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Other (Social Studies - History) Resources

76,341 results

Map Skills Unit - Maps & Globes Activities - Types of Maps

Created by
Melissa Mazur
This no-prep map skills unit includes both vocabulary reference posters and activity pages on many different topics. These activities are an engaging way for students to develop their skills and practice reading maps. *UPDATE* You can now share this with your students digitally!This resource was created using Google Slides. You must have a Google email for use. Each section can be assigned in Google Classrooms. It is ideal for distance learning. I also include the print file so you can have a

Maps & Globes 7 Continents & Oceans Landforms Map Skills Activities

Created by
Shelly Rees
Interactive Notebooks are a wonderful tool for providing hands-on experiences for learners. This Maps, Continents, and Landforms Interactive Notebook is no exception! The packet is easy to use for both student and teacher. ✅ Click HERE to SAVE 20% on this resource with the Maps, Continents, and Landforms unit and poster bundle!✅ Click HERE to SAVE even more by buying ALL 15 Social Studies Interactive Notebooks and Mini Units in one Year-Long Bundle.Click on the PREVIEW button above to see all t

Christmas Around the World Powerpoint Presentations

Want to try other Christmas Around the World activities? Check out these ESCAPE ROOMS!This file contains 9 Powerpoints to enrich your study of Christmas Holidays Around the World. Please know that it is not possible to include every fact about every holiday in every country. These fun supplemental PowerPoints provide info on the Santa figure for each country as well as traditional foods, traditions for each country, and decorations. Each PPT is between 3 and 5 minutes long if you use my pre-

Grade 3 Social Studies Communities in Early Canada 1780–1850 PRINTABLE & DIGITAL

Grade 3 Ontario Social Studies unit: Early Canada 1780-1850. The unit includes photos of artifacts, mapping connections, research organizers and more to cover the Ontario Curriculum. IMPORTANT UPDATE! March 7, 2021 a large portion of the unit was changed. Please reprint and discontinue use of the previous version. This item is frequently updated, so please check back frequently for further updates! **Last update July 25, 2022** Now Includes Google Slides!* DID SOMEONE SAY *DIGITAL*! Newly update

Revolutionary War - American Revolution - GOOGLE - Distance Learning

Created by
Rockin Resources
This extensive REVOLUTIONARY WAR BUNDLE is 3 units combined!★ Revolutionary War Causes- Road to Revolution★ Revolutionary War Battles and Events★ Revolutionary War PeoplePLUS an added POSTER PROJECT AND INFORMATIONAL TEXT BOOKLETS!!!There are detailed lesson plans that take you through 8 weeks of teaching the Revolutionary War. Having it bundled together, you save, save, save! There is no need for a textbook. With all the informational text, teaching slides or posters, variety of activities/ski

Little Social Studies Thinkers UNIT 4: My Community /Kindergarten Social Studies

Created by
Karen Jones
Little Social Studies Thinkers is a complete curriculum specifically for Kindergarten.  It's everything you need to introduce, teach, practice, and assess your kinder friends.  It is cross-referenced and aligned to the main topics of Kindergarten Social Studies Standards. -------------------GET THE FULL YEAR-LONG CURRICULUM HERE--------------------Little Social Studies Thinkers FULL YEAR CURRICULUM for KINDERGARTENUNIT 4: My Community teaches students about different types of communities and p

My Community Scrapbook

Created by
Sarah Cooley
**UPDATED FILE--8/4/15**Learning about community will be an interactive and memorable experience as your students create a keepsake scrapbook full of their own drawings, magazine cut outs, photos, and more!Activities and pages included in this rockin' project:1. Adorable cover page :)2. "On the Map"--students will glue a map of their state or draw their state, and label their city.3. "Home Sweet Home"--students will learn to memorize their home address as they write it on the envelope and add

Long Ago & Now Compare & Contrast Life Today Then & Now Social Studies BUNDLE

Through this Long Ago and Today Social Studies unit, students learn how their lives relate to people and events long ago. Students compare and contrast life long ago to life today. Text pages include information about school long ago. The engaging activities also foster a strong home and school connection.The Then and Now unit includes► Vocabulary cards in two formats (BUNDLE ONLY)► An in-depth article with fact sorting, comprehension questions, and QR codes► Mini-book that supports the article

Map Skills Project Based Learning Pirate Treasure Map w/ Landforms & Communities

Need to assess your students' map skills in a fun engaging way? This project-based learning activity assesses elementary student map skills by having them bury their pirate treasure! Students become actively engaged in designing their own island and mapping the route to X Marks the Spot! A great resource for teaching and assessing basic map skills in your social studies classroom! This pirate project includes landforms and community services to make a comprehensive map assessment.This map skill

Latitude and Longitude

This interactive Social Studies lesson engages your students in note-taking of important concepts and lets them use their creativity to show what they have learned!▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS RESOURCE?⇨ 10-page PowerPoint Presentation: Show a vibrant Powerpoint to your students to introduce concepts like longitude, latitude, grid map, coordinates, Prime Meridian, International Dateline, and Equator. ⇨ Accompanying Worksheets: As you engage them in this powerp

Map Skills Worksheets - Types of Maps, Cardinal Directions, Scale, Reading Maps

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
This pack of activities for Grades 2 - 4 includes 28 pages of thoughtfully designed printables to engage your students while they practice these basic concepts. You’ll find these ready-to-use pages to be easy to implement and thorough in scope. This resource includes opportunities for your students to acquire information from a variety of maps, to use map elements including the compass rose and scale, and to create their own maps within a defined (and easy to use) set of directions. There’s j

