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Native Americans Resources

13,577 results

Native American Unit - Indigenous People - Indigenous Lessons - Google

Created by
Rockin Resources
Native American Unit - This Native American Unit provides informational text and comprehension activities for 7 NATIVE AMERICAN REGIONS IN NORTH AMERICA. No textbook is needed to complete the activities and project. Each unit is now sold separately. 1. EASTERN WOODLANDS2. SOUTHEAST3. GREAT PLAINS4. SOUTHWEST5. NORTHWEST COAST6. ARCTIC 7. GREAT BASINDo you teach several regions, but not all 7? See below for different versions.PRINTABLE VERSION: What is included? ✓ COVER PAGE for notes or folder

Native American Passages Common Core Aligned PDF and/or Google Slides™ READY

Created by
247 Teacher
5 Stars "Provides great background knowledge (historical and factual) before beginning American Indian Unit in November! Thank You!!!" -Terri L.5 Stars "Great addition to our Daily 5! Great way to add content to our centers."- Fun and Fantastic in Fifth5 Stars "Very useful resource. Stories are great!"- Norma A.5 Stars "Great resource to introduce Native Americans to my students."- Kacie L.Google Slides™ and PDF Included: Erase the "Text" boxes to Print a PDFsYou have Full Permission to Modify f

Doodle Foldables -Social Studies WHOLE YEAR 21 Interactive Notebook BUNDLE

Whole Year BUNDLE SET with 21 doodle foldables!I sell each of these doodle folds of the chapters separately for $2 (and give one away for free) so this bundle would cost $40 but it's bundled here for HUGE savings at $19.60.NEW and UPDATED! I added color to all the files and also powerpoints to show the keys. All content is aligned to the History Alive Social Studies (America's Past) book.One foldable for each chapter.Save yourself tons of time and use this to streamline how to get social studies

First Thanksgiving Unit for Kindergarten and First Grade

Created by
Stephanie Trapp
Sail on the Mayflower and experience life as a Pilgrim and Wampanoag during this first Thanksgiving unit for kindergarten and first grade! The week-long comprehensive unit includes detailed daily lesson plans with literature suggestions. It incorporates reading, writing, math, history, handwriting, and art. It also has Google Slides to use for discussion and links to videos that complement the unit study.Click on the PREVIEW to read each lesson plan, see the Week-at-a-Glance planning sheet, as

Thanksgiving Escape Room Thanksgiving Activity Digital & Print Distance Learning

Escape Room fun while learning about Thanksgiving. This is the perfect Thanksgiving Activity to use just before the Thanksgiving break. This versatile cooperative learning resource is no-prep. All the work has been done for you. Make copies, divide the class into small groups and enjoy. The tasks provide a fun learning experience that your students will remember. These activities create organized movement and keep the class engaged, now that’s a great way to learn.Perfect for Remote Learning as

Native American Tribe Research Report Project {NO PREP}

This recently updated classroom tested project will have your students learning a great deal of information about the peoples who inhabited the Americas before European exploration. This is a fully contained NO PREP project, meaning that you can copy it, hand it to the students, and they can run with it. I have assigned this as an at home project, and an in class project. Both times, I am incredibly impressed by the results. This project includes: * Explanation cover letter for students * R

Meet the Pilgrims and Wampanoag!

Created by
Erin Sample
This unit was developed to include many of the instructional shifts of the Common Core. I wanted my students reading text closer to their level about Pilgrims and the Wampanoag so they could answer text-based questions. I couldn’t find something at a first/ second grade level so I decided to write my own and created 3 different levels of the same reader. I also wanted my students to be developing their own ideas about Pilgrims and the Wampanoag so I included opportunities for comparisons among t

American History & U.S. Geography EDITABLE Interactive Notebook 7 Unit BUNDLE

Looking for a way to increase students' interest in United States geography, Native Americans, and American history through Westward Expansion? These interactive notebooks hook students on history - and support their reading skills! These units include interactive activities, maps, vocabulary, graphic organizers, and assessments. What’s Included in the Bundle⭐ United States Geography Interactive Notebook ⭐ Native Americans Interactive Notebook ⭐ Explorers & Exploration Interactive Notebook⭐

