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Gifted and Talented - Autobiographical Life Map Unit
Wake up the memories of your gifted and talented students and use them to create an autobiographical life map. This life map will help your students visualize their life journey (past, present, and future) and teach them the power of autobiographical thinking and metaphorical representation. Stude
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Gifted and Talented - Style Profile Concept Based Unit
Every student is unique. They look differently and have individual personalities. They also have a preferred style of learning and expressing their learning. Additional they have intelligence strengths and weaknesses. All these differences need to be respected, embraced, and accommodated in the
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The Schwa Was Here Literature Unit
This humorous, gritty book is perfect for the pre-adolescent or middle school literature circle! With the literature book touching upon themes of "labels", fitting in, and families, coupled with sarcastic, appropriate tween humor, the activities in this book are tailor-made for cluster-groups or
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Design a School Project (Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)
This activity is intended as a culminating project following a lesson on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. This project would be appropriate for a high school Psychology course or Social Studies course. I use this project with my Social Studies students as a culminating project after watching the documen
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Can You Pass the Ellis Island Immigrant Feature Profile Test?
The Feature Profile Test was a wooden block puzzle test administered to Ellis Island immigrants because IQ tests involved language translation issues. Instead, the Feature Profile Test became an instant nonverbal IQ assessment. The Feature Profile was made from wooden blocks that—if placed in the
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"'Ugly' moved in" [*New Book Trailer]
Check out the New Book Trailer (+13 Rating): [All profits from this work go to the Homeless.] *This story deals with the harsh perspective our culture has on the expectations of beauty and/or talents. The main gender ascribed in the work is fem
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Career Exploration for Elementary Students
Elementary students are exposed to various careers. They understand that graduation from high school is necessary. Furthermore, college and career exercises are emphasized.
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Psychology (From the -Ologies Series)
From the -Ologies SeriesPsychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. It is the objective of this book to introduce students to this fascinating subject and the sub-fields into which it is divided. It has matured through the centuries from its beginnings in supernatural belief

Also included in: “-Ologies” Bundle for the Middle-Grade Social Studies

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"Flowers for Algernon" Vocabulary Word Search Words Only (Daniel Keyes)
This consists of 2 pages: A word search + an answer key. These are the words and clues included:DETERIORATION / Worsening; declineOBSCURE / (as verb) to hideMOTIVATION / The reason for doing somethingINTROSPECTIVE / Self-examiningREFUTE / To prove wrong using evidenceCATCALLS / Whistles or jeers to
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“-Ologies” Bundle for the Middle-Grade Social Studies
Included in this bundle are 4 comprehensive units.AnthropologyArchaeologyMythologyPsychologyABOUT THE “-OLOGIES” SERIESThe self-directed activities in these comprehensive units are keyed to Bloom’s Taxonomy. They emphasize higher-level thinking skills and, although not so marked, they also encourage
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showing 1-10 of 10 results

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