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This five unit math bundle contains printables, "I Can" statements, anchor charts, activity cards, and more for teaching kindergarten math aligned with the Common Core standards. This money-saving math bundle contains all five of my Common Core math units: Geometry, Counting and Cardinality, Teen Nu
36 task cards provide practice understanding and comparing basic elements of standard and metric linear measurement. Also included are a student direction tent, optional student recording sheet and answer key.
Discrete Trials are an Evidence Based Practice for Autism. These lessons are perfect for the special education classroom.Included in this download is everything you need to teach students to tell time through Discrete Trial Training. There are lessons included to teach students time to the hour, ha
Measurement task Cards! Use these measurement task cards to introduce the cm and mm metric units. The set includes a free tutorial about measuring with a ruler. There are a total of 24 task cards with pictures of everyday objects and a brief statement about the length or height of the object to be e
I have, who has? game where students have to read the analog clock to discover the correct time. Each clock is rounded to the nearest five minutes. There are 25 cards and a sheet that lists the correct times that go together on each card. The student that has the start card begins the game and says,
A beginner's packet to introduce fractions using the visual and conceptual approach. This is an easy and fun bundle that includes multiple worksheets, activities and flash cards to teach the basics of fractions.The contents of this packet includes:1. Vocabulary Word Cards2. Equal and Unequal Parts c
Measurement Vocabulary Bundle! 64 cards that engage students when learning measurement using fun, hands-on trading cards. This Measurement Vocabulary Bundle includes trading cards from my capacity, weight, length, temperature and time vocabulary cards! I bundled them all up into a Measurement Pack
This 160+ pages of resources is a 2D- 3D shapes BUNDLE that includes 2d-3d shapes worksheets, graphing, center tools, posters and flash cards. This unit delivers all the CCSS Geometry objectives for KG and is suitable for Kindergarten to Grade 1 students. NOTE: THIS PACKAGE IS AVAILABLE AS A PART
This is a set of digital time flashcards to the 5 minute interval. I have had a really hard time finding digital time flashcards to use in my classroom, so I made a set. 6 cards per page- each card is 2.5 x 4.5 inches ******************************************************************************
Identifying fractions is made easy with models and number lines on these engaging task cards your students will love.These are great for differentiated instruction, early finishers, math centers, and standardized test review! Students also enjoy completing the task cards as a game in small groups or
Let's help our kids learn to BE mathematicians by teaching them how to SPEAK like mathematicians! This pack includes 36 cards with words taken from the Envision math curriculum Topics 13-16 for 2nd Grade. Words included are: Half-Dollar, Quarter, Dime, Nickel, Penny, Dime, Coins, Cents, Dollar Co
This "I have... Who has?" set comes with 24 cards to cover telling time to the nearest minute. This set is designed so you can begin with any time so there is no specific start card! Use these cards to make sure your students can read both analog and digital clocks. Great for your telling time unit
Allow your students to practice solving area and perimeter problems at a fun math center. Included: - 24 game cards (8 perimeter, 8 area, and 8 word problems) - Game board (available in color or black and white) - Answer Sheet - 2 page Assessment - Area and Perimeter Posters for word wall - Answer
*UPDATED 3-11-2014* Use these array cards to help teach multiplication fact fluency, perimeter, area, etc. Suitable for any grade that covers multiplication. Purchase my Activities for Array Cards Pack to use with this product!
These analog and digital time cards can be used to play Go Fish or Memory or can be used for basic flashcards. These cards include telling time to the hour, half-hour, and quarter hour.
This set of cards is designed to help students find the volume of rectangular prisms that are packed with unit cubes. Students may find the volume of each figure by couting the unit cubes (5.MD. 4) or finding the length of each dimension and applying the volume formula (5.MD.5). This set includes
Are your students having trouble with quantitative concepts such as more/less? Are you running around gathering up various items and objects to teach them this concept? That was me and that's why I made these flashcards. This flashcard set includes 32 more/less cards, 16 of each concept, to help you
Discrete Trials are an Evidence Based Practice for Autism. These lessons are perfect for the special education classroom.Included in this download is everything you need to teach students to discriminate shapes through Discrete Trial Training. Included are the stimulus cards for 16 shapes:rectangle
Money clip cards **********Save Money and Buy the whole Bundle Here!********* Description: There are 92 different clip cards that include coin identification and counting coins. These emergent readers are perfect for introducing American currency. It is designed to help children learn to identify
Math reference sheet is aligned perfectly to the 4th grade common core math standards. Reference sheet includes number line, key words, conversion chart, 1/2 benchmark, lines, angles, formulas, multiplication chart, and polygons. Students can use it as a reference sheet throughout the year.
Quelle heure est-il? This package of 24 task cards provides a fun way to have your French Immersion students practice telling time to the hour and half hour. Throughout this package, time is represented in a variety of ways including: digital clocks, analog clocks and words. I use these cards in
Print these double-sided array flash cards out for a common core aligned way to help your students memorize their multiplication facts. There are blank pages for your students to fill out and create their own flash cards.If you are looking for a Google/PowerPoint digital version, click here. How can
Canadian Money Posters (Coins and Bills) ** Check out the preview!! ** - Canadian Coins and Bills Posters (with and without the money amount) - Canadian Coins and Bills Pocket Chart Cards (with and without the money amount) - Coins included: penny, nickel, dime, quarter, loonie and toonie - B
Telling Time to the half hour Spoon Time Game This is a fun and fast paced game based on the classic card game Spoons. This game will help your students practice telling time to the half hour. This game is great for centers, whole group and/or small group practice! This game helps students recog

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