Simply Social Studies K/1-Thanksgiving Then & Now / Traditions Mini Unit

Created by
Cara Carroll
***SIMPLY SOCIAL STUDIES - KINDERGARTEN & FIRST GRADE **** MINI UNIT - THANKSGIVING THEN & NOW, HISTORY, CUSTOMS, & TRADITIONS What is Simply Social Studies all about? Simply Social Studies is a Social Studies curriculum that covers grade appropriate concepts and objectives for First Grade and Kindergarten. What's included in this mini unit of Simply Social Studies? This mini unit of Simply Social Studies includes detailed lesson plans with ELA and Math extensions & suggestio

Native Americans Printables {Perfect for Interactive Notebooks}

This download is perfect for your Native Americans unit! These graphic organizers are great for interactive notebooks. After students have read about a tribe, they can organize their new knowledge on these graphic organizers. We paste one in our Social Studies notebook for each tribe we study! This printable book can be used with the study of any Native American tribes. Included is a cover page and six graphic organizers for students to fill in about each tribe you study. There is also a page w


The INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK (PDF) & Student ANCHOR CHARTS (PDF & Digital Slides) COMBO cover Native Americans.NOTE: If you have already purchased this Native American product, it now includes Student Anchor Charts! The Student Anchor Charts have been updated to include a PDF Version and Digital Slides! NOTE: As of now, the Interactive Notebook comes only in the PDF Version.The Anchor Charts have both the PDF & Digital Slides.The Native Americans Interactive Notebook: PDFThe interactiv

Ontario Grade 5 Social Studies Strand A PRINTABLE BUNDLE

Created by
Coach's Corner
Are you looking for a great resource with engaging activities to teach your Grade 5 students the Interactions of Indigenous Peoples and Europeans Prior to 1713 unit from the Ontario Social Studies Curriculum? Check out this comprehensive resource intended to support the 2018 revised curriculum, using expectations for the unit of the same name. The revised curriculum strengthens learning connected with Indigenous perspectives, cultures, histories, and contemporary realities, including those rela

Native Americans BUNDLE: Hopi Nez Perce Inuit Seminole Sioux Pawnee 8 Units in 1

This comprehensive bundle about the Haudenosaunee, Hopi, Inuit, Pawnee, Seminole, Kwakiutl, Nez Perce & Sioux will keep your students engaged! This resource has everything you need including reading passages, activities, vocabulary, map activities, and flip books. Inside you will find reading passages and activities for the following people:✔The Haudenosaunee✔The Hopi ✔The Inuit ✔The Pawnee ✔The Seminole ✔THe Kwakiutl ✔The Nez Perce ✔The Sioux⭐If you are looking for our Native Americans by R

Pilgrims and Native Americans | The First Thanksgiving | Wampanoag | Mayflower

These First Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Native Americans Wampanoag Tribe activities go from the Mayflower through the 1st year in Plymouth Colony. Teach 2nd, 3rd & 4th graders about the history of early America as the settlers came from England and the events leading up to the Harvest Feast of 1621.Any of the printable activities can be used alone or be combined to create an easy-to assemble interactive notebook, lapbook or learning portfolio. This resource also includes book and website recom

Native American Cultural Regions

Created by
White's Workshop
Integrate Social Studies into your ELA block with these informational texts about Native American cultures and areas. Students will read about the location, food, homes, roles of men and women, and cultural traditions of the following 7 Native American cultural regions of the United States: Eastern Woodlands, Southeast, Great Plains, Southwest, Plateau, Northwest Coast, California Intermountain. Product includes:8 informational textsNative American cultural regions map7 Worksheets with text de

California Native Americans/Indigenous Peoples of California

This unit on the California Native American tribes/Indigenous Peoples of California is just for you! Activities include instructions, activity cards, graphic organizers, and a response/recording sheet if applicable. This 60 page unit includes:1) Academic vocabulary cards2) Inquiry chart ideas and student examples for classroom discussion and use3) Tribe flip books4) Tribe graphic organizers5) Informative text for listed CA tribe regions and example tribes6) Comprehension quizzes on all CA tribe

