforce basic fraction concept
Using a Guided Math or Daily 5 Math approach in your Grade 2 or 3 classroom? This huge resource is for you! These 190+ centers have been designed to engage students in authentic, meaningful learning activities while the teacher works with student groups. All the unit sets follow my Guided Math Group
These math centers and games are a fun, engaging way for students to learn to identify and count coins. These activities are perfect for first and second grade math.Includes:Money Monkeys28 task cards for counting coins. Includes recording sheet and answer key.I Have, Who Has Game28 game cards for c
Amazing Angles includes two active engagement lessons for introducing and reviewing the types of angles. Both lessons require students to apply their knowledge of angle classification, and the challenge activity requires higher level thinking. Save Over 25% with a Bundle Purchase! Amazing Angles i
Area and Perimeter Math Project: This area and perimeter activity is great for 4th - 6th graders as a project based learning activity. Students will create a dream home for a family! My kids always loved this activity! This now comes with an EDITABLE version!! **Students must be able to multipl
This engaging activity will have students finding common denominators and either adding or subtracting! Students will use differentiated questions to figure out missing measurements in a super slime recipe. There are more simple questions for your struggling students and more complex questions for
Area and perimeter task cards! Common Core & TEKS Aligned! These 32 task cards can be used for 4th-7th grade students and can be used in multiple ways: • Small groups • Centers • Extended Activity • Enrichment • Intervention **No actual measurement required. Most of the cards include real wo
Measuring Length - Measure Me With What? Picking the best tool to measure!Measure Me With What?Selecting the best tool to measure length with.This packet is full of hands-on experiences to help students understand when to use a ruler, yard stick, meter stick, or tape measure. It comes with two pag
MEASURE-THONThis math simulation is the perfect culminating activity and alternative assessment to measure your students’ understanding of second grade length measurement concepts. During the Measure-Thon math simulation, your students (AKA Mathletes) will compete in four measuring events. They will
Help your students learn to convert measurements from a larger unit to a smaller unit with this set of 24 self checking task cards. The set includes - * 24 Self checking measurement conversion task cards that are designed to practice CCSS 4.MD.1 * A task card recording answer sheet and key * A bo
Measurement activity. Measurement can be fun! Get ready for a Fun-Filled Measurement Math Day with this hands-on NON-STANDARD measurement resource featuring Penny from the story Measuring Penny! How do you introduce your unit on Measurement? I always introduce my Measurement Unit using the book ti
Your students will love working with additive angle measurement with this set of 24 self checking task cards. The set includes - * 24 Self checking additive angle measurement task cards that are designed to practice CCSS 4.MD.7 * A task card recording answer sheet and key * A bonus game show templ
This Bubble Themed S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) lesson is great for kiddos in kindergarten to 2nd grade! Poor Brad and Brenda don't have any bubble solution or a bubble wand. Help them by creating your own bubble solution and a bubble wand. Using classroom materials, h
This product includes performance tasks that are intended for students with an understanding of area and perimeter. This product includes: -4 area and perimeter performance task variations. -4 brochures with the objects to be included in each designs. -4 sample completed designs. -4 GRASP outlin
Help your students work with data and line plots with this set of 24 self checking task cards. The set includes - * 24 Self checking data and line plot task cards that are designed to practice CCSS 4.MD.4 * A task card recording answer sheet and key * A bonus game show template * The cards are num
STEM and Ancient History: Greece, Rome, and EgyptIntegrate STEM Engineering Challenges and Ancient History? YES! We have three STEM lessons packaged together for your class. Explore architectural concepts from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece as STEM is integrated into the history les
4.MD.3 - Apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical problems. For example, find the width of a rectangular room given the area of the flooring and the length, by viewing the area formula as a multiplication equation with an unknown factor. Students will pla
Highly engaging review!Students will love working collaboratively as a team to "escape" your classroom by solving problems involving measuring and drawing angles. Similar to escape room games, each task will unlock another, until the final task is unlocked, and students escape! Differentiated task o
These 16 task cards have 16 unique composite figures in which students must find the are. Different units are used, and students will also need to know the different area formulas of the following shapes: rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, circle, parallelogram. Some figures are measured in decimals, a
Jeopardy game created as review for second grade unit on telling time. It reviews telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and five minutes.
Reinforce your lessons with this Perimeter and Area Activity Pack! In this activity pack, students will find the area and perimeter of rectilinear/compound shapes. Use these activities as classwork, homework, partner problems, or cooperative learning guided math stations! This activity pack is to se

showing 1-24 of 2,526 results

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