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Real World Math - Student Fun Day! Business and Economics, Australian Curriculum Are you looking for a fun way to teach your students about about financial literacy and real world math? Have your class run a 'Fun Day' set up similar to mini fete or
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You can use these to help students learn how to use a checkbook, manage their money, and as a managemnent tool. I award students "$1" for each homework assignment turned in on time. Students track their progress daily. Table points can be cashed
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Why do we chose Starbucks over Peets Coffee, Coke over Pepsi or Nike over Addidas ????? Why is the iPhone the Gotta Have new TOY? This Power Point Presentation explores some of the reasons that buyers buy what they do and how different influences
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Sustainable Marketing (I loved creating this one!) Sustainable Marketing is being responsible as a consumer for the environment and also for other citizens. Okay, so what does that mean To Be Responsible as a Consumer??? This power point
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So what if the world is getting smaller? How does this effect business in my country? (Pause for class discussion) With faster communication, transportation and financial flows of money …the world is rapidly shrinking. Normally when we think about
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In order to develop a new product, the designer needs to understand the potential needs of his or users. The intent of this activity is to introduce the student to user needs, as well as to have him or her understand that these needs may change as
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THIS PRESENTATION WAS MADE ON A MAC COMPUTER. YOU MUST HAVE A SOFTWARE CALLED KEYNOTE TO OPEN IT. Do you have students who are born entrepreneurs or are just interested in making money. This motivational Keynote presentations will get thinking,
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Introduce household budgeting to students using this Excel Budgeting Spreadsheets. Formulas are set up to automatically calculate taxes and percentages. Certain cells are formulated to credit and debit amounts. Teach students about the importance
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