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This project-based learning activity lets students put their knowledge of area and perimeter to the test as they construct their very own zoo! This project contains two leveled-assignment tasks, as well as differentiated extension activities, combining mathematics and ELA skills into one project!
Congratulations! You've received a very generous donation that allows you to start your very own zoo! Students work in teams to create their own zoo, and practice a few math skills along the way. Teams begin by selecting the animals they want in their zoo, then they draw the animal habitats and
“All About My Rock” Graphic Organizer/Research Paper This product includes a graphic organizer, parent note, detailed station directions, as well as lined writing paper for your students to copy their research to. You may choose to have your students complete the graphic organizer only and discus
This project is a great way for students to use what they have learned about standard and metric measurement conversion. Included are six nonfiction information sheets on different endangered animals. Students are asked to convert measurement units in both metric and standard measurement systems
{ Olympics Ancient Greece History of Olympic Games Summer and Winter Olympic Games Olympic Medals }Get ready for the 2021 summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. The Olympic medal project integrates math with Greek history. Students will have the opportunity to create an illustrated story outlining the
This is the perfect Back-to-School Project for a 4th - 6th grade math classroom!What's Included? ✔4-page Student Research Project✔Teacher Guide✔Student Work Sample✔Teacher Evaluation Rubric- One Per Page✔Teacher Evaluation Rubric- Two per page (for copy conscious teachers!)✔Self Evaulation Rubric✔Pe
In this science experiment your students will be learning what a superabsorber is as well as how it works! There are 2 different lessons you and your students will be doing to make learning come to life. The first lesson will build the necessary background knowledge to allow your students to take
This product is a bundle of all the weather and climate products in my store. Purchased separately these would total almost $20.00 - Save over $5.00 by owning the entire set. Here's what you get: ☀️ I have Who has vocabulary game ❄️ Wordle Wise PowerPoint vocabulary game ☁️ Weather Tracking Da
This power point presentation is about how zookeepers weigh different animals. I have left the power point open so you can add or delete things that do not fit your lesson. I hope you enjoy it!
For the adventurous teacher who likes an active classroom and trying new things!Students will design, in 2D and again in 3D models, the ultimate playground design. They will conduct polls throughout the school to figure out what other students like the most in a playground and then graph their data.
These centers have students building and writing about their build. There are challenges that include measurement, research and writing that go along with each build. There are 10 different building challenges. I have also included a recording form for their thinking. Builds included: Jack-o-lante
Measuring Angles in Constellations with a Protractor This is a fun math activity that can be used for practice with protractors (CCSS 4.MD.6), or to accompany a science unit on constellations. In this activity, students are expected to measure the angles in constellations with a protractor. They
Compatible with Google Sheets, Google Classroom, or as a stand-alone file on a PC, this product is a must have for any teacher comparing weather conditions in multiple locations! BEFORE YOU BUY: This file is part of a larger unit. Save yourself money by purchasing the Super Science Set for Weather
Project Based Learning unit that covers math and oral language standards and has a new fun activity every day. Written by a Project Based Learning Coordinator, this unit has kids learning with enthusiasm and gets them talking about their work thoroughly. Some teacher preparation will be needed and t
For teachers who like to do things differently and experience authentic and engaged learning, this is a fast-paced unit with a ton of content. It is written for 3 weeks, but can easily be extended with further research, optional field trips and further class discussions. Covers math and ELA standard
Fall STEAM- Are you looking for fun Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities? Then try Fall STEAM. There are activities that include research, engineering, measuring with pumpkins, a glyph, CLOZE, graphing, addition fluency and so much more.
Looking for a project that integrates technology, reading, research, writing, social studies, and math? You are in the right place with this interdisciplinary project that covers multiple standards! This is a guided research packet featuring 32 influential African Americans that will take them on a
Math comes to life with real-world integrated tasks! This task is called "The Playground Project". It meets multiple common core math standards for 3rd grade, requires student-led research, and concludes with a persuasive writing activity to integrate math and writing all revolving around the proc
What makes a successful restaurant? Kids study and design restaurant floor plans, build a cultural menu, create a website and present their ideas in this unit that is fast-paced and very engaging. It is a 3-week plan but can easily be extended to allow more time for research, web design and field tr
Are your students interested in pilots, astronauts, and aviators? Are you looking for a way to direct them through the research process but aren't sure where to begin? This guided research packet provides them with a detailed guide that will help them find appropriate resources and questions to jump
In this mini-project, students will design and draw to scale (plan and elevation views) their dream vacation cabin. They will calculate areas of the flooring, siding and roofing. Then they will research the internet and choose materials, find actual costs, and calculate total materials costs for t
Cookie STEAM- Are you looking for fun Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities? Then try Cookie STEAM. There are activities that include cookie research, measuring with cookies, creative writing, cookie graphing, and so much more.
Within these Earthquake stations, students will investigate and observe patterns that emerge as to where earthquakes are located on the Earth and analyze data to make conclusions. They will use real-time global earthquake data and plot their latitude and longitude coordinates on a map to investigat
Have you ever wondered how you make Oobleck? New Wonders of the Day like those listed above are posted daily, and connect engaging informational text to content areas across the curriculum, including STEM subjects. Each Wonder meets multiple Common Core State Standards, particularly for reading and

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