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Learn metric system measurement the musical way through these 2 animated lessons and math music videos that will fundamentally transform the way students will respond to your instruction. Extensive supplementary material with illustrated worksheets, games, songs, anchor charts and more are provided
A fun mini unit to teach students all about perimeter using the idea of pig pens on a farm and ends with a fun project using critical thinking! Targets the following skills: *understanding the concept of perimeter *finding perimeter by counting outside square units *finding perimeter with addition
If you are ready for an exciting way to teach your kindergartners high level math skills in a child centered hands on way. You are ready for Math Wall. This packet gives you all the teacher and child math cards (Over 100 reproducibles) you will need to make the Math Wall activities. Activities in
Are your students having a hard time remembering which coin is which? Use these money poem posters to help your students identify a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. I have included 4 different colors {pink, blue, purple, green} of posters to help you coordinate with your classroom decor. I also fou
Come join in on the fun at Camp Quadrilaterals as the campers sing around the campfire to their favorite shapes song. After watching the animated music video, play our printable game, or even create one of wall-sized posters (possible from a conventional printer). Illustrated worksheets and word pr
Ounces, Pounds, Tons will be a lot of fun as you watch Yolanda explore various objects that weigh ounces, pounds, tons. At one point, she even turns into a Walrus - which on average weigh about 2000 lbs [or one ton!] Other highlights in this video include finding treasure, playing ball, and even a c
Learn measurement the musical way through these 2 animated lessons and math music videos that will fundamentally transform the way students will respond to your instruction. Extensive supplementary material with illustrated worksheets, games, songs, anchor charts and more are provided. So... Come
This packet was featured in the TPT newsletter and has a variety of money activities that are great for Distance Learning. This pack has over eighty pages of fun math activities that include games and worksheets. It also includes our popular coin books that are great for math centers. These materia
Enhance this video with: Link ▶ Inches, Feet, Yards: A Fun and Engaging Musical Measurement Lesson ◀ Expanded Solution Includes: 1. [HD] Highest-Quality Version of the VIDEO (1920 × 1080 Full HD) 2. Corresponding GAME 3. [HD] Digital/Printable POSTER and ANCHOR CHART 4. WORKSHEETS that follow up o
You have probably heard of Gallon Man, but have you heard his rock song? Your class will be rocking and dancing with their Gallon Men as they learn about the standard units for capacity. The song also helps them memorize the conversions between cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.
Measurement and Time Unit This download includes - Second grade measurement unit test with Common Core Standards that make the difference between progressing, meeting, and exceeding clear! This test prepares students for PARCC assessments! - Songs to current tunes that help students understand tim
This is a fun song (sung by my sister) and lyrics to help students remember the measurements for converting capacity.
"I'm A Triangle" is a 4 1/2 minute, karaoke style video, that students can sing along with. It would make a good introduction to, or review, for classifying triangles. The song covers classifying triangles by their sides and angles. The tune and music are done in a "blues" style. The video integ
Introduce capacity conversions using this original song to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. The song helps students memorize the conversions between gallons, quarts, pints and cups. There is also a practice page including a helpful diagram. The diagram enables students to visualize the conversions and easi
This is an absolutely adorable Smart Board Lesson for telling time to the hour and half hour. It is very nicely decorated with Thistlegirl Designs graphics. The backgrounds that add the crispness of winter are Dreamlike Magic. Included in this lesson are 7 activities for you to play whole group
Do you teach measurement and conversions using Gallon Man? This is a smaller version of the King Gallon Man Bundle. Teaching students about Gallon Man will make measurements and conversions easier!The video preview shows the entire regular BUNDLE. This product does not include the task cards. Ch
These are songs to help my students remember the Customary Measurements of length, weight, and volume. They are all sung to the tune of "This Old Man" (or the Barney song hehe). I have them in the tables because we put them in our Pocket Conversion Books. My kids love singing the songs and I even
This is a fantastic way to incorporate music into your telling time lesson! You can play the karaoke version of Kesha's song Tik Tok on youtube while you sing the lyrics I have written. If you want a memorable, fun, and educational song DOWNLOAD ME!
A group of 3rd graders came up with a song to the tune "What Does the Fox Say?" while working in a small group about telling time. I printed the song out for my students' math interactive notebooks They are so proud of their work and I wanted to share it with you! Enjoy! Please leave some feedback!
Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes with A.M. & P.M.: Worksheets, BINGO Game, Animated Video & More| 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade | *♫♪ by NUMBEROCK ♫♪★ Get The Entire 3rd Grade Year of Lessons 60% OFF ★★ Get The Entire 4th Grade Year of Lessons 60% OFF ★★ Get The Entire 5th Grade Year
Join our character Gerry in his hometown by the sea as he investigates the values of common US coins. Gerry buys ice cream, dill pickles, and even describes a little bit about the history of the presidents whose faces adorn US coins! CLICK HERE to play NUMBEROCK’s printable game, create a colorful
A song for any elementary aged group to help get the concept of Area and Perimeter!! WARNING: It gets stuck in their heads! Which is the whole point, after all!
Interactive Song that teaches about measurements of volume. Children can clap and cheer with the song. Copyright 2004 by Alice Sweets.
Interactive Song that teaches about metric vocabulary.

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