Aztec, Maya, Inca, & Mesoamerica Unit | 10 Resources for Mesoamerica

In this Mesoamerica Unit Bundle on the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans, you receive 9 engaging and hands-on resources to teach about Aztec inventions, Inca culture, Tenochtitlan, the disappearance of the Maya, Spanish conquistadors, and much more. Buy this bundle and save considerably over purchasing each lesson separately! In this highly-engaging Inca, Aztec, and Maya Bundle, you receive the following 9 resources:✔ 1.) Aztecs and Incas - A Comparing and Contrasting Scavenger Hunt!✔ 2.) Aztecs and Th


The INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK (PDF) & Student ANCHOR CHARTS: (PDF & Digital Slides) COMBO cover Explorers.NOTE: If you have already purchased this product, it now includes Student Anchor Charts! The Student Anchor Charts have been updated to include a PDF Version and Digital Slides!NOTE: As of now, the Interactive Notebook comes only in the PDF Version.The Anchor Charts have both the PDF & Digital Slides.The Explorers Interactive Notebook: PDFThe interactive pages are black and white, but

French and Indian War Activity Scenarios, Notes, PowerPoint

In this French and Indian War PowerPoint, perspectives, and guided notes activity, students analyze a variety of scenarios to understand the cause behind the French and Indian War! Students begin by discussing the idea of war, how war is avoidable, when it might be necessary, and the positive and negative consequences of it. Then, students read short perspectives to understand the role of colonists, the British, members of the Ohio Company, and the French in the conflict of the French and Indi

Maya Empire CSI World History Investigation What Happened to Mayan Civilization?

Maya Empire CSI World History Investigation: What Happened to the Mayan Empire?The Maya CSI Investigation is also included as part of the much larger Mesoamerica Unit Bundle and the CSI World History Bundle:The Mesoamerica Unit: 10 fun, hands-on resources for the Incas, Aztecs, & Mayas!CSI World History Bundle! Tut, Maya, Shakespeare, Atlantis, & More!--------------In this very hands-on Maya CSI Investigation, students take on the role of historians, scientists, and researchers as they t


A fun, engaging way to learn all about the different Native American tribes is by using this Native American Social Studies Unit!This product includes a variety of resources while teaching a Native American thematic unit. Resources are included for social studies, read aloud lessons, whole group or small group instruction, as well as, literacy and math centers!THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:Science/Social Studies Lesson Plans Use these lesson plans to GUIDE your thematic Native American unit. Native A

NATIVE AMERICAN Comprehension Facts Research

Lessons about Native Americans that can be taught at Thanksgiving or any time of the year. Students will research, learn facts about tribes, homes, Navajo code talkers, and more.Included in this packet are:◼ Pie organizer (2 pie organizers and papers included). Each pie organizer has 2 options so you can differentiate the assignment.Pgs. 11-22:Biographies:◼ Writing wallet◼ Sign up sheet with 36 famous Native Americans◼ Instructions for writing wallet◼ Parent note for writing wallet supplies◼ 2


The INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK (PDF) & Student ANCHOR CHARTS (PDF & Digital Slides) COMBO cover The 13 Colonies.NOTE: If you have already purchased this product, it now includes Student Anchor Charts! The Student Anchor Charts have been updated to include a PDF Version and Digital Slides!NOTE: As of now, the Interactive Notebook comes only in the PDF Version.The Anchor Charts have both the PDF & Digital Slides.The 13 (Thirteen) Colonies Interactive Notebook: PDFThe interactive pages are bl

Comparing Past and Present - Long Ago and Today - Our Changing Times

Created by
Traci Clausen
Life in the past and present is the primary focus of this huge social studies unit. Changing Times - Past and Present - provides lessons and materials for the standard: Comparing lives of long ago and present. I developed in with my first graders in mind, but it contains parts that can be used in K, 2nd and 3rd.It is designed to be a cohesive unit, incorporated literacy and social studies with plenty of cute crafts/activities in the mix! Your students will study past and present homes, transpor
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