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Clearly understanding place value is critical as students move into the upper grades, as Math moves towards a more algorithm based approach. Why not have fun, while learning this critical concept! This packet of five fun cooperative Common Core Aligned activities allows students the opportunity to
This One Million Dollar Project is a great culminating assignment for number sense! Students win one million dollars, and are given conditions on how they can spend it. They need to allocate money for school, a house, a vehicle, savings, etc. As well, as optional items chosen by the student themsel
This PowerPoint Presentation teaches students the steps for using the partial products method for multiplication. This method uses place value to multiply multi-digit numbers. Students are using multiples of 10 when multiplying multi-digit numbers. I post this presentation on my website for students
ARGGHH! Are you tired of the lack of participation and motivation in your students towards math? Then, take your students on a journey through Pirate's Plunder Simulation. Never tried a simulation? Simulations are interactive units that tie daily skills together with a culminating activity at the e
This 19-slide PowerPoint Presentation teaches the process of dividing by a decimal number through long division. It is based on Common Core 6th grade math standard: CCSS.Math.Content.6.NS.B3. You could employ this instructional presentation anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes depending on how much studen
Looking for something a little challenging, incredibly engaging, and slightly different from an ordinary day? Escape room challenges have all of that and more.In this escape room challenge, the students must escape from being stuck in Gingerbread Village after getting lost on a lovely winter sleigh
To see a YouTube video of this resource in action, click here (opens a new browser window). Or, you can download my product preview file. This file uses base ten models for the hundreds, tens, and ones places. Base ten models have long been a mainstay in the math classroom. This file uses virt
This is a Smartboard lesson that provides multiple examples and a highlighted step by step approach to solving addition and subtraction problems involving decimals. This is a great visual aid for the student who needs to see every step carried through. I did not skip one part of the problem or tak
Teachers select items in the room to be "purchased" for the class store, then use the document's labels to list the item and price for each. Half the students are cashiers and half are customers. Cashiers calculate the customer's total cost and any change to be received using the receipts. Customers
This 19-slide PowerPoint presentation develops the procedures used to multiply decimal numbers. This presentation is based on the 6th grade Common Core math standard: CCSS.Math.Content.6.NS.B.3. It can be used for class or individual instruction. Use it on your teacher web page as a student resource
Hello teachers! This is a unit I teach every year with my 4th Grade Gifted and Talented Students and I am super excited to share it with you. I use it help understanding with place value and build fluency with decimals with a real life backdrop. Right now this is very basic but I do plan to have it
MrOConnor designed a math template flipchart that can be used across all grade levels to teach countless concepts. Give it a try, your students will love the colorful feel, and will gain a deeper understanding of place value, basic operations, big numbers, graphing, multiple step word problems and
Why Build a Million?  -To build a visual representation of one million to help conceptualize the magnitude of large numbers  -To develop, extend, and rebuild place value understanding in the base ten number system  -To create a tool rich with opportunities for number sense and place value routine
Common Core: 5.NBT.7, 5.NBT.1 Texas TEKS 4.4A As a child I played 'city' where each of my friends had a business. We spent hours buying and selling with our fake money. I created LET'S GO SHOPPING as an interactive activity where students buy and sell. It should be very easy for you to set up
Let your students practice real world math skills with this common core aligned simulation. Students are able to practice subtraction and multiplication will decimals in a fun and engaging way. This activity was used to culminate and allow students to show their understanding of concepts such as pla
This game is designed to help students practice their ability to add decimals with differing place values all while deepening their science and history knowledge of the salmon migration and its importance to the Indians of the Northwest Coast. This interactive game will have students acting as salmo
Video PreviewThis is a self-checking practice and lesson that would make a great Google Classroom (make your own copy) assignment for individual practice, or this can be done on a smart board (needs to have touch & drag capabilities or done with a mouse). This is for 3-5th grades and goes to the
1st and 2nd Grade Flash Math Facts using visuals to assist with tens and ones and place value. You can edit to make more difficult as students learn. :)
In grades 4-6, students start asking, "Why does this matter? When will I use this in real life?" THIS PRODUCT IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF APPLYING TO REAL LIFE! As a teacher, one of the most effective and purposeful ways to reach your students, and keep them engaged, is by incorporating the MOVEMENT

showing 1-19 of 19 results

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