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Indian Removal Act & Trail of Tears MAP activity: engaging step-by-step lesson
This download comes with a blank map of the Southern United States in both PDF and MS WORD format, AND a 25-slide PowerPoint that guides students in adding relevant information to their maps. By the end of the lesson, students will have a color-coded map of former territories, trail locations, and

Also included in: Trail of Tears & Indian Removal Bundle (Comic & Map Activity, Primary Source)


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Native Americans Unit from Lightbulb Minds
The Native Americans Unit is an entire unit centered around Native American cultural groups, including Northeastern Woodlands, Southeast, Plains, Southwestern, and Northwest Coast. (Includes 10 files below) *Please note our PowerPoints are password-protected from editing and are only compatible wi

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French and Indian War PowerPoint Lesson and Printables
French and Indian War PowerPoint Lesson and Printables ✎ Slides 2 – 3 Overview of The French and Indian War and the causes. ✎ Slides 4 – 6 French and British Allies during the war. ✎ Slide 7 Benjamin Franklin and The Albany Plan ✎ Slide 8 George Washington and Fort Necessity ✎ Slide 9 The Tre

Also included in: French and Indian War BUNDLE


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Maya, Aztec, Inca, and Mesoamerican Civilizations PowerPoint
This is a fantastic, visually-engaging PowerPoint on Aztec, Inca, Maya, and other Mesoamerican civilizations! It also includes a fully-narrated "flipped classroom" video version of the entire presentation! Each pre-Columbian civilization is covered in detail, including where they were located, when

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American Indian Unit Bundle - Hopi, Inuit, Kwakiutl, Pawnee, Seminole, Nez Perce
This American Indian unit bundle includes everything you need to teach your students about the 7 tribes: Hopi, Inuit, Kwakiutl, Pawnee, Seminole, Iroquois and Nez Perce. Includes: American Indian Important Info Note Chart American Indian Classroom Posters - Set of 7 American Indian PowerPoint a

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Distance Learning: Transcontinental Railroad PowerPoint (with Guided Notes)
This Transcontinental Railroad PowerPoint Lesson is the perfect addition to your Westward Expansion Unit! This lesson includes guided notes that students can use to follow along while you teach. The Guided Notes come in both a printable and digital version for use with Google Classroom.It includes 6

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Native American Indians- The Best Power Point EVER!
This is a very informative power point. Great for a thematic unit on Native American Indians due to all the detail, visuals, and facts that it has. It describes each Native American region's climate, landforms, and natural resources. It also describes in detail each Native American region in te

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Native Americans Bundle for 8 Tribes: Hopi, Seminole, Nez Perce, Inuit, Iroquois
Students will love learning about the Native Americans with this COMPLETE resource! This BUNDLE has informational articles about each tribe, tri-fold organizers, vocabulary posters, a slideshow presentation, writing activity, a legend, and much more! This BUNDLE includes:✔Native Americans Activity P


Distance Learning: Westward Expansion Unit with Interactive Notes
This Westward Expansion Unit includes a variety of resources that will make learning about this time period both engaging and memorable.Many of the items in this bundle come in both printable and digital versions, which is perfect for distance learning!This Bundle Includes the Following Vocabulary:→

Also included in: History Bundle 1: Civil War, Westward Expansion, and the Suffrage Movement


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The Landbridge Theory & the First Americans {Bundle}
1. Presentation (26 Slides): This file contains the presentation in both PDF and PPT format. To view the PDF file as a presentation, select "view" and then click "full screen mode." 2. Guided Notes (3 pages): These fill-in-the-blank notes go along with the presentation. This format helps keep

Also included in: Social Studies Bundle


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Native Americans of Texas PowerPoint
This PowerPoint presentation from Teaching in the Fast Lane was created to introduce students to how Native Americans came to Texas as well as some quick facts about different tribes in Texas. It is not meant to be the sole source of information on Native Americans. I use this presentation with my c

Also included in: Texas History PowerPoint Bundle


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Native Americans in Texas | Texas Indians | Texas History
This is a Texas History presentation about Native Americans / Texas Indians, perfect for 4th grade. It can also be used as an introduction or review for 7th grade. Students learn how and why Natives came across the Bering land bridge. It details Native American tribes that lived in Texas, and it tel

