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Native American Unit - Native Americans and Regions - Native American Projects
Native American Unit ★★★ BEST SELLER ON TPT ★★★This Native American Unit keeps students motivated with engaging activities to learn about 7 NATIVE AMERICAN REGIONS IN NORTH AMERICA.1. EASTERN WOODLANDS2. SOUTHEAST3. GREAT PLAINS4. SOUTHWEST5. NORTHWEST COAST6. ARCTIC 7. GREAT BASINWith so many sta

Also included in: American History U.S. History Mega Bundle with Informational Text

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Doodle Foldables -Social Studies WHOLE YEAR 21 Interactive Notebook BUNDLE
Whole Year BUNDLE SET with 21 doodle foldables!I sell each of these doodle folds of the chapters separately for $2 (and give one away for free) so this bundle would cost $40 but it's bundled here for HUGE savings at $19.60.NEW and UPDATED! I added color to all the files and also powerpoints to show
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California Native Americans
Do you need a fun and engaging unit on the California Native American tribes? Then this COMPLETE and comprehensive unit on the California Native American tribes is just for you! Activities include instructions, activity cards, student examples, and a response/recording sheet if applicable. This 60 p
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Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, & Mesoamerica Unit Bundle: 9 fun lessons for Mesoamerica!
Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, & Mesoamerica Unit Bundle: 9 fun lessons for Mesoamerica! In this Mesoamerica Unit Bundle, you will receive 9 fun, hands-on, and Common Core focused resources to teach the Inca, Aztec, and Maya Empires! Buy this bundle and save considerably over purchasing each lesson se
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Westward Expansion UNIT Bundle
Westward Expansion 3-Week UNIT: This unit includes 3-week formal lesson plans (no prep print), 12 leveled reading passages, reader's theater, hands-on activity, hands-on game, hands-on simulation, and set of guided notes. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Native Americans
Are you looking for a complete Native Americans Unit? Our Native Americans unit focuses on four regions of the Eastern Woodlands, Southwest, Northwest Coast, and the Plains Indian tribes. The packet contains worksheet-based activities, game boards, quizzes, and large-scale projects Putting it all to
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Native American Report for 3rd - 6th Grade
This Native American Report is a 19 page complete unit, which allows students to use higher level thinking skills to locate important information and create a research report highlighting their new knowledge. Everything you will need to organize the unit is included.This unit includes:Student Projec
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Iroquois Unit - Eastern Woodland Native Americans of New York State
This is a comprehensive unit on the Iroquois, Eastern Woodland Native Americans. Included you will find lesson plans, worksheets, posters, writing prompts, quizzes, final projects ideas, rubrics, and more. The materials in this unit can be used to supplement your current social studies unit or can
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Native Americans of North America [Google Classroom Compatible]
Engage your students in an interactive learning unit with this google classroom compatible Native American social studies resource. You will find both "ready-to-go" lesson plans as well as lesson plans that allow you to customize them to meet your classroom and curriculum needs. The unit will cover
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Social Studies WHOLE YEAR 20 INB Vocabulary Sets BUNDLE
Whole Year BUNDLE SET with 20 Vocabulary SETS by science doodles! All content is aligned to the History Alive Social Studies book. One vocabulary set for each chapter. These are all sized to fit perfectly in an interactive notebook. Save yourself tons of time and use this introduce and teach vocabu
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Ontario Gr. 5 Social Studies, Strand A Heritage and  Identity Part 1
Indigenous People and Europeans Prior to 1713, Part One: Before the Explorers is a Grade 5-7 social studies unit created to support student learning about the early origins of this country. This inquiry-based unit (previously called First Nations & Europeans in New France and Early Canada), w

Also included in: Ontario Gr. 5 Social Studies Strand A: Heritage and Identity Bundle

