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Your students will have fun learning about the steps of the scientific method with this activity using candy worms. Students will follow each step of the scientific method as they experiment to see what happens to candy worms when they are left in water.With this product you will be able to teach y
Aligned to NGSS 2-LS2-2 & Common Core Writing Standards Included are all the materials you need for two hands-on science experiments your students will love! What You Get: -Essential Questions for both experiments -Key vocabulary cards with the word, definition and picture {words included:
Really get into measuring metrics for science with this Metrics Measuring Bundle- Introduce, practice and review measuring length, solid volume, liquid volume, mass and density! This bundle is PACKED with resources to teach, practice and engage in experiments with Metrics! Included in this bundle ar
This set of 32 Scientific Measurement Task Cards will provide Middle and High School Students with Review and Reinforcement of the concepts found while studying Laboratory Procedures. The following concepts are covered in this set of Task Cards: Metric System, Length, Ruler, Graduated Cylinder, Vol
This Measuring Length Activity is a hands-on, math and science integrated LAB, which takes students through the scientific method to measure the length of two different types of gummy worms in customary and metric units to see which type of candy worm stretches the greatest amount overall! This is
Practicing using lab tools, measurements, and the metric system has never been more fun! Your students will be fully engaged and learning when they complete this engaging hands-on lab! This has been a great way for my students to learn and retain the critical skill of measuring with common lab tools
Review or teach measuring in Metrics: Length, Mass, and Volume as interactive notes. Station practice is included for length, mass and volume using easy to find objects.Explanations on how to measure Length, Mass and Volume with practice examples for each are given.Materials needed: Balance, and Me
Get out of your seat and let's do some math!!! "Events" are set up using everyday materials such as cotton balls and paper plates. Students must complete the event, measure to find their score, and then calculate the average. I left the units of measurement blank so you can use this with inches
Print, add a pumpkin and have a week of science lessons ready to go! This printable booklet includes pages to: - investigate if your pumpkin will sink and float - measure your pumpkin's height and diameter - explore what's inside the pumpkin - compare a pumpkin and apple or two pumpkins using Venn
The Metric Measurement Unit includes labs and activities centered around the topic of metric measurement. (Includes 10 files below) 1) Science Safety and Sensibility: Students categorize equipment and find and explain mistakes of equipment use in passages. 2) Measurement Tools: After reviewing the
Review, practice or assess your students understanding of the components of the Metric system with this simple to use sort! Tips for Digital and Distance Learning: Cut and Paste sorting activities are great for interactive learning and application of concepts, but can be tricky to do in distance lea
This resource is also part of the Astronomy and Space Activities Bundle! This Scaled Solar System activity will help your students understand the relative distances and sizes of the planets while satisfying the visual and kinesthetic learning styles of your middle school students! It also perfectly
Add this engaging activity to your forces and motions unit. Students participate in an investigation and STEM Activity about marble roller coasters. A memorable experience students will talk about all year. It uses simple, easy to find supplies, that are reusable. Teacher background and tips inc
Students use the scientific method to determine if the density of a gummy worm changes after being soaked in water overnight. Objectives: Determine how the density of a gummy worm will change after soaking it in water, Practice measuring using the metric system. Students measure length, width, m
This Fun, hands-on science experiment will have your students bubbling over with enthusiasm. All you need is a few household items! Everything else is included in this packet. This product includes lesson plans, a question sheet with answer key, blank data tables, graphing paper worksheets, and a
Have a fun and yummy time reviewing the steps of the Scientific Method! I do this science inquiry candy lab with my classes to introduce to review the steps of the Scientific Process as we gear up for our Science Fair. This is a 4-page lab that takes 2-3 lab periods of about 45 minutes, depending o
During this lab, your students will use a piece of bubble gum (I typically use Double Bubble) to find the control mass, volume, and density. Next, they will chew their own piece of gum and explore how the mass, volume, and density changes as it is chewed. Includes steps of the scientific method.
This hands-on outdoor learning lab allows students to measure the distance of the Wright Brothers' first flight as a way to bring concrete meaning to an abstract idea (what does 120 feet really look like?). This product includes: -welcome letter -teacher instructions -necessary materials list (
This product is a FUN way to explore liquid volume. It ONLY covers the liquid volume portion of the standard: MCC3.MD.2 Measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses of objects using standard units of grams (g), kilograms (kg), and liters (l). Add, subtract, multiply, or divide to solve one-step
Leaf Observations and Experiment Inquiry and Scientific Method Book Observe, measure, trace, rub, feel and experiment with a leaf students bring in! Predict and Experiment: Sink or float? How can you make a leaf sink? Drop time? Several different levels of experiments included in this book. Ch
Students work with partners to complete each lab station. Each station offers an opportunity to practice measuring mass, volume and length using the appropriate tool and metric unit. Great way to expose students to metric measuring or use as a refresher when students return in the fall.
Having a hard time finding assessments for measuring the volume of a liquid? I always pair this assessment with real, hands-on practice in the classroom. I’ve also used it to introduce this topic with the assessment first so the students know how to read the graduated cylinders before you give them
This “Scientific Method Lab: Paper Airplane Design" was designed for my 5th grade class, but it can easily be used with any grade level. The Big Idea would be force and motion.Older students might even like to “tweak” the lab and design their own paper airplane models!Included are lab instructions
Fossils. Geology. Anthropology.Nothing intrigues a middle school student like a good mystery.Challenge your students to explore,discover and question as they probe the mysterious fossilized Laetoli trackway discovered by the famed anthropologist Mary Leaky.I teach this mini unit within my Rocks and

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