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This is a 3-day project (for 50-minute classes) that is broken into two parts - first researching the cuisines of 3 different Spanish-speaking countries (Spain, Mexico, Peru), and then creating an authentic restaurant menu on powerpoint incorporating these foods. Students learn that most of the Spa
This is a 5-day (for 50-minute classes) unit that teaches days of the week, months of the year, and seasons so that students can state the date in Spanish, as well as what season each month falls into. This unit culminates in a project in which students make a 12-month calendar in Spanish. They le
This is a 3-day project (for 50-minute classes) that reinforces Spanish 1 clothing vocabulary as well as "cuesta/n" and numbers with seasons vocabulary. Students create their own "fashion magazine label" with clothing for all seasons on powerpoint. It could easily be modified to also include color
This is a 3-day (for 50-minute classes) project for clothing and colors vocabulary. Students use manila folders, scissors, glue, colored pencils or markers, and fabric to clothe their own fashion models. They then write a paragraph in Spanish on what their model is wearing and also write about oth
This project is a student favorite! It's a PowerPoint using the imperfect to talk about what life was like during childhood. Requirements include likes and dislikes, use of all 3 irregulars, and descriptions of personality, appearance and behavior. Students love to hear about and see photos of th
This editable Spanish project is great for a Spanish 2 class after a vacation, or to start the year with some review of el pretérito in Spanish 3! Students are prompted to describe a recent vacation using the preterite tense. Rubric and student checklist included.Editable Spanish Preterite Tense Min
Students will be assigned one of the Mexican cities on the map (included in download).They will then make a beautiful brochure to lure tourists to that city.Criteria:-Include pictures and descriptions of three tourist attractions in the city.-Identify three restaurants in the city that they'd recomm
Want to learn how to use Google Tour Builder, one of Google's NEWEST and GREATEST APPS?! Google Tour Builder is FREE! This curriculum will walk you through the steps of creating a google tour. Then, you can use this curriculum to create a google tour with your students. One of the greatest aspects o
This is a useful template for having children practice writing to a friend in Spain, Mexico or whichever region you are studying!
14 pages of Spanish rubrics designed and built around different project ideas. Each one is unique and modifiable depending on the project variances that you would like to incorporate. Hopefully these will save you some time instead of having to create your own rubric. For some I try to create a p
A beautiful way to get the ball rolling in your classroom learning and refreshing content! The first version is an all about me, where the student has to include information such as age, birthday, where he/she lives, favorite things, family, friends, and a photo/drawing of him/herself! The secon
Get your students into the spirit of teacher appreciation while also practicing and showing off what they have learned. This letter-writing activity for Spanish class is perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher Appreciation Day or for any time of the year. This one-day writing activity would b
Gifted Projects for 2nd grade. You can let them choose which one they want to complete.
This adjectives poem for Spanish class is an acrostic poem which uses the names of students' mothers as the base of the poem along with descriptive characteristics and gustar. This poem is a great way to assess students' skills with vocabulary usage, noun-adjective agreement, article usage, etc. aft
This is the assignment sheet and rubric for a menu in Spanish. Students do this as a final project after a unit on food and using descriptive adjectives. The students have to list foods in various categories and describe them while designing a menu for a restaurant they create. They later make a sk
This is a self led research project for students that will be exploring new cultures. Students will select a culture from around the world to research and present information about. Students will use a Tic-Tac-Toe style board to select the types of presentations they would like to create to demonstr
This assignment includes four different culture choice boards for the Spanish classroom. Students can pick and choose their activities based on the options provide. For each board, their is a list of 12 activities; 4 worth 20 points, 4 worth 40 points and 4 worth 60. Most activities are to be do
This project allows your students to incorporate the R. 3 Ch.7 supernatural vocabulary AND the subjunctive with doubt, all at the same time! In pairs, students debate the existence of various mysterious beings and places (it gives them a list to choose from.. El Yeti, los extraterrestres, Atlantida
This project gives students a chance to write using their knowledge of past tense/preterite verbs. Students will write about an imaginary vacation and then create a 'postcard' from their location about their trip. Includes instructions for non-native and native speakers both, so you can differentiat
This editable project is a great assessment for a Spanish 1 class in middle or high school. Students are prompted to design a character and create a visual presentation to introduce them. They will use Spanish subject pronouns, ser, adjectives, gustar, and the present tense of AR verbs (or more!) St
Choice board focusing on different learning styles and interests including: art, tech, text, music, social media, puzzles, ordering, and authentic resources. This choice board was designed around a Personal Care Routines unit, but can be modified to fit the quantity and context of your unit. Inc
This project is one that I used for my Spanish I and II students, and that my colleague was also able to use for her Spanish III and IV students. Our students LOVED this project. The project encourages students to create their own Spanish island that must incorporate elements of real Spanish-speaki
This PowerPoint document gives clear instructions and examples for the 3 part preterite verb life timeline project and presentation. Students are assessed on their rough drafts, final project and oral presentation. This assignment allows students to share their own life events through the use of re
This vacation project page removes the need for parents to ask for class work packages to complete on the family holiday. It has tasks that can be done away from the classroom and are more meaningful to the student. It covers a variety of curriculum areas that are high interest and links directly to

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