Also included in: Texas History Bundle - Early Texas History - Indians, Explorers, Missions


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Age of Exploration Unit: PPT, Worksheets, Project, Plans, Test+Distance Learning
Age of Exploration Complete Unit Bundled includes Age of Exploration PowerPoints with video and presenter notes. Unit also includes, warm up PowerPoints, informational text documents with questions, primary source lessons, map, exit tickets, Explorer Scrapbook Project, crossword review, Kahoot! revi

Also included in: World History Bundle! Complete Course, Entire Year Curriculum Evolving Bundle


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Georgia Studies Bundle One (SS8H1, SS8H2, SS8H3)
This bundle contains all of my Georgia Studies resource pack files that are aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence SS8H1, SS8H2, and SS8H3 – American Indians, European Exploration and Settlement, Settlement of Georgia, Colonial Georgia, Road to Revolution, American Revolution, and U.S. Const


Navajo Code Talkers
Navajo Code Talkers PowerPoint appropriate for 2nd and 3rd graders. Created by Julie Hardy

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Manifest Destiny: Oregon Territory, Mexican-American War, California Gold Rush
Manifest Destiny: the Oregon Territory, the Mexican-American War, the California Gold Rush, and More This lesson teaches students about Manifest Destiny and its impact on America. The major themes of this lesson are the dispute over the Oregon Territory, the Mexican-American War, and the California

Also included in: Early US History Bundle: 1492 - Civil War


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Maya - Inca - Aztec In Road to El Dorado
This 21-slide PowerPoint guides students in finding connections to the Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations in the DreamWorks film Road to El Dorado. Included in the slides:Many visuals and freeze frames from the filmBackground in the filmA graphic organizer for students to use4 slides with relevan

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South Carolina - Native Americans of SC Complete Set 3-2.1
This "complete set" includes both of my South Carolina Native Americans products: South Carolina - Native Americans Presentation: Cherokee, Catawba, Yemassee South Carolina - Native Americans Assessments and Vocabulary Also INCLUDED in this South Carolina History Complete Set (For the entire

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Jamestown PowerPoint Lesson and Printables
Jamestown PowerPoint Lesson and Printables ✎ Slides 2 – 3 Overview of Jamestown Colony and The Virginia Company. ✎ Slide 4 Jamestown’s location & reasons ✎ Slide 5 John Smith ✎ Slides 6 – 8 Chief Powhatan, The Powhatan Confederacy and Pocahontas ✎ Slides 9 –10 Indentured Servants and

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The Columbian Exchange (SS6H1b)
This file is a resource pack about the Columbian Exchange (as outlined by the Georgia Performance Standard – SS6H1b). This lesson includes a presentation with important facts and colorful images. There are also graphic organizers for note-taking during the presentation, an engaging and interactive r

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North Carolina Essential Standards 4th Grade Native American Project
My students love our Native American studies unit in fourth grade, but it is very hard to find information and projects which address our standards. Here is a great activity to introduce your kids to the different tribes of North Carolina. Attached you will find a 24 slide power point containing i

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Native American Culture Groupings {Bundle}
1. Presentation (54 Slides): This file contains the presentation in both PDF and PPT format. To view the PDF file as a presentation, select "view" and then click "full screen mode." 2. Guided Notes (4 pages, PDF Format): These fill-in-the-blank notes go along with the presentation. 3. Study Gui

Also included in: Social Studies Bundle


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Citizenship (US historical figures) /Power Point w/video clip
This powerpoint gives information about US historical figures that have show great citizenship. Included people are: Paul Revere, Abigail Adams, Sojourner Truth, The Navajo Code Talkers (with video clip), and WASPs (Women Air Force Service Pilots). This powerpoint follows 2nd grade Social Studies

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Powhatan Indians Introductory Powerpoint Lesson
This PowerPoint lesson goes over the 2nd grade Virginia SOL requirements. Students will learn about the region, climate, land, plant life of the Eastern Woodlands. They will also learn about the Powhatan Indian transportation, clothing, homes, contributions, and occupations.

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