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Are you looking for fun and effective telling time activities? These high engagement lessons and activities teach telling time to the hour/half hour, quarter hour, and nearest 5 minutes. Based on the wildly popular video and song, “What Does the Fox Say?” this pack includes versions for each of thes
This measurement conversions standards-based (CCSS) lesson study will have your students learning about, discussing, and applying ideas of converting measures, both customary and metric, throughout the course of five days. There are five classroom-tested lesson plans that detail everything you will
Project-based learning (PBL), Help your students practice decimals, measurement, volume, and graphing ordered pairs with this quality project-based learning for 5th grade. It includes a teacher guide walking you through each step. Have you ever wondered what field trips will be like in the future?
Area and Perimeter Activities Bundle has 3 products. This pack has a few fun ideas to enhance your area and perimeter unit. It includes:Build a Room: Students design a room by placing furniture and items in the room. 5 rooms are included to build; bedroom, kitchen, playground, living room, and garag
Are your math manipulatives gathering dust, sitting on a shelf? Do you want to be able to engage your students in fun, meaningful activities that will allow them to expand their mathematical thinking and grow in confidence as mathematicians? Well this is the unit for you! This unit includes 19 patte
Use this fun craftivity to practice measuring and comparing lengths! Students will create a city, measure the buildings, and then compare the various building heights. This low-prep activity can be used with centimeters or inches. Included: * Teacher Directions * 4 Comparing Sheets (cm, in, ",
How far can you launch something with a catapult? Can you hit a target or go over a formidable wall? This STEM Challenge catapult building experience will have your students working together to build a catapult, experiment with different angles, and compete with several performance tasks! Please no
There's more to teaching about time than just how to tell time. That's why I created this elapsed time unit--to give your students the opportunity to learn about this topic in authentic, hands-on ways! This unit is fully fleshed out with everything you need to start teaching this topic today!Save 20
Problem-solving is an engaging, rigorous and student-centered way to teach math. It allows students to develop their own strategies for solving real-world problems and teaches them to communicate mathematical ideas in a meaningful way. This packet has 45 math problem-solving prompts designed for the
Everyone loves to mini golf! In this math project students design mini golf course holes on paper, buy supplies, and build their design as a model. It is an engaging math project that became a student favorite. This math project has been used for a full class of third graders, small groups of gift
Mass & Capacity Word Problem Task Cards (Common Core Aligned) Weight and Volume 3.MD.2 Play this Math Mass & Capacity Word Problem Task Cards with your students! This is a great way to practice and reinforce their knowledge of a weight and volume with mass and capacity word problems. It is
In this hands-on activity, students create 3-dimensional models using nets. Students are required to identify the type of prism (cube, rectangular, triangular) and find the surface area of the prism using the net. There are 8 nets included in this activity (3 cubes, 3 rectangular prisms, and 2 tri
My STEM students cheered when they found out we were building a Newton's Cradle! They loved learning about this Law of Motion and creating their own model to demonstrate it! Your students will love this STEM Challenge, too!!Note: This challenge is available as part of money-saving bundles!STEM Newto
Are your math manipulatives gathering dust, sitting on a shelf? Do you want to be able to engage your students in fun, meaningful activities that will allow them to expand their mathematical thinking and grow in confidence as mathematicians? Well this is the unit for you! This unit includes 21 linki
Do your students like mysteries? This STEM Challenge will be an exciting adventure for them! Students have a mystery to solve with what they are building and what materials they will need to be successful!In this challenge students will be assigned a structure to build and a list of possible materia
Hairy Money and Coins PowerPoint and Google Slides is an interactive digital lesson that will help your students learn how to count coins. Each coin type has a mini lesson, poem, and two games formats. Students can practice counting hairs on coins that are the same or in mixed groups too. This pro
Engage your students in hands-on, authentic learning with the help of this unit covering perimeter and area. Your students are guaranteed to master these skills thanks to Common Core alignment and well-designed lessons. Jump into math workshop worry-free and prepared with these fantastic lessons!Sav
UPDATED 12/5/14 and better than ever! I've been using measurement riddles in my classroom for years now, and I love them! This is one of my personal favorites from my own classroom. Students love riddles and “secret” codes, so these materials really capture their interest as they practice essential
This graphing math workshop unit covers an array of graphing skills, such as bar graphs, picture graphs (or pictographs), line plot graphs, and the measurement of mass and liquid volume (capacity). This unit is based off of third grade standards 3.MD.2, 3.MD.3, and 3.MD.4 with many hands-on activiti
Area of Composite Figures: This resource is designed for third graders who need additional practice with the concept of area- specifically finding the area of composite figures made up of rectangles (TEKS 3.6D and Common Core Standard 3.MD.C.7.D). It has a fun karate theme that students will enjoy!
A capacity bundle that includes 8 explicit lesson plans, all activity sheets, links to excellent websites/resources and a visually appealing PowerPoint that explains capacity in metric terms. Both a USA and AUS/UK version is provided (milliliters - millilitres/ liters - litres). The following is an
Building a solid understanding of the different types of polygons, their properties and attributes is a vital first step for any geometry unit. The Polygon Classification Challenge introduces polygons via a healthy competition that can be done either alone or in pairs, and helps to ensure the stude
Another great STEM experiment and building challenge with the easiest of supplies: Straws! This challenge is to create the ultimate hoop flyer. Students will experiment with changing the variables of a standard hoop flyer and then choose which components to use in the ultimate design. The easy mater
Note: Toilet Paper Geometry is formatted using US Standard units involving inches and feet, square inches and square feet, and cubic inches. The worksheets are NOT available in metric units. Toilet Paper Geometry Project is also available in the following packages at a discount: 1) Middle School

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