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This unit is ideal for Native American Heritage month (November) or any time of the year. This PBL was “piloted” on a kindergarten class, but could be modified for preK level.It contains the following activities: KWL chart,
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The purpose of this simulation or webquest is to learn about cave life, types of caves, karst systems and the value of preserving these. Included are four separate projects and specific directions for each. Each contains pertinent websites and
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This is the pre-activity for the Design Challenge-Aircraft Decoys. It is a web search worksheet covering the history and usage of Unmanned Arial Vehicles and Aircraft Decoys. Students should complete and discuss this activity before completing the
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Use this as an exploration into the world of ratios. Enjoy various activities that include golden ratio, the "bunny problem," the ratio of body parts, etc.
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Are you teaching your students how to navigate the Internet? Are you teaching your students how to find information on a website? Are you trying to get your students to read the words on the screen? This Webquest is perfect. This allows them to
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This worksheet is a quick introduction to the concept of media literacy for high school students. It is a self-guided worksheet that can be used by itself or as an entry task to get students ready for a class discussion on the issue. Computer or
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Students will research what do to if they experience basic problems while using a computer and the correct way to troubleshoot. Students will complete two flowcharts. The first flowchart will cover what they should look for physically on the
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This WebQuest is geared toward advanced students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Students are asked to take on the roles of employees working for a Non-Profit Organization. After reading Life in the Iron Mills and watching the 20/20 documentary "A
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