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Australian Money Bundle: Year 3 contains 58 pages Australian money of activities. It includes 10-lesson outlines (a 2-week program) which cover the following content: Lesson 1: Using a money book Lesson 2: Adding money totals Lesson 3: Adding totals from a menu Lesson 4: Shopping on a budget Lesson
Set meets CCSS 3.MD.8 - 4.MD.3 - 5.MD.3,4,5 - 6.MD.2 and 7.MD.6.There are three sets with 12 questions each. All sets begin at a lower level and develop into more complex questions and visuals. There is an answer sheet provided for all sets and they are easily distinguished by a small image placed i
A complete unit with lessons and exercises that covers both the metric and the customary systems and is aligned to the Common Core Standards.These are complete worksheets that include direct instruction for the student AND ample practice problems (including word problems). Great for independent prac
Elapsed Time: This activity allows students to create their own elapsed time story. Students write an elapsed time story demonstrating the start and end times of the event on the analogue clocks, as well as within their writing without giving away the duration of time to the readers. Students then
If you need a quick and THOROUGH unit for teaching measurement in both inches and centimeters, look no further. Everything you need to teach measuring with a short ruler (up to 7") is included. This unit contains EVERYTHING (including pages with paper rulers to scale from an introduction to
10 TIME GAMES! With this product, there are 5 different game boards with 2 task cards for each. They come in black/white and color for printing ease. HOUR TIME ( time to one hour ) HALF PAST (time to half hour) QUARTER HOUR (time to quarter hour) GOT TIME? (mixture of all, to 5 minutes) MIX TIME!
A complete unit about elapsed time for grades 3 and 4 with direct instruction to the student, ample practice problems and word problems. Common Core aligned. Great for independent practice/homework. The first two lessons, How Many Minutes Pass and More on Elapsed Time, provide lots of visual aids (
Fossils. Geology. Anthropology.Nothing intrigues a middle school student like a good mystery.Challenge your students to explore,discover and question as they probe the mysterious fossilized Laetoli trackway discovered by the famed anthropologist Mary Leaky.I teach this mini unit within my Rocks and
Telling time activity pack. Review pages, art project to enhance understanding, take home book, and cut and paste pages that can be used for morning work or centers. Telling Time board game fun for math centers is also included. Time to Make the Pizza! Click the preview button above to view.Includes
Set meets CCSS 3.MD.8 - 4.MD.3 - 5.MD.3,4,5 - 6.MD.2 and 7.MD.6.There are three sets with 16 questions each. All sets begin at a lower level and develop into more complex questions and visuals. There are two identical sets; one in Valentines Day theme & the other a Regular theme so you can use i
I have printed this and laminated it for my students to use daily during calendar time. I created this after my students took their Galileo pretest (a test our school gives that measures the knowledge on all grade level standards). I focused this journal on the skills they struggled on. They take
This Elapsed Time Bundle contains the following: - 'A day in the life of...' schedule: Students fill in the digital and analogue times for each event of their day. Have this on A3 and display as a poster - Elapsed Time Flip Flap View full product details here! ***Links to Photos of Completed Fl
In the unit Introduction to Decimals, we study decimal numbers with one or two decimal digits, and add and subtract them. It is important that the student grasps these simple topics well, because we are laying a groundwork towards fifth and sixth grade, where decimal operations and using decimals ta
Measuring, Grade 4 is a complete unit with direct instruction to the student, ample practice problems, and word problems. Common Core aligned. Great for independent practice/homework.This unit includes lessons on temperature, length, weight, and volume. The focus is on conversions between the units
A complete unit with lessons and exercises dealing with the concept of measuring, measuring length in inches, and measuring length in centimeters. It is aligned to the Common Core Standards.The goals of this unit are:* The student can draw lines with a ruler.* The student can measure in whole inches
Students will be able to visually learn how to read protractors by analyzing the slide and identifying the angle measurement in degrees. Totally interactive and student centered.
This is a set of 9 large posters (ton, gram, pound, ounce, kilogram, milligram, customary measure and metric measurement). There is also a poster that features all of these on one page. Great for small group, anchor chart, math rotation area, etc.
Prepare you students for high school geometry with this bundle of activities and a checklist.These resources cover the skills necessary for students to be successful in high school geometry. Teaching Geometry, I have noticed many students have forgotten (or never completely learned) many topics fro
This booklet is for students who are beginning rounding. There are 10 pages included. This booklet has a song, picture explanations and lots of pages for practice. We will use this as an exploratory before beginning rounding in our math workbook. If your students are just learning how to round n
Students will explore measuring different items from the classroom with a balance. This pack allows students to make a balance craft, measure & record items on a balance based on the items being heavy or light, Weigh items compared to tiles and cubes, & order items from heaviest to lightest
This is a 2-page worksheet on subtracting and adding dimensions in meters and centimeters. This will require students to convert meters to centimeters before doing the necessary operation then simplify the answer back to meters and centimeter. An example is given for each exercise. This is a good
This is a fun way to let students apply their understanding of Geometric measurements. They are asked to work with a trapezoid, cylinder, sphere, pyramid, rectangular prism & cube to find area, perimeter, surface area, circumference and volume of different 2D and 3D shapes. A link to a web
This 41 slide Inquiry Unit PowerPoint comes complete with a hyperlinked main menu: Scientific Instruments Spring Scale Triple Beam Balance Barometer Sling psychrometer Scientific Investigation Quantitative Qualitative Inference Compiling Data Data Table Independent Variables Dependent Variables
This is a SmartBoard activity that directly correlates with the Kindergarten Everyday Math Common Core Edition EDM4 1.1 Partner Match (compare lengths and explain their mathematical thinking as they participate in a social activity). This lesson includes activities, games, and vocabulary for the les

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