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Need clear directions for your students to follow to write poetry. I have created a poetry notebook for beginners that allows even first graders to write limericks. Also included in the notebook are how to write a *Haiku *Shape Poem *Acrostic Poem with Alliteration *Quatrain *Diamante *Limericks
Do you teach poetry to multiple grade levels? Do you want an anchor chart that you can use with each grade level...one that can "grow" with them? Then I have just the thing for you! The Poet-tree! This anchor chart can be used to introduce and review concepts in poetry from Kinder through 5th gr
This is a set of 6 different poetry templates with Rainbow theme. Perfect for poetry month and spring.
Have you been looking for questions to go along with the A&E Video Biography: The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe (1994)? If so, you’re not alone. I spent months searching for questions to use with this amazing documentary—in my opinion, the best one on the market. When I came up empty handed again a
I love the fall! This product contains different poem templates that you can use with your children! Students can write their own poems or they can follow the templates that are provided on some of the pages. Let me know if you have any questions :)
This file is ESSENTIAL to anyone teaching or coaching Speech and Debate!!!! This is the comprehensive Debate Team Packet created for my school's competitive team. The packet breaks down each event we compete in, including... -Lincoln Douglas -Public Forum -Congressional Debate -Original Oratory -
This FREE blank verse project is a great addition to any poetry or Shakespeare unit. For this project, students will create their own poster with a colorful image and original blank verse poem. Want to teach blank verse? Blank Verse and Iambic Pentameter Made Easy Looking for resources for the ENT
This file contains a generic rough draft poetry template for students to practice Identifying: (1) Character name (2) adjectives/ words to describe the character (3) words to describe setting (4) words to describe the problem (5) words to describe the solution It also contains one generic final co
This is a list of poetry vocabulary that I taught to my students. It is a basic list that can serve as a guide for building a foundation for a unit on poetry.
A template to encourage students to write their own "Love that ______ " poem. It follows the pattern of Jack's in "Love that Dog" by Sharon Creech.
5 Senses Poem is designed to create multiple stanzas in order to build upon the students senses in order to create their descriptive writing abilities. This template was shared with me by my co-worker, Mrs. Schat my first year teaching and I have used it every year since at every grade level. We a
This is a two page Figurative Language notes document focusing on basic figurative devices (symbolism, simile, metaphor, paradox, etc) using a Cornell-style, fill in the blank note taking strategy. Included is the teacher (already filled in) copy of the notes that can easily be made into a transpare
This is a great way to show the students how to write an 'I Am' poem. The top half of the Word document shows the template of how to write the poem, while the bottom half is my example that you are free to share and/or adapt as your own. This type of poem allows the students to be very heartfelt in
This power points examines some of the language tricks Shakespeare uses in Macbeth's "to-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow" soliloquy. Some of them are straight-forward. Some mind-blowing. Devices include: repetition, alliteration, acrostics, and even one that requires you to turn the page u
Figurative Language Anchor Chart printables with examples. Onomatopoeia, alliteration, metaphor, idiom, personification, simile, and hyperbole.
We do a lot of writing to describe in first grade! I will be making a circle map of adjectives to describe a Christmas Tree in whole group. I will put the chart into my poetry center and the students will choose adjectives to use in their poem! Just a fun little Freebie! Enjoy! -Mrs. Decatur
Students will have fun learning about poetry! This product contains directions, outlines and samples of various poems. This consists of a personal poem, diamante, acrostic, hauku, cinquain and dtwo-word poems. This product makes it very easy for students to learn the various poems. The outline
This document has poetry formats and originals examples for a bio-poem, acrostic poem, cinquain, diamante, free verse, concrete and I-poem. This is a great exemplar for students to use as a reference as they create original poems across a variety of units. We keep a copy in our notebooks and use
Analyze The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. Analyze the poem for mood, setting, and get kids thinking at a higher level.
Poetry Book Teach your students how to read and write your poetry! ☠ ARGG! ☠ Welcome to Fair Winds Teaching! I hope you enjoy this product, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In
A teacher guide for John Milton's Paradise Lost, Book 1, lines 192-405. Guide includes an annotated summary of the section with lecture notes keyed to lines.
Using a trade book, chapter book, excerpt from a nonfiction text or classroom magazine, students will choose and highlight key phrases, names, dates, and events to use in their "found poem." Students will inevitably retell the story or summarize text in the form of a poem choosing only the most impo
This is a helpful worksheet for kids to first practice the format and style of a limerick before using the frames to create their own. I had them illustrate one on the back when they finished.
This is a graphic organizer for the lines of a sonnet. Simple and easy, students will follow the guidelines to write their own Sonnet in form ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

showing 1-24 of 190 results

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