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Native Americans Bundle! 5 Lessons for Native American Tribes, Regions, Culture!
Native Americans Bundle! 5 Lessons for Native American Tribes, Regions, Culture! In this Native Americans Bundle, you receive 5 lessons to accompany any unit on Native American culture, tribes, regions, government, and more! This bundle is priced to save you significantly over buying each lesson s
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First Thanksgiving Unit for Kindergarten and First Grade
Sail on the Mayflower and experience life as a Pilgrim and Native American during this first Thanksgiving unit for kindergarten and first grade! The week-long comprehensive unit includes detailed daily lesson plans with literature suggestions. It incorporates reading, writing, math, history, handwr
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American Indian Unit Bundle - Hopi, Inuit, Kwakiutl, Pawnee, Seminole, Nez Perce
This American Indian unit bundle includes everything you need to teach your students about the 7 tribes: Hopi, Inuit, Kwakiutl, Pawnee, Seminole, Iroquois and Nez Perce. Includes: American Indian Important Info Note Chart American Indian Classroom Posters - Set of 7 American Indian PowerPoint a
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Native Americans Unit {Compatible with the 2nd-5th Grade Classroom}
I have searched and searched for some Native American supplemental materials for my classroom. So many of the resources available are Native Americans and Thanksgiving tied into one. Because Thanksgiving is not apart of my state's standards, I decided to create this unit: All Things Native Americans
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Andrew Jackson: Trail of Tears, Bank War, Nullification, Corrupt Bargain, & More
Andrew Jackson: Trail of Tears, Bank War, Nullification, Corrupt Bargain, & More!The Age of Jackson Unit is included in the much larger Andrew Jackson Bundle, located here:Age of Jackson Bundle! 3 activities for Andrew Jackson! Engaging, Fun & Focused!----------------------------------In thi
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Native Americans No-Prep Unit
Native Americans Unit: Completely revised for the new school year with more that 20 new pages and interactive activities added!!! Keep your students engaged with this Native American unit! Native American regions included in this unit are: Northwest Coast California Intermountain Plains Southwest N

Also included in: Native American BUNDLE

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Blood on the River Unit Common Core Aligned
Blood on the River! An engaging book written by Elisa Carbone about the adventures of the new world and the Jamestown settlement. This book is perfect for 4-7 grade students. Your students will LOVE this book and all of the activities and discussions included. EVERYTHING you will need to complete
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Florida Native Americans Text and Activities
Supplement your Social Studies curriculum with these nonfiction passages about Florida Native Americans . These passages and graphic organizers are perfect for whole group and ELA centers. For easy compare and contrast, passages include similar information for each tribe such as food, housing, pr

Also included in: Florida History Bundle

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Georgia Creek Indian Unit
This week long bundle of worksheets is for Georgia Creek Indians. (Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Our State Georgia). The student will describe the Georgia Creek cultures of the past in terms of Location, Towns, Houses, Food, Clothing, & Medicine Day 1 - Where the Creek Indians Lived -Compre
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Jamestown Colony Bundle:  Close Read, Image Sort, and Fort Investigation!
Jamestown Colony Bundle: Close Read, Sequencing, and Fort Investigation!This Jamestown Colony mini-unit is included in the much larger 13 Colonies Unit, located here:The 13 Colonies Unit!Purchase the bundle and save over 25%!---------------------------------------------------The Colony at Jamestown
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Native Americans of Indiana Close Reading Passages
NO PREP, PRINT AND GO Close Reading passages that focus on Native Americans of Indiana - now you can teach Social Studies during Reading! In this bundle, there are 4 passages that have questions to go with each passage. Each passage is two pages. Questions are modeled after reading ISTEP questions
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Settling the Colonies - 1600s-1700s {TN 4th Grade Social Studies Standards}
The New World was a place of hope. People flocked from all over to seek economical opportunities, freedom of religious worship, and political freedom. It was a brilliant and dark time. The settling of the colonies was the beginning of uprisings and wars with the Native Americans. Entitlement drove b

Also included in: Nikki's Bundle

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Age of Exploration Unit - PPTs, Worksheets, Project, Lesson Plans+Test
Age of Exploration Complete Unit Bundled (New Product) includes Age of Exploration PowerPoints with video and presenter notes. Unit also includes, warm up PowerPoints, informational text documents with questions, primary source lessons, map, exit tickets, Explorer Scrapbook Project, crossword review
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