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England, This Kid's Life is a booklet that focuses on how a child lives daily life in England compared to how people live their own country. This particular book tracks the life of a boy named Jack who lives in the country of England. Included:1. A pre-test to see what your students know about Engl
Students research the Dirty War of Argentina, including topics of Los Desaparecidos (The Disappeared) and Las Madres de la Plaza. They connect that information to what happened with the Iguala kidnappings of Mexico in 2014 and what is happening with ISIS. Also asks students to look up #todossomosay
This wordsearch puzzle features 40 words related to the Latin American carnavales or the "Spanish Mardi Gras." If you are in need of something quick to print that is highly informative on the carnivals of Latin America, check out my Carnaval: Latin American Carnival Reading and Sub Plan. It include
Hiragana mats to laminate and use over and over again! Students are encouraged to trace, write and make the focus hiragana on each mat, using 'Play Doh' or similar.Romaji is intentionally not included as it often causes pronunciation confusion.There are ten mats, presented in chart order: Mat 1 is A
This is excellent for language arts classes, a literacy center, language center, social studies, teachers or students going to Portugal, Brazil or the other nations where the language is spoken. Spanish students enjoy comparing-and-contrasting it to their related language; for a Portuguese-speaking
Help your students remember the numbers in Portuguese.
This is an all-class activity. 5 students go to the front of class. There are 5 different pages hanging on the board. Each page has a name and 4 pictures of professions. This activity uses a total of 10 different professions. Students at seats take turns asking questions with yes/no answers to deduc
Estes flash cards com as vogais em letra cursiva possui quatro sugestões para utilizar em brincadeiras diferentes. É um material simples e as crianças irão adorar. Espero que gostem, foi feito com muito carinho. Lembre-se de avaliar nossos produtos.
This ADD-ON to the Brazil Program focuses on learning the numbers 1-12. It can be used in conjunction with the Let's Speak section of the program.These activities also work independently of the Learning Program and can be used on their own to introduce students to the language and practice saying nu
Resources included are as follows: Map of the 7 continents, the world, South America, each country in South America, continents map to colour, map of languages, cut and stick activity, population poster, Make a presentation task with cue cards Geographical features and landmarks photo pack Brazil ph
Fun WORLD FACTS for young children!! Save time - and have fun!Explore Portugal!! Color the flag, sample some local cuisine, and practice saying hello in the native language! Learn about the population, land area, famous landmarks and sing the national anthem! Now, let's talk about what we learned!If
A great jigsaw puzzle, matching basic Portuguese and English words together. Perfect for an independent activity, basic assessment activity, homework task or just a bit of fun"!" Simply print onto thin card, cut out and ask the children to complete. The puzzle will last much longer if the pieces a
This is an all-class activity. 5 students go to the front of class. There are 5 different pages hanging on the board. Each page has a name and 4 pictures about the person (supplies they have). This activity uses a total of 10 objects. Students at seats take turns asking questions with yes/no an
This is an all-class activity. 5 students go to the front of class. There are 5 different pages hanging on the board. Each page has a name and 4 pictures of reflexive verbs. This activity uses a total of 10 reflexive verbs. Students at seats take turns asking questions with yes/no answers to deduce
FREE 123s ABCs Spring Pack for Brazilian Teachers and Schools - Educação Infantil e 1o. Ano do Ensino Fundamental no Brasil - 9 atividades diferentes Este pacote inclui 9 atividades diferentes que abordam as letras do alfabeto e os números de 1 a 10 para serem trabalhadas por professores brasile
Alfabeto Pontilhado em Letra Bastão, é uma atividade de coordenação motora fina que foi desenvolvida para alunos de Educação Especial Inclusiva e Educação Infantil.Nesta atividade, as letras do alfabeto estão em tamanho maior para auxiliar as crianças que tiveram pouco ou nenhum acesso às atividades
There are millions of resources out there about the big nations of this world when it comes to their achievements in the Olympics. Portugal is not a big nation when it comes to the Olympics. So, I have created a little freebie add-on to the units you can find below all about Portugal. In it, you c
Set of 36 Bingo cards for school subjects in Portuguese. Print on cardstock and laminate.
Print on cardstock and cut into cards. Make 1 set per 3-4 students. Includes 45 objects in Portuguese. Use to play Concentration, Slap, Old Maid, Drats, Kaboom, Go Fish, Match Game.
There are 36 different student cards; each card gives a first name, a nationality, age, birthday, number of brothers and the number of sisters. Each student gets a card with an identity. Students mingle and interview 5 classmates and record their answers.
Chart of some regular verbs for the first and second conjugation - fill in the chart practicing the structures. Francisca Vargas
Cette activité peut servir de conclusion sur l'emploi du passé composé. Le professeur lit les informations à la manière d'un flash info à la radio. Les apprenants prennent des notes puis mise en commun. - travail de compréhension orale - expression orale - expression écrite - divertissement!
This is a PowerPoint file that looks like and acts like a website. The students do not move from page 1 to page 2, but instead, they follow the links as you would in a website. This PowerPoint is designed to resemble a supermarket website. It is well suited for pair or group work. Students can pe
Print on cardstock and laminate. Make 1 gameboard for every 2-4 students. You will need 1 die for each gameboard. Students take turns moving along the the snail path and conjugating verbs along the way. May be used for any tense. Includes: • levantar-se, banhar-se, lavar-se, pentear-se, olhar-se, s

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