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A huge, 45 Page Elapsed Time Packet to meet common core standards AND differentiate for your students varying levels of understanding! *MASSIVE UPDATE! Now includes four sets of interactive Google Slides, totaling 99 Slides!Included in this product are:*99 Interactive Elapsed Time Google Slides to A
A set of 48 differentiated engaging area and perimeter task cards for your students to practice their skills of finding perimeter and area, then putting it all together to compare the two. Included are:20 Perimeter Task Cards20 Area Task Cards8 Challenge Area & Perimeter Task CardsAnswer Key &a
Converting Measurements Task Cards { Customary & Metric Conversion }A set of 36 task cards to support CCS 5.MD.1 and perfect differentiation for CCS 4.MD.1 and review for other grade levels. 20 Customary Measurement Conversion Cards (Weight, Capacity, Length Measurement)16 Metric Measurement Co
Volume Task Cards { Rectangular Prisms Including Additive Volume }This set includes 36 Volume Task Cards for reinforcing, teaching, and enriching your math unit on volume. The cards feature a variety of tasks for students to complete, including labeling rectangular prisms dimensions, computing volu
A set of 80 Differentiated Elapsed Time Task Cards! I made these differentiated cards so that your students could practice the same skill, but at different levels of proficiency. There are two sets of almost identical cards. Set #1 (40 Cards) only uses benchmark numbers (Hours and minutes on the
Students love this collection of 48 measurement task cards. -12 cards where students use a ruler to measure common classroom objects-12 cards where students have to choose the correct unit of measurement-12 cards on converting measurements within the same system of measurement-12 cards where student
This is a set of activities to help students learn to determine elapsed time.Each task card has a short word problem that requires students to determine how much time has elapsed or the start/stop time based on the length of time that has passed. Includes time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, a
This kid-approved STEM challenge is the perfect addition to your measurement unit or STEM center! The 60 hands-on task cards and corresponding record sheets give kids practice measuring and comparing length using unifix cubes. ---------------------->Bundle with all of my STEM challenges and s
Your students will love these fun and engaging money activities that allow them to practice counting, adding, and subtracting coins and bills! Included are all the directions and templates you’ll need to create these center activities, plus ideas for how to differentiate each center for special need
Customary Measurement Conversions is a huge collection of 70 pages teaching resources to review and assess customary measurement units and conversions. You'll find math center games, measurement task cards, cooperative learning activities, printables, word problems, and tests. Click HERE to SAVE 30%
This packet (19 pages total) contains two variations of a math center where students make line plots using fractions and then interpret the data represented. The first center game, "Pizza Party", instructs students to flip cards showing pieces of pizza. They graph the fraction represented on the c
A set of 32 differentiated measurement task cards to support CCS 4.MD.1 and perfect differentiation for CCS 5.MD.1 and review for other grade levels. The first 16 cards require students to show their knowledge of relative sizes of measurements and basic conversion. The second 16 cards (17-32) ha
Measurement Conversion Word Problem Task Cards Do your students get enough practice converting between units in standard and metric measures? Having the ability to read a word problem and then do the proper conversion to answer the problem is a skill that requires practice. Use these handy task c
These 24 perimeter and area cards do not require the use of a ruler and can be used in a variety of ways:For perimeter: The cards are a mix of regular and irregular shapes. Many of them also require students to find missing sides to solve. Student answer sheet and an answer key is provided. For ar
Have you heard the news? King Henry died by drinking chocolate milk! Like, please excuse my dear Aunt Sally, this mnemonic device is handy to have in the math classroom. This activity sets your students up for success with converting measurements within the metric system. Designed to help meet the f
Area and perimeter can be challenging skills that need lots of practice. Use these task cards, game and craft to spice up your unit! This bundle includes some of my best selling products at a deep discount! By purchasing as a bundle, you are essentially receiving one of my sets of task cards for FRE
These 24 area task cards will give your students the much needed practice with some of the Common Core Standards. The best part is that they allow you to easily differentiate your instruction. The cards start with easier skills and progressively get more challenging. You can assign the number of car
Area and Perimeter Task Cards: These task cards are a great way to work on area and perimeter skills! There are 48 total task cards: 24 area task cards and 24 perimeter task cards. Each set is numbered 1-24 and color-coded - area cards are orange; perimeter cards are pink. (Black and white versions
Perimeter and Area BUNDLE of Activities Your students will absolutely LOVE digging into area and perimeter with this bundle of *FOUR* engaging area and perimeter resources.The following resources are included in this bundle:⇒City of Shapes: Perimeter and Area Math Project : Students create their ow
These 24 perimeter task cards will give your students the much needed practice with some of the Common Core Standards. The best part is that they allow you to easily differentiate your instruction. The cards start with easier skills and progressively get more challenging. You can assign the number o
Elapsed time is a tricky skill for many students. These task cards can help by having students practice solving elapsed time problems by representing them on a number line (3.MD.1). Each of these 16 task cards contain 3-4 elapsed time problems; these questions vary to include finding the hours an
Includes 24 task cards total. Cards 1-16 include angle measures to the nearest 5 and 10 degrees, and cards 17-24 include angle measures to the nearest 1 degree. Each task card also asks students to specify whether the angle is acute, obtuse, or right. No real protractors are needed! I included a du
Time is a hard concept to teach! These 54 test prep task cards can help make preparing for the BIG TEST a little more FUN!!!All of the questions are written in a multiple choice format to give students a little extra practice with that type of assessment. There are two questions for ALL of the thi
Use these 32 multiple choice cards to help your students build fluency telling time with analog clocks. This set works with time to five minutes only. A student answer sheet and answer key are included so students can check their work. There is also a Challenge Card which can be used with any other

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