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MEASURE-THONThis math simulation is the perfect culminating activity and alternative assessment to measure your students’ understanding of second grade length measurement concepts. During the Measure-Thon math simulation, your students (AKA Mathletes) will compete in four measuring events. They will
4.MD.3 - Apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical problems. For example, find the width of a rectangular room given the area of the flooring and the length, by viewing the area formula as a multiplication equation with an unknown factor. Students will pla
This engaging activity allows students to use a real life scenario to apply scatterplot data and line of best fit to. Students use data to solve a mystery and capture the correct suspect. This activity is also available in a bundle at a discounted rate:Scatterplots and Line of Best Fit BundleAligne
This bundle includes 2 engaging activities where students can apply the skills of plotting points in a scatterplot, making a line of best fit, and finding the slope of the line to find missing data. Fun scenarios of Sasquatch and a crime scene hook kids into learning. Please leave feedback, you
This engaging project allows students to use a variety of math and language skills in a relevant simulation. They will plan, prepare, and race in a Dog Sled Race. Here's a list of the different activities included in this project:Activity 1: Your Team: Students create their dog team. They draw p
Engage your students in a relevant project where they can apply a variety of skills. Skills in this activity:*Area*Volume of prisms*Problem Solving*Addition*Subtraction*Multiplication*Persuasive Writing *Writing a letterGiving a PresentationStudents write a proposal, plan a budget for purchasing fi
Want to make elapsed time easier for your students? For many students the circular aspect of a clock makes it hard to understand elapsed time. So, why not make it linear, rather than circular and take out the confusion? In this file you will receive: 2 pointers small minute cards for small gr
Who doesn't love dogs?! Each of these two projects engage students in relevant uses for math and language skills. In the first project, students work cooperatively or individually to design a dog park. They use a variety of math and language skills to design, create a budget, and culminate the pr
Middle School math project where students build their dream home using calculations of area, costs of building materials, etc. Students are given money from Lottery winnings, taxed on those winnings, and then begin planning their dream home. Students choose a lot, calculate average room sizes bas
Engage your students throughout the school year with relevant projects where they can apply a variety of skills from math and language arts. This product is a growing bundle, which means I will be adding more products to this bundle and increasing the price each time. So getting in early is a grea
This cooperative project involves applying many math and language skills to a real life situation. Teams are tasked with planning an aquatic center. Specifications include rectangular and circular pools which allow students to practice older skills such as perimeter, area, and volume of rectangles
STEM UNIT: Becoming an architect may seem so wonderful, but students may think twice after designing, building, and repairing problems in their new home. This is a unit that allows students to use a combination of math skills and critical thinking to be the architect of their own dream home on a bud
This engaging activity allows students to apply their knowledge of slope, scatterplot data, and line of best fit to figure out how tall Sasquatch is. Taking the role of engineers, students use a foot print of sasquatch to approximate his height which is needed to construct a trap. An engaging news
Engage your students in a fun relevant project creating and managing a chocolate shop. A variety of skills are used in this project including basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Fractions, percents, and measurement conversions are also used. Students enga
This task asks students to pretend they have been hired by a home improvement company to solve two problems for them. The first job requires students to examine the relationship between perimeter and area to help "Mr. Baker" design his garden. The second job focuses students on applying their unde
This triple beam balance provides a simple but powerful example for your measurement lessons! Included are three views: The whole scale, the beams in perspective and the beams separated for easier reading. This file is fully made with PowerPoint basic objects, so you can change each beam value ind
These mini labs were created out of the need to teach customary and metric units of capacity in an investigative setting. Each lab was assigned to half the class for the first day and then flip flopped for the second day. By using a hands-on approach, students in my class understood how much each me
Engage your students with this fun project! Students work in teams or individually to design a dog house. A variety of math skills are practiced including area,volume, measurement conversions, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. ELA skills are also integrated as students write persuasive
This classroom transformation provides practice for force and motion and Newton’s three laws of motion. It includes four lab activities and 20 standardized math task cards for practice in division of fractions appropriate for 5th grade. However, it contains an editable file that allows you create
Olympics. Physical Education. Mathematics. Mathematics has never been so much fun! Integrate PE and Math and challenge students to race the Olympic world champion sprinter. Your students will be stunned to learn it is illegal for Usain Bolt to run at top speed in a school zone! His top speed is 2
This math project combines creativity, human, capital, and natural resources, volume, and balancing a checkbook! Your students will create a business and then build it using rectangular prism nets. After the businesses are done, students will shop in their classmates' stores and balance their ch
Ever wondered what Barbie would look like if she were real? Now you can work with your students to find out! Part 3 In order to save you and your students time, I measured various segments of Barbie's actual doll measurements. Students can use their measurements from Parts 1 and 2 of the Human B
This is a graduated cylinder object made in PowerPoint 2010. This cylinder provides a simple but powerful example for your math or science classes when giving directions or when the hands-on approach isn't feasible. This file is fully made with PowerPoint basic objects, so you can change the water
This thermometer provides a simple but powerful example for your temperature lessons! This file is fully made with PowerPoint basic objects, so you can change the temperature value and colors. You can also copy this object and paste it into a word document to use it on worksheets or quizzes. Thi

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