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Oral Communication Resources

41,555 results

The M&M Game

Created by
Downeast Teach
*NOW EDITABLE! This is a fun activity to do in the early days of school. My students love it and always want to play it more than once. Basically, each student has a mini-bag of M&M’s and, depending on which color they draw out, they tell different things about themselves. Students first play in a large group with the visual display on the SMART Board, and then return to their table groups to play in small groups.*UPDATED* Now includes an editable version, and comes with paper “candy” if you

Back to School Activity - Would You Rather Game!

Would You Rather Silly Question PowerPoint GameNo prep! Whew! This 45 slide presentation is great as an icebreaker or a brief moment between activities during the first few weeks of school. You'll learn who would rather travel 2000 years into the past or the future, and give students a chance to explain their reasoning. This presentation includes: • Ideas for using presentation• Student instructions for play • 40 questions (32 silly/interesting and 8 school/mindset related)We love this activi

Morning Meeting Discussion Cards

Created by
Hello Fifth
Do you want to build a class community that is based on trust, communication, and relationships? Morning meetings are a great way to accomplish all of that and more.This product includes over 210 cards that can be used as discussion starters each day. They are grouped according to month and there are 18 cards per month.These cards can be placed on a ring, in a box, or attached to a front board.Included in this product:216 discussion cards that will encourage peer conversationMorning Meeting po

First Day of School Stations - Back to School Activities - Print & Digital

Using stations on the first day of school sets the tone for the year. Show students that they will be engaged in hands-on learning and collaborating with classmates in your classroom. These stations, some group tasks and some independent tasks, can be completed in a single class period or used throughout the first week of school depending on the number of stations you choose to include, the length of your class periods, and the length of time you want to give students to work at each station.The

Mega Fluency Packet for Speech and Language Therapy

Created by
Speechy Musings
This engaging resource targeting fluency and stuttering for speech therapy includes visuals, printables, homework, self-advocacy scenarios, handouts, informal assessment tools, and more!The speech tools targeted are: slow rate, full breath, pausing, stretchy speech, light contact and easy onset.This packet helps your students in identifying their speech into 1 of 3 levels: bumpy, using speech tools, or smooth.There are visuals for the following types of disfluencies: repetition, block, interject

Readers Workshop Unit 1 - Blasting Off by Kim Adsit and Michele Scannell

Created by
Kim Adsit
Are you ready to have your children "Blast Off" in Reading? Then, this is the unit for you! Kim has teamed up with her partner Michele Scannell to write the first unit in their Reading Workshop Series. This unit contains a monthly spreadsheet for the month, a weekly overview and prep sheet for each of the 4 weeks, 20 mini lessons written in ready to use lesson plan form, 6 anchor charts with all the pieces made and ready to reproduce, a student anchor chart notebook with anchor charts photos in

Accountable Talk {Talking Stems, Bookmarks, Mini-Folders, Desktags, BB}

Created by
Joanne Miller
Get your students talking with this Accountable Talk resource! Accountable Talk is focused, collaborative talk meant to deepen and extend students’ thinking about a topic. Students respond to and further develop what other students have said. The more they talk, the more the learn! There are many benefits for promoting student talk in your classroom: Student led discussions, increases engagement and student accountability, promotes active classroom participation, evidence based support for disc

Discussion Starters for Class Meetings | Journals | Writing

Use these discussion starters as part of morning meeting, a writing center, work on writing, partner work, morning work, or as writing prompts.Included are 108 discussion starters, as well as 9 blank cards that you can use to create your own. There are 9 prompts per page in black and white which makes for easy printing.UPDATED 2/4/18 to include a digital version of each card which are perfect for projecting in your classroom. The digital discussion starters are easy to read, but include a colorf

Discussion Question Cards - Building Classroom Community

Created by
Jodi Southard
These question cards will allow your students to work on higher order thinking skills as they use critical thinking and problem solving skills to discuss their answers. This packet includes 100 different questions that are perfect for classroom discussions. I use these every day during our Morning Meeting, but they are also perfect to place on a metal ring and use when we find ourselves with a couple of extra minutes. These higher order thinking questions will help your students to develop th

Back To School Drama Circle Activity

Created by
Runde's Room
Drama Activity Circles are such a fun way to practice oral reading fluency, reading with expression, elements of drama, listening skills, following instructions, and performance skills, all in one fun Back to School activity! This drama activity will get your students excited about the first days of school. It has a similar format to the “I Have / Who Has” Games and will have your students begging to perform it over and over again.Each drama card is similar to a task card in that it has an instr

Articulation Cans | a speech therapy DIY you'll use forever

Created by
Mia McDaniel
Are you and your students tired of flipping cards? This just may change your SLP life! Want to spice up your articulation drill? Then this resource is for you! These cans and sticks came about because using the same old articulation cards was getting old. I switched to cans full of tongue depressors that contain target sounds {pictures} on them to use for therapy, and they immediately changed my students' engagement in therapy! They can change yours, too! Many SLPs use this resource for language

Book Talk Oral Book Assignment

Created by
Runde's Room
With a book talk you can lose the traditional book report and still hold your students accountable for their independent reading. Having your students complete book talks helps them practice their oral speaking skills and allows other students in the class to hear about (and get excited about) other books. This resource includes a student guideline sheet, graphic organizer, student success criteria checklist, peer evaluation form, and full teacher rubric.*** This resource is also included in

