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This is an extension/enrichment activity where students research the populations of different cities within the U.S. After researching, students will then use their place value skills to complete a series of tasks which include: ordering/comparing numbers creating number lines rounding This activi
TOP SELLER! The Place Value Project allows students to explore numbers using a place value chart from ones to 10 millions. They will be using numbers in the real world to complete the chart and then writing standard, word, and expanded form for each number. I have used the project as an at home
This One Million Dollar Project is a great culminating assignment for number sense! Students win one million dollars, and are given conditions on how they can spend it. They need to allocate money for school, a house, a vehicle, savings, etc. As well, as optional items chosen by the student themsel
Envision Math Topic 1 Pretest for Grade 3
Students will create a booklet about 10 different rainforest animals. Facts are gathered through a Mathematical Matching game involving place value: 4-digit numbers are represented in base ten blocks, standard form, written form and expanded form. Matching the place value forms will match the facts
This 110-page resource has all the student activity handouts I created for the class to use during our 2-week inquiry unit on rounding whole numbers, decimals and extended decimal concepts. It has detailed teacher notes on how I utilized the resources, including a “printer-friendly” edition so teach
From Place Value Activity Pack: -Landform Match (standard, word and expanded forms, counting coins) -Race to the Top! (expanded form and some basic addition/subtraction) -6 Landforms Mystery Pictures (place value, expanded form, number sense) From QR Code Investigation: -QR codes that will guide s
Students will be exploring the United States real estate website, Zillow, to purchase their dream home in their hometown. Students will browse houses in their community and see how much houses are! Students will see larger numbers in context. Students are amazed at how much it truly costs to purchas
This bundle contains real world math projects to connect students math skills to their world in an engaging and high level thinking way. This is a growing bundle!Project 1: Rounding Research- Students explore rounding with missions to Walmart, Party City, Grocery store, and PetSmart.Project 2: Car S
Show your students how what they learn in school (place value, addition, subtraction, etc.) applies to the real world!I use this as a review for place value and computation, or as an extension for students who need more of a challenge. In addition, it is a great way to show students how what they le
This book is 17 pages and contains a collection of resources that I have used with my self contained Exceptional Education Students. Now that the majority of Exceptional Education Students are being included in the General Education classroom, this collection of math resources will allow those stude
Students will research different world records or interesting facts and use place value to organize and present their facts. The step-by-step instructions are included, as well as a recording sheet for their facts.
For math centers and enrichment in place value.
This mini-lesson utilizes the March Madness NCAA basketball bracket to give students the opportunity to compare and contrast the size of colleges and universities around the U.S. Students will use Wikipedia to research colleges, and then use that data to answer place value and number operation ques
This file provides a way to merge the topics of place value and rounding with the science exploration of the planets. It requires students to gather information using technology, analyze their data, and to create an end products providing evidence of their learning in both math and science. Refere
This scavenger hunt project requires students to locate 22 items containing decimals. Students use the internet, newspapers and magazines to locate items, as well as find household items that contain decimals (cover of a box of cereal). Supplemental, optional, and culminating activities are listed
At the end of the adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers unit, students should be able to effectively plan a trip to Italy. For higher students- Allow them to bring a friend For Middle students- Allow them to explore their own sight-seeing options and choose between prices of hotels and plane t
Due to the fact that paintings are always in an auction or purchased throughout the year, this year's top 10 most expensive paintings have changed. I recreated the Power Point and the student sheet. The student sheet includes decimal numbers this year because CCSS has 5th graders working with decim
Many homeowners try to pay more on their mortgage each month in the hopes that it will save them money in the long run. Is this an accurate belief? For this exercise, you will determine the minimum payment for different mortgage products. You will also decide whether it is worth paying early. Note t
This pack includes 5 pages with data tables. Each page contains a data table with some U.S. state capitals and their populations. There are a handful of questions related to place value that follow each data table. The questions cover: - Place Value Positions - Word Form - Expanded Form - Standard
This activity asks students to round numbers up or down in order to solve an investigation. This is targets at Stage 3 (in particular a core group) Includes 1 x Stimulus 2 x pages of tables for students to complete in order to solve investigation 1 x reflection section to justify answer * Inclues
Students will make a connection with social studies through this math project. They will use computers, iPads, and books to find the land area of 10 states of their choice. They will then work to draw the US and label the land area of their chosen states. Ordering the land areas in order from gre
Students will use the US Census Website to analyze state statistics with place value and addition and subtraction skills. Students will then create their own word problems with the data.

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