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Portuguese Resources Free

377 results
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Newcomer's Survival Phrases At School

Created by
Liana Parsons
Have you ever had a Newcomer ELL student show up in the middle of the year and they can barely communicate in English? This document was created as a means of easing this transition for newcomer students in the classroom. The visuals and translations will help facilitate communication in your class and diminish students' frustration in the first couple of months of school. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do! I am an ELL Newcomer teacher and use these cards very often with my own stude

no longer posting items

Created by
no longer posting items

Portuguese Classroom Cheat Sheet

Created by
This is a document with a few important communications in Portuguese for new ESL students. Teachers and students could use this document for the first days of school. It lists common classroom sayings and phrases, common greetings and school supplies.

PORTUGUESE LESSON - 1st CLASS - Introducing yourself and other people

This is the first file of a series of LESSON PLANS, EXERCISES and TEXTS I intend to upload in order to share them with teachers that want to teach Brazilian Portuguese for their students.

English Portuguese Jigsaw Puzzle

A great jigsaw puzzle, matching basic Portuguese and English words together. Perfect for an independent activity, basic assessment activity, homework task or just a bit of fun"!" Simply print onto thin card, cut out and ask the children to complete. The puzzle will last much longer if the pieces are laminated and if using more than one set, it may be better to print each puzzle using different coloured card. If you like this puzzle, why not look at the other language, multicultural and assess


Created by
Leticia Silverio
Fruits word search Learning Brazilian Portuguese

Vogais em letra cursiva AEIOU Cards

Estes flash cards com as vogais em letra cursiva possui quatro sugestões para utilizar em brincadeiras diferentes. É um material simples e as crianças irão adorar. Espero que gostem, foi feito com muito carinho. Lembre-se de avaliar nossos produtos.

Portugal in the Olympics

There are millions of resources out there about the big nations of this world when it comes to their achievements in the Olympics. Portugal is not a big nation when it comes to the Olympics. So, I have created a little freebie add-on to the units you can find below all about Portugal. In it, you can find: - a brief history of Portugal - the geography of Portugal - an introduction to the Portuguese language - a kid-friendly recipe - some book recommendations to learn more about Portugal - Port

FREE Spring Pack in Portuguese for Brazilian Teachers and Schools

FREE 123s ABCs Spring Pack for Brazilian Teachers and Schools - Educação Infantil e 1o. Ano do Ensino Fundamental no Brasil - 9 atividades diferentes Este pacote inclui 9 atividades diferentes que abordam as letras do alfabeto e os números de 1 a 10 para serem trabalhadas por professores brasileiros nas escolas do Brasil ou como reforço pelos pais educação infantil ou primeiro ano do ensino fundamental sobre o tema da primavera (flores e insetos, mais especificamente) Conteúdo (versões co

Cores (Colors in Portuguese) Card Games

Created by
jer520 LLC
12 Basic colors. Print on cardstock and cut into cards; 1 set per 3-4 students. Use for Flashcards, Concentration, Slap, Old Maid, Drats, Kaboom, Go Fish, Match Game.

Verbos -ar -er presente do indicativo

Created by
Francisca Vargas
Chart of some regular verbs for the first and second conjugation - fill in the chart practicing the structures. Francisca Vargas


Created by
Learn conmigo
Fun back to school activity for students to share about themselves and get to know each other.

16 Portuguese Flashcards (Colors)

Created by
Teacher Racha
Free Resource (please leave feedback!)This resource includes 16 Portuguese/English flashcards of color words.Each page of this resource can be printed and either cut into 8 sections to make 32 individual cards total (for matching games) or into 4 sections and then folded in half to make 16 individual flashcards (classic flashcard style with Portuguese on one side and English on the other).Portuguese is a great language to become familiar with if you already have some exposure to Spanish; many wo

As nacionalidades

Created by
Vitoria Neves
O texto pode ser usado para trabalhar o verbo ser, a compreensão de leitura, as nacionalidades e as profissões. No fim tem um exercício para que os alunos possam criar os seus próprios textos usando o texto inicial como texto modelo.

Gender of words in portuguese

Grammar, agreement between words, gender of words

Números 0-100, Educação Infantil e Inclusiva, Autismo

Created by
Atividade matemática para trabalhar números de um a cem.A criança irá fortalecer a coordenação motora uma vez que irá cobrir os pontinhos dos numerais de um a cem. Irá escrever, recortar e organizar os números em sequência de um a cem. Atividades com números contados de dez em dez para que a professora possa desenvolver o ritmo desejado de acordo com o nivel de seus alunos.Dica para os clientes de Educarebrusa:Como ganhar TpT créditos para compras futuras:Por favor, vá para minhas compras (my pu

Introduction in Portuguese

Created by
Sandra Costa
Worksheet "Eu sou o...." e "Eu sou a...." in Portuguese for students to fill in. An introduction with name, age, year and teacher name. One page worksheet.

Letter F in Portuguese - Letra F

Letter F in Portuguese. A worksheet to practice the sound of the letter F and ready-made to color and write. Don't forget to give your students daily work they can do with their parents!

Letter A in Portuguese - Letra A

Letter A in Portuguese. A worksheet to practice the sound of the first letter of the alphabet and ready-made to color and write. Don't forget to give your students daily work to their parents!

Contrarios - adjetivos

Com este exercício é possível fazer uma revisão dos contrários dos adjetivos. As respostas estão incluídas para que o aluno possa controlar o seu próprio exercício.

Catjugation: Verb Conjugation Free Sample in French Spanish Italian & Portuguese

Created by
Verb conjugation has never been so fuzzy! This is a sampler of Catjugation in French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. In Catjugation, the teacher and students use printed illustrations of spunky cats as visual aids to facilitate lessons on the mechanics of verb conjugation. Description: With CatjugationTM, there are 3 main types of cats: a preening pink cat, a proud yellow cat with a sardine, and a napping blue cat. These 3 cats parallel the three main groups of verbs: ER, RE, IR in French,

Introductions in Portuguese - Este Sou Eu

Este Sou Eu, Esta Sou Eu. A useful resource in Portuguese for first day introductions in PreK classes. An activity where they can draw and colour themselves, write their name and age. Give it to them at the end of the Portuguese class - and the Portuguese learning begins! Their parents will love to see this very good start! Este Sou Eu, Esta Sou Eu. Um recurso útil em Português para as introduções do primeiro dia de aulas no Jardim de Infância. Uma actividade em que os mais pequenos podem desen

Portuguese Morning Work

Created by
Angelynn Ballew
This is a daily sheet that can be used for the month of June (Junho), for children to do their own work, independently. I hope this is helpful to you, as I have found it difficult to find worksheets for children in Portuguese! I'm teaching my three littles the language as I grew up in Brazil and want them to be bilingual. Enjoy!

The Seasons - As Estações do Ano

Introduce Fall and its words related working the Seasons. Free printables in Portuguese.
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