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Native American Unit | Native Americans and Regions | Distance Learning
Native American Unit - This Native American Unit provides informational text and activities for 7 NATIVE AMERICAN REGIONS IN NORTH AMERICA.1. EASTERN WOODLANDS2. SOUTHEAST3. GREAT PLAINS4. SOUTHWEST5. NORTHWEST COAST6. ARCTIC 7. GREAT BASINFor distance learning: There is a separate student PDF.1. I

Also included in: American History U.S. History Mega Bundle Informational Text | Distance Learning


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Native American Tribe Research Report Project {NO PREP}
This recently updated classroom tested project will have your students learning a great deal of information about the peoples who inhabited the Americas before European exploration. This is a fully contained NO PREP project, meaning that you can copy it, hand it to the students, and they can run wi

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This Pilgrims, Wampanoag and the First Thanksgiving resource includes over 20 activities to teach about not only the Pilgrims, Wampanoags, and the First Thanksgiving, but also the Mayflower, Plimoth Colony, and more. There are suggested Pilgrim, Wampanoag and First Thanksgiving books, internet resea

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California Native Americans-Distance Learning
This comprehensive unit on the California Native American tribes is just for you! Activities include instructions, activity cards, graphic organizers, student examples, and a response/recording sheet if applicable. This 60+ page unit includes:1) Academic vocabulary cards2) Inquiry chart ideas and st

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Native American Activities | Distance Learning
This Unit was designed to teach young children about three different Native American tribes. There are booklets for the Iroquois, Sioux, and Hopi Tribes. Each booklet can be copied two per page. They come with assessment pieces and a writing page. There are directions on how to build a comparison

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Project Based Learning: Building a Colony in the New World
Project Based Learning: Building a Colony in the New World This Project Based Learning Bundle includes: ✎ Building A Colony in the New World Instruction Page ✎ Mapping Out the Colony Planning Page ✎ Map of the Colony (1 blank and 1 borders) ✎ Animal Research Instruction Page ✎ Animal Research Pag

Also included in: Project Based Learning: Colonial Bundle


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Native American Project-Create-A-Tribe: Social Studies
Hi Fellow Teachers! Thank you for viewing this product. This in-class project is a perfect way to wrap up a Native American Unit. Students are placed into groups made up of 3-4 students. Using what they know from the Native American study done in class, students are asked to create a NEW Native A

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Native American Regions Foldable Project
This creative project provides a fun and effective way of assessing student knowledge. The Native Americans Foldable, allows students to express their understanding of the Pacific Northwestern, East Woodlands, Great Plains, and Southwestern Native Americans. The students will write information about

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Native American Cultural Regions: Lapbook and Passages | Native American Project
If you teach about the seven U.S. Native American cultural regions, look no further! This 34 page download is a complete kit with black line masters and photo directions for making a Native American lapbook all about the seven cultural regions in the United States. Included in this kit is a full pag

Also included in: Social Studies BUNDLE: Interactive Kits


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Native American Writing Project
Students will create a construction paper Native American Indian to display their writing. Simple instructions, patterns, and writing template included. This will jazz up your Thanksgiving Bulletin Board or compliment an indepth study of Native Americans. This product is guaranteed to make kids, p

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Native American Diorama Project
Calling all Georgia 4th grade teachers! This project is for you (and others, of course). This Native American diorama project is all you need to send home with students. It focuses on the six regions/tribes that we cover in Georgia (or more specifically, Gwinnett county AKS)..Arctic (Inuit), Plai

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California Mission Drawing Guide
Every year my 4th grade students really enjoy drawing California Missions. I’ve discovered they do their best work when they focus on a simple front view, but that’s not always easy to find in photos. My solution was to make line drawings of each mission, on graph paper, so students could more easil

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History Crime Scene Investigation: The Lost Colony of Roanoke CSI
Want a great way for students to engage in a group activity while they examine maps, artifacts, primary sources, and solve a historical mystery? Download The Lost Colony of Roanoke CSI! This exciting activity can be used to challenge individual students or to encourage collaboration in groups of u

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Thanksgiving History Bag Book/Interactive Notebook Kit
This 34 page download is a complete kit with black line masters and step by step photo illustrations for making a paper bag book about the history of Thanksgiving with your students. This kit is designed for intermediate grades, with tools for completing an in-depth study of the history behind the P

Also included in: Social Studies BUNDLE: Interactive Kits


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Family Totem Pole Project- Digital and Print Versions
Students design and make this fun paper totem pole that represents their family. Both the digital and print versions are included. Students can complete the project at home with common household materials like a paper towel tube, construction paper, glue, and markers/crayons. This is a no-prep acti

Also included in: Native American Unit Activities Bundle


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California Social Studies Grade 4
NEW: I am in the process of adding digital activities for Google Slides to make it easier to use it for digital learning. It takes a while to do each pack, so I will add them as I finish! So far I have added:Geography of Your StateCalifornia RegionsMexican-American WarGold RushMissions and Rancho

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Native American Project Based Choice Board for 4th and 5th grades!
NATIVE AMERICAN PROJECT BASED LEARNING CHOICE BOARD! Students will differentiate on their own and demonstrate active learning when they utilize this engaging choice board to compliment any Native American unit of study! Each project is given a point value and students will select activities that wi

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Native American Regions Flip Book
Make a mini book about the Native American Regions. Great for lapbook projects or interactive notebooks, too! This mini book can be used for any collection of Native American Regions your class studies. The map on the front cover includes these regions: Arctic, Sub-Arctic, Northwest, Plateau, Pl

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Native American Regions- Projects Bundle
This bundle include the following resources: - Native Americans of the Great Plains - Native Americans of the Northwest Coast - Native Americans of the Southwest Project - Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands In this bundle you will receive: - 16 Non-Fiction Texts - 4 Writing Prompts (Respo

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Thanksgiving Costume Patterns, Native American Symbols and Placemat
THANKSGIVING COSTUME PATTERNS and DIRECTIONS ...with BONUS PLACEMAT: 1) Pilgrim Girl Hat and Collar 2) Pilgrim Boy Hat and Collar 3) Native American Indian Vest Directions using Grocery Bags Includes Step by Step Directions, Photos and Tips 4) 5 Pages of Reproducible Symbols to Decorate Ves

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Native American Class Project & Presentation: Create a class museum!
Easy and ready to use unit project!In this project, students put together a 'Native American Museum' by each creating an 'artifact.' They must choose a tribe and a specific fact (ex: The IROQUOIS Indians lived in LONGHOUSES). They then will choose a project to do from the list provided (some project

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Iroquois Longhouse Project/Packet with Rubric: Non-Fiction Reading Included
A fourth grade, take-home, build your own longhouse project. The description, sample pictures, and the rubric for the project are all included. Students are asked to build their own Haudenosaunee longhouse and write an essay describing the native structure and their building process. Packet inclu

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Native American Stations and STEM CHALLENGE
Hands on, memorable, unique Native American Station activities that celebrate history and culture. These stations are designed to enrich our students with the Native American culture by teaching them the importance of several Native American staples such as dreamcatchers, pinch pots, drums, and more

Also included in: FALL Activities Bundle


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Totem Pole Power Point
This connects with the writing activity or can stand well alone as a brief summary of totem poles.

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