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Students will love creating their own castle from medieval times. The written report must include the parts and uses of real castles, methods of defense, and descriptions of the living areas inside castles. A rubric for grading is included. Check out this popular product that students also really e
This is a list of ten take home style projects on the Middle Ages complete with rubrics for each one. There are different options to accommodate different learning styles and availability of resources such as the internet at home. Students and teachers have the option to choose to build a castle o
Use and reuse this blank graphic organizer for informational writing guides students in compiling key facts about a famous person, allowing you to assess research, writing and oral skills. For distance learning, students could also record their voice or make a video of their presentation.Includes an
Want to get your AP students prepared for the AP World History exam? One of the best ways to do so is to teach them how to write a proper DBQ. This DBQ packet asks students to analyze how the Black Death impacted Europe. This packet contains 6 documents, 4 "source boxes" around each document to help
The Renaissance project requires students to focus on one person place or idea that was developed or improved up on during the Renaissance.
This document includes rubrics for two different projects. Students can choose to either build a castle or make a video. All vocabulary and writing components are explained and point values are given.
The Roman Catholic Church Graphic Novel Directions and Rubric is a hard quest in the Video Game Classroom for Ch. 3 in the History Alive: Medieval World and Beyond book. It gives directions and a rubric for how to create a graphic novel on the main ideas of the chapter. Enjoy!
This is a major inquiry project to run parallel to a unit of work/lessons. It adopts an inquiry based method; that is, students investigate the topics on their own based on their interests. Project break down in brief: 1) Medieval Newspaper Project activity Learning Objectives: - To participate
Students create their own illuminated manuscript, designing an original border and illustration. For the text portion, students answer two questions in paragraph format that assess and analyze the power of the Catholic Church in Medieval Europe. The product is a detailed rubric that includes expect
This rubric is designed to grade a shield that students have created wherein they have designed their coat of arms and explained reasons for each symbol or color they used.
Rubric needed to assess Coat of Arms project. (separate file upload)
Having students build a castle is a great hands-on way to bring history to life! Get students engaged and excited about learning and researching medieval history.I used this assignment with my class, and it was a hit! Students were very into the project and turned in amazing castle models at the end
Create exquisite Celtic Knot Letters with this lesson that integrates a lesson on the Celtic culture with showing you step by step, how to draw Celtic Knot Letters. This lesson is more than decorating letters with knots. In this lesson, your students will learn to turn letters into knots! If your
Looking for easy ways to bring the ages of long ago to life? Want to improve reading skills, oral language and integrate writing with other subjects? Need a fun way to introduce literature or differentate instruction? Check out this free 20 page sampler containing scenes from the products below.
Although the preview only features the rubric, this download includes both the project outline and rubric for grading. This project directs students to create a children's book about the events of the Bubonic Plague in Europe. It features instructions/historical outline then asks students to creat
In this project, students must get into the shoes of someone living in Feudal Europe. They should select a class to represent, and create a character. Then they have to write a diary from that characters perspective that accurately and creatively depicts life during this time period. Students should
This research project and rubric includes the following list and is meant to be used with technology. The project focuses more on what kind of discoveries these influential people made and the impact that said discoveries had on the past and present. This could be done individually or with a partn
If you like this product, visit my store to see more like it. Easy Ancient Americas Summaries Easy Ancient China Summaries Easy Byzantine Empire Summaries Easy Africa Summaries Easy Ancient Civilizations Review Easy Early Colonies 1 Summaries - United States Easy Early Colonies 2 Summaries - United
In this task, students work in a small group to create a travel package to go back in time to Shogun Japan. Students explore the lives and practices of people who lived during that time as well as the unique places and events/festivals of Medieval Japan.This task is aligned with Year 8 History in th
Use this project to allow groups of students to take a deep dive into a specific portion of Medieval History. Students will do extensive research and then choose from a menu of mini-projects within the overall "playset" to tackle. The more mini-projects they complete the more money they earn. They c
This activity is an alternative assessment where students analyze their understanding of the Middle Ages based on the themes of sacred, secular, and the combined. Students are asked to create a character profile for someone living during the Middle Ages. Grading is based on the student's ability t
This mini project allows students to choose how to show their understanding. Students choose a method of demonstrating 3 causes and 3 effects of the reformation. This mini project includes a rubric.
I use this activity to study the International Middle Years Curriculum Big Idea of Adaptability. Included pages: Explanation of the Unit Webquest/Research & Sketch project with rubric Research and reading resource list for teachers Reading graphic organizers for Mongols as a group and Genghis K
This rubric goes with the Middle Ages Research Project

Also included in: World History Bundle

showing 1-24 of 44 results

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