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This product is part of my Math Rainbow Fact (numbers that add to 10) BUNDLE! These cute little cards are great for students who are learning their rainbow facts! Students can make references to them when they are playing Rainbow fact games, and they can be used as a self correction tool. Follow
Money graphic models in 3D! U.S. currency. Includes United States money denominations of penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar. This is a 3D pdf file, where you can manipulate the coins and bills to move and rotate in 3 dimensions with the touch of a mouse, or a finger if you have a touch screen!
This is a SmartBoard activity that directly correlates with the 1st Grade Everyday Math 1.2 Investigating the Number Line (introduce number line routines and provide practice counting up the number line). This lesson includes activities, games, and vocabulary for the lesson. Please feel free to cont
Do you need an interactive, fun, and engaging way to teach integers, zero pairs, or additive inverses? This PowerPoint is your answer, and will allow students to visually see what is happening when you add integers. It uses "good" and "bad" ninjas to demonstrate concepts of additive inverse and zero
100 pennies 20 nickels 10 pennies in 3D. This is a 3D digital model pdf file, where you can manipulate your coins to move and rotate in 3 dimensions with the touch of a mouse! Completely interactive! Great to put up on a Smartboard, Promethean Board, or touch screen computer. Fun way to learn to cou
A great way to get kids motivated with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (and so much more)!!! Students work independently to create a holiday meal plan and gift list for their "family" while under a strict budget. This PDF includes slips each student can draw giving them their "
This set of flashcards contained 1-10 multiplication facts table.
Utilize a simple yet complex encryption technology. Based off of the old Ceaser Cipher, this tool encrypts messages based on a key word to "shift" the alphabet. It opens with any browser and students can view the code if they are curious.
This is The ULTIMATE Math Games & Classroom Simulation Bundle from Brain Brigade! FIVE fun and interactive concepts from games to classroom simulations. Your kids will be begging to do math (without even knowing it!). With this bundle, we throw in TWO FREE math products for a total of seven prod
An animated powerpoint that clearly makes the connection between the algorithm and the combination of objects that make ten. Great resource for reinforcing mental math strategies! Common Core Standards for kindergarten and first grade are identified. The visual model used is the tens frames model
The general technique for graphing quadratics is the same as for graphing linear equations. However, since quadratics graph as curvy lines (called "parabolas"), rather than the straight lines generated by linear equations, there are some additional considerations. The most basic quadratic is y = x2
The two slides on this PPT are animated to show the check mark method of changing a mixed number into an improper fraction.
A simple color coded addition presentation.
Students will use food to get a hands-on experience with estimating and measuring. Students will first take a chip (or pretzel) and estimate the length. When recorded, they will then use their ruler to measure the chip. After everything is written, students will take a (small!) bite of the chip,
A quick presentation that demonstrates visuals on how to add and subtract fractions.
1st and 2nd Grade Flash Math Facts using visuals to assist with tens and ones and place value. You can edit to make more difficult as students learn. :)

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