5 Themes of Geography Stations Activity | Five Themes of Geography Lesson

In this Five Themes of Geography stations and student activity, students analyze the five themes of geography (location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region) to understand how geographers study the world!This lesson begins with students doing an introductory reading and activity on the five themes of geography. Then, students navigate between five stations as they learn how the five themes (location, place, movement, interaction, region) work together to create the study

Communities Change Over Time | Past and Present | Then and Now | Social Studies

The local community serves as the focal point for third grade as students begin to understand how their communities have changed over time and to make comparisons with communities in other places. The study of local history comes alive through the use of artifacts and documents.This is the PRINTABLE VERSION, the DIGITAL VERSION is available here.In this unit you will find:• Then and Now Interview Assignment: Students will interview an adult about the past and answer questions about their own lif

Biography Research Historical Figures QR Codes - Report Writing Templates

Are your students struggling to find information on famous historical figures for their biography reports? Do you have technology in your classroom to help in their research, but aren't sure if they will find the right websites? The QR Codes for Biography Research Reports are what you need. No longer will students struggle with finding enough information, or writing their biography report, on their chosen historical figure.Included in this Biography Research Resource:► 25 colorful pages of his

Greek Mythology Readers Theater

Created by
This Greek Mythology resource provides an opportunity for dialogue reading practice. You'll have no problem getting readers to re-read for fluency when they are engaged with these scripts. Plus, you can cover your fourth grade Mythology CC standards.This Greek Mythology resource includes a set of four different stories. Each story includes a script, a one-page summary of the story, a character profile worksheet and name cards. A Greek Mythology name pronunciation page is also included.UPDATE

Why Study History? Primary Source Analysis for US History and World History

In this Why Study History primary source activity lesson, students understand the value of studying history by examining the words of 12 influential people from US History (American History) and World History. This Why Study History resource is an outstanding way to start your year as it promotes critical thinking, requires analysis, and sets the framework for studying history and social studies throughout your school year. Students understand the importance of studying history by examining th

Colonial America & 13 Colonies EDITABLE Interactive Notebook U.S. History

Support upper elementary students’ reading skills with this Colonial America Interactive Notebook. This editable unit is a complete study of the 13 Colonies in American history. It includes interactive activities, maps, timeline, vocabulary, graphic organizers, and assessment.Students study early English Settlements, such as Roanoke, then learn about the development and history of the colonies in the three Colonial regions. This interactive notebook includes activities, maps, and organizers on

Map Skills and Cardinal Directions Task Cards

Cardinal Directions Task Cards are used to reinforce the skills students need to know for reading maps, using cardinal directions, and learning geography skills. This task card set uses the cardinal directions north, south, east, and west. Students will use the map ‘Bentley Community Map’ to answer the 20 task cards. There is a recording sheet and an answer key provided. Task Cards are great to use in the classroom for:• Independent Practice• Scoot• Test Prep• Collaborative Pairs• Whole-Group As

Rules and Laws Social Studies Unit

RECENTLY REDONE AND UPDATED! This unit features 5 activities about the rules and laws in our community. It could be used anywhere from Kindergarten up to 2nd or even 3rd grade. Included in this set: -Posters with definitions -Rules and laws bubble map- Students give several examples of each -Writing piece- What would your community be like without laws? -Rules and laws tree map- Cut and sort pictures of laws and rules. -Rules at home, rules at school, and laws flipbook.

French and Indian War Doodle Notes and Digital Guided Notes

Created by
History Gal
These French and Indian War doodle notes summarize the causes, major battles, and effects of the war.What's included with the printed Doodle Notes:*Teacher directions (2 pages)*French and Indian War doodle notes with blanks for students to fill in and color as you cover the information on the handout. (2 pages)*Fill-in-the-blank version for students who have difficulty with note taking. (2 pages)*Completed version of French and Indian War doodle notes for ELL students or students with learning d

Map Skills Interactive Reader for Maps, Globes, Directions and more

Created by
Lindsay Keegan
These map skills worksheets are so much fun for young learners. Use this interactive mini-reader to help reinforce your student's understanding of maps, globes, cardinal directions, land, water and more!This map skills book can be used across several lessons and is perfect for whole group, small group or center activities.Each page has information about map skills and tasks for students to complete to help them show their understanding of the topic.Map Skills included in this interactive reader

Simply Social Studies First Grade - Unit 2 Families & Communities

Created by
Cara Carroll
****SIMPLY SOCIAL STUDIES - FIRST GRADE **** UNIT 2 - Families & Communities What is Simply Social Studies all about? Simply Social Studies is a Social Studies curriculum that covers grade appropriate concepts and objectives for First Grade. (Kindergarten is also available and can be found HERE). What's included in this unit of Simply Social Studies? This unit of Simply Social Studies includes detailed lesson plans with ELA and Math extensions & suggestions, book suggestions, craftivi

Ancient Mesopotamia Interactive Notebook 6th Grade Ancient History Activities

Created by
This comprehensive Social Studies Interactive Notebook enhances your students' understanding of Ancient Mesopotamia. Containing both print and digital versions, this resource covers Sumer, city-states, ziggurats, Hammurabi's Code, and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Engage your students with interactive cut and paste activities, maps, timelines, and more.Ancient Mesopotamia for Interactive Social Studies Notebook {Paper & Digital Versions Included!}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colo

Wants and Needs

Created by
Across the Hall
The concepts of "wants" and "needs" are important for kids to learn early on, and this activity pack is exactly what you need to teach this lesson! It's designed for the primary grades, although it can be used in the upper grades, as well. Your students will have a blast! Download the preview for details! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● What resources did I include in this product for you? ⬟ Template for genie bottle (wants) ⬟ Template for heart (needs) ⬟
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