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This Decimal Sort Game will build fluency for word form, unit form, and expanded form with decimal numbers in a fun and exciting way! What's included? ⇒Game Implementation Guide⇒10 unique game mats⇒10 Decks of 16 Decimal Cards (160 total cards) ⇒Answer Key Each student is given a unique game mat an
This resource beginning of the year activities provide an opportunity for children to practice number recognition and to create a solid foundation of number sense. This packet includes 175 clip cards that are perfect for counting unit. These are the great addition to any primary education and numera
This Rounding Sort includes 10 unique games sets that will quickly build fluency for rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten, hundred or thousand. What's Included? ⇒Game Implementation Guide⇒10 unique game mats⇒10 Decks of 16 Number Cards (160 total cards) ⇒Answer KeyEach student is given a uniqu
Each 8.5"x 14" place value decimals chart / mat can be used to introduce the concept of decimal place values, adding and subtracting decimals, and identifying the decimal numeric and fraction values of the places. Materials included: - 7 decimal mats with decimal point, with whole number places fro
I created these student workbooks to reinforce the bead bar work that was done in the Montessori classroom. These booklets reinforce number identification, counting, place value, comparing, and ordering numbers. When my students were able to complete these booklets as well as the golden bead lesso
Montessori Math Elementary place value math activity designed for fluent readers. Common core linked.Command Cards: 144 Activities to help with place value with hundreds, tens and units. Can be used alongside any hands on equipment or manipulatives. Get a free sample here.Designed by a Montessori te
Place Value Cards: Montessori Golden Beads - Match pictures of golden beads to numbers and words.Includes:36 golden bead pictures36 number cards36 place value cardsCards are approx. 2½" x 2¾ ".You may be interested in:Golden Bead ChipsGolden Beads Control Chart and Black-line MastersGolden Bead Task
Place Value: Expanded Form/Standard Form Matching Sets Tens, Hundreds, & Thousands Expanded Form/Standard Form Matching Set Includes (18 Slide PDF): -3 Expanded Form Recording Sheets (Tens, hundreds, thousands) -12 Expanded Form/Standard Form Matching Sets (Tens, Hundreds, Thousands) Expande
90 'Bring me' or 'make me' task cards for golden bead 'base 10' independent work in montessori casa or lower elementary classes.HOW TO USE The child takes one of these cards, makes the two, three or four digit number with Golden Beads or Stamp Game, the child can then check with the self correction.
I wanted to have some type of follow up and reinforcement for my primary children after they mastered a Montessori Lesson. I created these little books to be created and placed in baskets next to the Montessori Lessons. When the students have mastered the material and they are ready, they make a bo
This set of 360 9-step cards helps to teach place value by breaking down the learning process needed to transition into reading and understanding quantities of numbers up to 4-digits. These cards can be used to give children practice when learning to read and say numbers properly. They can also be
Teen Boards, Beads, and WorksheetsPractice making teens, then count, color and label with numbers and words.Includes:teen boards and number cardscolor control chart of the teens6 black-line masters to practice counting, labeling and coloring the teensYou may be interested in: Ten Boards, Beads, and
This is book 5 of a series of Montessori Bead Bar Books. This is a way for students to move from the concrete bead work to a written representation. Place Value, Number Order, and Comparing are just some of the skills addressed.
Children can begin to master 4-digit addition problems with these leveled Montessori Addition Cards. This set includes 4 levels, with each level containing 15 cards, and each card is made up of 4 problems. Every problem has 4-digit color coded numerals to coincide with the Montessori math colors,
Thank you for your interest in the Montessori Math Beads Clip Art set! This set includes 14 color and 13 black and white images. The set includes clip art for the Montessori Short Bead Stair (1-10) in the traditional Montessori colors and black and white. Montessori Golden Bead (Base 10) clip art is
Place value is so important for a good mathematical foundation. Do your Lower Elementary students get enough practice with the Golden Bead material? Do they have a hard time moving from a concrete understanding of numbers to the more abstract written form? Save yourself some time and aggravation wit
This material can be used as a card sort or memory game where the decimal number value is matched to the corresponding decimal name (e.g. “five tenths” and “.5” are a match). The purpose is to practice saying the number’s decimal name and be able to associate the words with the numeric representatio
Montessori Bead Chains Book & Notation PaperThese individual student booklets allow students to record their skip counting work with all Montessori bead cabinet materials, including:Short Chains from 1-10Squares from 1-10Cubes from 1-10Long Chains recording paperThe papers included in the bookle
Students display their understanding of the Montessori Golden Beads by matching the place value pictorial representations to the numbers in word form and standard form. This product contains 10 matching card sets for three-digit numbers and 10 matching card sets for four-digit numbers. Two recordi
Place Value: Word Form/Standard Form Matching Sets Tens, Hundreds, & Thousands Word Form/Standard Form Matching Set Includes (15 Slide PDF): -12 Word Form/Standard Form Matching Sets (Tens, Hundreds, Thousands) -1 Word Form/Standard Form Recording Sheet Word Form Set 1-4: Match Word Form &am
We're going on a safari and what will we find? Students incorporating zoo animals into math work stations! This set includes base ten and ten frame number match-ups and focuses on the numbers 11-20. Perfect for your Zoo Animal unit or for just for fun during summer school! Included: Ten Frames Num
This blank math place value sheet is hundreds and thousands. The top of the place value is labeled. This could be used for a roll and write game or Montessori stamp game. This has addition and subtraction templates to use.
This Rounding Sort includes 10 unique games sets that will quickly build fluency for rounding whole numbers to any place from the thousands through the millions. What's Included? ⇒Game Implementation Guide⇒10 Unique Game Mats⇒10 Decks of 16 Number Cards (160 total cards) ⇒Answer KeyEach student is
This Multiplying & Dividing Decimals by Powers of 10 number sorting game will help students master the tricky standard CCSS 5.NBT.1 in a fun and engaging way! What's Included? ⇒Teacher Implementation Guide⇒10 Unique Game Mats ⇒10 Unique Decks of 16 Number Cards (160 total cards) ⇒Answer KeyGet

showing 1-24 of 421 results

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