Speech Therapy Toolbox: Speech Sounds & Syllable Shapes Hands on Program

Created by
Texas Speech Mom
A "one-stop-shop" using oversized visuals and easy to understand verbal cues for young children during remediation for articulation, apraxia, and phonological processes. Includes easy to understand Oversized speech mouth visuals, isolation targeted drills, speech sound syllable webs, "act it out" cards, and syllable shape visual drills CV, VC, CVC. This toolbox is perfect for initial and final consonant deletion.Included:- 20 oversized speech mouth visual cues: each speech sound has a large spee

Readers Workshop Unit 3 Digging Deeper by Kim Adsit and Michele Scannell

Created by
Kim Adsit
Are you ready to have your children "Digging Deeper" into Reading? Then, this is the unit for you! Kim has teamed up with her partner Michele Scannell to write the third unit in their Reading Workshop Series. This unit contains an overview of the month, a monthly spreadsheet, a weekly overview and prep sheet for each of the 4 weeks, 20 mini lessons written in ready to use lesson plan form, 3 anchor charts with all the pieces made and ready to reproduce, a student anchor chart notebook with ancho

Life Skills - Yes or No Question Task Cards {Is this a...} for Special Education

Are you looking to teach your children the meaning of yes and no and extend their understanding of basic concepts and simple questions?? These are important early literacy skills and this set is perfect for that! You'll get 54 yes/no question task cards that all begin with "Is this a...." and uses real photos and basic daily vocabulary. Also included is a Yes and No sorting mat, Yes and No response signs, and Yes and No labels for sorting bins/containers. A must-have for the Autism or ID classro

Inferencing Paragraphs Card Deck

Created by
Peachie Speechie
Paragraphs with questions to target inferencing skills! This product includes 30 paragraphs and 30 accompanying answer cards that explain the clues in the paragraph and talk the student through the process of making an inference. That's 60 cards total! Because of the accompanying answer cards, this product can easily be used for centers or independent practice or group work. Great for small groups during speech therapy sessions. This product targets inferencing skills without visual support, so

Readers Workshop Unit 2 - Powerful Partnerships by Kim Adsit & Michele Scannell

Created by
Kim Adsit
Trying to get your kiddos to talk about books with each other? Then, this is the unit for you! Kim has teamed up with her partner Michele Scannell again to write the second unit in their Reading Workshop Series. This unit contains an overview of the unit, a mini lesson spreadsheet for the month, a weekly overview and prep sheet for each of the 4 weeks, 20 mini lessons written in ready to use lesson plan form, ideas for starting small groups, shopping for books, and deciding on partnerships, 4 an

Question Formulation Maps - Targets Grammar, Language, and Social Skills

Created by
Speechy Musings
These WH question maps are perfect for students who need to work on grammar, question formulation, conversational turn-taking, or social language! The entire packet works wonderfully with students who use AAC devices, and the first level can be used easily with students who are nonverbal as they can point to the words to organize them into questions.This packet is divided into 2 sections which are leveled. Section/level 1 is the basic level and requires your students to rearrange given words int

Articulation Menus for Speech Therapy - Great for carryover and conversation!

Created by
Speechy Musings
Is articulation therapy getting a little dry and boring? Want a fun way to target language, social skills, and articulation? Check out these articulation menus! They're a super fun way to target specific speech sounds!Each page looks like a menu, but the name of the restaurant, the location, and the menu items all contain bombardment of the indicated speech sound. There are 18 menus included!!Working on initial /s/? Head on over to Sal's Silly Subs and see the famous Sally Sub!Two worksheets and

End of the Day Closing Circle Reflection Cards - UPDATED 1/15/17!!

UPDATED 1/15/17: This product now includes 44 questions instead of 28. I have also added cut lines based on a buyer's suggestion!! You can simply re-download if you already own this product! NEW! Fall add-on pack can be found here: the end of the day I gather my students in a circle on the carpet for our closing circle. A closing circle is a great way for students and teachers to refle

Turning the Question Around to Answer in Complete Sentences (Test Prep & More!)

Created by
Are you tired of your students giving one or two word answers? This product includes one interactive class activity and two worksheets for practice and assessment to help students lose the question word, move the verb, switch personal pronouns, and use the question to formulate their answers in complete sentences. This is a perfect lesson to include in your test prep, or anytime you want your students to write their answers in complete sentences! Following your test prep lesson, students will

Articulation Stories

Created by
Speech Time Fun
Not only is this resource no prep, but it is also able to be used for more than just articulation practice! A long list of sounds are targeted by the stories in this product, and there are a wealth of skills and concepts targeted, such as summarizing, sequencing, WH- questions, and more!***************************************************************************What awesome resources are included?★ Each page contains a story bombarded with an articulation target sound.★ A visual on how to produce

Big Picture Scenes: Wh- Question Cards + BOOM Cards! + NO PRINT/Digital PDF

Created by
Cat Says Meow
This product includes 44 printable cards, a new Boom Card* option, and a NO Print PDF option. I have also added a NEW set: Big Picture Scenes 2: Includes 18 new scenes, click here to view.Each card has a beautiful illustration and 5 to 8 questions, which include a mixture of: wh- questions, logical questions, inferences, predictions, and/or personal questions. See the preview for examples.The student is to verbally answer the questions.If you have any problems printing, try checking "Print As Im

AAC CORE Vocabulary Starter Kit For Special Education & Students With Autism

The perfect low-tech AAC starter kit for students who are non-verbal or have limited verbal expressive language! Students with communication needs benefit from visual supports to functionally communicate. This AAC starter kit for Special Education & students with Autism is perfect for students needing to improve their ability to greet, request items, make comments, initiate questions and more! Designed to promote AAC implementation and support communication in nonverbal students. This visual
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