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This fully-editable subitizing Powerpoint will help your kindergarten and first grade students "see" dot arrangements in a variety of ways. Included in the Powerpoint are over 200 slides within these categories:• dots 1-5• single ten frames 1-5• dots 6-10• single ten frames 6-10• double ten frames
This 34 slide presentation can be used in one sitting or, like I do, over a week long period. It takes students through learning how to add numbers that require regrouping by teaching 5 different strategies: 1. Drawing 2. Expanded Form 3. Branching 4. Give and Take 5. Old School These strategies tak
Practice and memorize the 21 most difficult multiplication facts with this rhyming video and rhymes printable. The chants are different from other similar products I've seen because the visuals actually illustrate the equations. Kids LOVE them! Click on the preview for a short clip from the video.Ha
This 28 slide PowerPoint presentation teaches students to multiply by multiples of tens and hundreds. This is a vital prerequisite skill for learning how to multiply with 2 and 4 digit numbers. Students will review the meaning of multiplication, learn about and practice how to use the multiplication
Use this 300+ pages (8 sets of 1-20) of Subitizing PowerPoint. Included are 8 Editable Subitizing 1 to 20 Dots and Tens Frame PowerPoint Slides for whole class focus or small group activities. Subitizing is the ability to “see” small groups of objects and recognize the number. Students should be abl
Ratios are so much fun! Introduce ratios and proportional relationships with this fun powerpoint. Students can also complete the worksheet that goes along with this activity. Check out my store for the worksheet that is differentiated according to student's ability.
Take a field trip to Washington D.C. with this music video that teachers students how to compare fractions. Examples are given for when numerators are the same and for when denominators are the same. All of our teacher-created music videos are standards aligned and used in classrooms across the co
This Math in Focus Chapter 8, Lesson 1 presentation is animated!! Once the presentation is set to "presentation" mode, each click of the mouse animates the screen with movement and sound. My students love these presentations! This presentation emphasizes the concept of "making 10" to add. The conc
These simple addition and subtraction word problems are perfect for any 1st/2nd grade classroom (or even a simple review for 3rd graders). Each word problem comes with a QR code for checking answers. I hope you enjoy this freebie!
This product includes both a PowerPoint file and a PDF file to provide multiple options for sharing with your class. You can project this lesson onto a whiteboard or interactive board. This product was made to build student knowledge of Fact Families using number bonds. It uses basic operations
Grouping through friendly numbers builds greater mental number sense. These 50 page digital slides will project colored shapes, that students will mentally calculate, then calling out the number that they see. Students will learn to group by twos, threes, fours when possible and the friendly fiv
Children learn skip-counting skills as they listen to the song, view numbers in the context of a 120 chart and visualize larger patterns on the 120 chart. Download the Supporting Document for the matching 120 chart and a skip counting "flap-tivity" that shows the concept of skip-counting in another
A powerpoint file consisting of over 100 animated video clips, each revealing simple addition and subtraction sentences. Students determine if the sentence is true or false. Simply click the icon to play a clip. Use these video flash cards to play games such as Around the World, Baseball, or Thu
Get all 12 songs for 1 low price. Dudley's Multiplication Raps combine rhythm, recitation, and repetition to make learning to multiply fun! My colleagues and I have had great experiences using these songs with our students and we know you will too. Unlike with other similar products, there are no
"Bump It" is a 3 minute, karaoke style video, that students can sing along with to help learn the concept of rounding to the nearest 10, 100, or 1,000. With it's integration of music, math, reading, and video graphics, you can use it as part of a lesson, review, a PE warmup, clean-up song, or just
Students will rap their way to multiplication facts fluency using this engaging zombie rhymes video and printable to practice the 21 most difficult multiplication facts. They are especially great for multiplication practice during the craziness of October and Halloween! Watch the preview for a short
This product includes both a PowerPoint file and a PDF file to provide multiple options for sharing with your class. This product was made as a lesson to introduce the Commutative Property of Addition. It uses basic operations to help students get a concrete understanding. There is a practice pag
Once students have mastered their multiplication facts, it's time to step up to multi-digit multiplication. In this song, we address the traditional method as well as the place value method for multi-digit multiplication using a song that is sure to keep your students engaged. All of our teacher-cr
126 videoclips are included in this resource which gives 2nd graders opportunities to practice and show off their basic facts skills. The animated videoclips are like digital flashcards, each revealing an addition or subtraction expression. The activities in this file are divided into three catego
This product includes both a PowerPoint file and a PDF file to provide multiple options for sharing with your class. This product was made as a lesson to introduce Rounding to the Nearest 100. This lesson follows an I Do, We Do, You Do format. The lesson starts with a couple of warm ups: A Numbe
Children learn about pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars through a fun, memorable song. Please watch the preview to see how I make concepts comprehensible through graphic organizers and multiple types of explanations. Please also see the "Supporting Document Preview" for samples of the 30
Five Christmas addition counting frames to complete. On successful completion students and can turn over the page and complete the snowman maze. Suitable for Kinder to first. Answer sheets have been provided. Google Slides Version Added.NEW - This Free resource also contains an interactive copy that
This 27 slide PowerPoint teaches children to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by a single digit number by using a place value chart and array models. It takes kids step by step through this innovative process that will revolutionize the way your children think of "big" multiplication. I use this Pow
WHAT IT TEACHES: Animation of fraction bars and circles help students to see how different fractions can be equivalent. Quick review of comparing fractions that are not equal. WHAT SUPPORT MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED? You also get a detailed Math Park Teacher Guide for this lesson, which indicates “p

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