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I find that many kids have the misconception that the hour is whatever the short hand is closest to. This works in the beginning when they're learning how to tell time to the nearest hour. As telling time increases in difficulty, they have to relearn how to find the hour. This kit helps by showing
Measurement Unit: Linear Measure with Feet, Inches, Centimeters, Yards, and Meters This hands-on activity pack is a sure way to keep your students engaged while exploring standard and non-standard linear measurement standards. This pack includes quick prints, hands on activities, and task cards that
Money Word Problems**This is part of my 2nd Grade Math Bundle , which is a better value than buying each piece separately!**INCLUDED ARE 2 PRINTABLES AND 2 ANSWER KEYSEach Printable Covers:*Multi-step word problems involving change up to a dollar*Distinguish value of coins and add them*Determine if
This unit includes all you need to teach common core standard 3.MD.2. Students will measure and estimate liquid volume and masses of objects using grams(g), kilograms(kg), and liters(l).~Gram Lesson: A guided note-taker foldable to identify 1 gram, 10 grams and 100 grams. Great for math notebooks!!
This FREEBIE includes a color and black and white handout to provide to teams of students engaging in the Marshmallow Challenge activity. This activity is great to use as an icebreaker or to engage students in critical thinking, cooperative learning, and innovative thinking. It can also be used to r
This Metric System bundle has everything you need to dive into everything from kilometers to milliliters! A set of 20 task cards for converting metric measurements within the metric system. One activity (Metric Maddness) has students determine the correct unit of measure to make a math sentence tr
These worksheets allow students to practice and review the concept of area through worksheets involving irregular shapes and word problems. Students 'break apart' the two shapes found in the entire irregular shape and add the two areas together.
Measuring in inches especially to the 1/4 inch can sometimes be a challenge for my students. So I made this set to help review the quarter inch concept. It contains: *Reference ruler bookmarks in color and black and white. I also have included a pocket if you want to keep the bookmark in an int
This is an interactive notebook page that I used to introduce similar figures to my 7th grade math class and to review similar figures with my 8th grade math class. It also includes practice problems so that students can practice what they have learned.
Students have difficulty using protractors to measure angles. This activity is a great starting point for teaching students to use protractors because it takes away the lining up piece (where they struggle) and only requires them to correctly read the angle. Students will also practice drawing an
Students will practice counting quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies, using these worksheets as their guide. The coins pictured on the worksheets have been formatted with touch points, to help students skip count to find the value of the coins. Each touch point represents five cents. Therefore, n
This is a bundle containing two resources: -STOP! Introduction to Telling Time -Telling Time Expansion Pack The original resource is a kit that helps by showing kids visuals that the hour actually has its own "room." These worksheets are meant to give additional practice for those students who nee
Time to the Hour Use this as a worksheet to practice time to the hour, or as an assessment for your students. Brought to you by GreatMinds123 For more great products go to: GreatMinds123
This 2 page handout/poster gives students a visual reminder about the proper method for converting units within the customary and metric measurement systems. The chart also lists the customary and metric abbreviations for the most commonly used measurements. The chart also uses the "King Henry Die
Graphing Ordered Pairs in the Coordinate Plane Guided Notes and Activities, Common Core Standard: 6.NS.C.8Everything you need to introduce the four quadrant coordinate plane. Included in this product: -Graphing Ordered Pairs in the Coordinate Plane Guided Notes-Graphing Ordered Pairs in the Coordina
This resource is all you need to teach your students how to convert measurements within the Metric and Customary measurement systems! It includes over 25 pages that are full of content and problems that will guide your class in understanding how to convert between larger and smaller units of measure
Great anchor chart for introducing telling time or use it for students to refer back to. You can print this as an 18x24 poster or a one page reference sheet for students. This is easy for kids to read and understand. Great to help kids understand each hand on the clock and the steps to telling ti
11 engaging activities to enhance your unit on telling time. Print and cut centers, individual practice pages, partner activities, cross curricular writing prompts and more complete with detailed teacher's notes for each activity, answer keys and student directions. Please download a preview copy fo
UPDATE: Temporary Exit Tickets have been added! Check back soon for a full packet update ! This packet is meant to supplement Go Math! Chapter 10 Second Grade. I have included labels to keep you organized by Lesson numbers. -COMMON COREIncluded are Problem of the Day Glue
Here is a teacher resource packet (10 pages including the answer key) on finding areas of irregular shapes (such as L-shaped and U-shaped figures) using rectangles (no triangles). Packet includes 5 student practice worksheets with answer key. Step-by-step explanations and examples of strategies for
Review different methods of finding the volume of an object using these concise practice sheets. The notes page includes a visual and description of how to find the volume of a liquid, rectangular prism and an irregular-shaped object. The following are included in this product: 1) Volume Note She
This is a framework for students building popsicle stick bridges. Students will read the task which is to build a bridge that crosses the distance between two desks. They also must build it wide enough to hold a construction paper road. You can determine how much weight you want their bridges to
These 60 worksheets are designed to scaffold students learning, gradually counting money from less than $1 up to counting bills and coins up to $100. The worksheets also work on making change up to $10 in three different ways. Below is a list of the worksheets in the order in which they appear.
Looking to help students recognize perimeter, area and volume?  This resource will help learners learn to apply these measurement standards to the operations of multiplication and addition. The worksheets help students learn how to identify area, perimeter, and volume by counting squares and cubes,

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