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I use this cut and sort activity to get my robotics students thinking about the correct title of each part and its function. It really helps when they know what you mean when you are talking to them about "adding a bushing to that axle" or "use a beam to attach your sensor." I have found it to be a
Blank Sphero EDU BLOCKLY template for students to use as a companion sheet when programming their sphero to roll and change directions. Originally designed for Sphero Mazes/Mars Rover Missions/Obstacle Courses. Perfect for beginners to use because it focuses on changing the HEADING, the SPEED and
I recently taught this unit with my students and they absolutely loved it! This unit includes introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion outlines. It also includes linking phrases (or sentence prompts) for students to use throughout a 5 paragraph essay. Finally, students will use a variety of evid
2019 First Lego League (FLL) Student Work Book. Contained is all 3 elements of the FLL competition that will scaffold the journey to the competition. There are sections to assist students in planning and reflecting on Core Values, Robot Design and Game Strategy and Innovation Project. It includes 1
This open ended graphic organizer helps my Robotics, STEM and Green Energy students focus their ideas prior to starting a project. Since launching this process in my classes, students' projects have been more focused, timely and better researched. This could work for any class project.
Blank Macro Lab template for students to use as a companion sheet when programming through MacroLab.
I use this chart with the students in my PLTW Automation and Robotics class. As we build each mechanism, the students complete the chart. They use their chart to study for the assessment over mechanisms and to decide what mechanisms to combine when building for a challenge.
This is an introductory activity we do in class to give students a chance to tell me their experiences/prior knowledge in LEGO Robotics. This also allows students to tell me what they look forward to doing in our class. Students come up with great ideas of what to do in class so ask them often!
Infografía básica para reflexionar con nuestro alumnado en el momento previo a que realicen un videotutorial o un Show and Tell. Hoy en día, y más con la situación que el Covid nos ha traído, los alumnos hacen uso de las NNTT. Mi experiencia me dice que, cada vez que intentan crear un tutorial o una
The Engineering Pocket Notebook is the perfect addition to any STEM/STEAM project! Designed to be printed double sided and folded brochure style, this handy engineering notebook guides students through each step of the process. The brochure style also allows students to use it as a bookmark while re
This graphic organizer is designed as a general template for FIRST FTC Engineering Notebooks required for competition. It can also be used for any engineering project in STEM, Robotics or other classes.
Dash the Robot is so fun in our Primary classrooms! Here's a fabulous ELA Task Card Activity for your primary kiddies. There's five different graphic organizers to choose from! Dash the Robot can be used in Primary lessons in: Center, Whole Group, or Small Group Activities. The Bundle of 5 Graphic O
Cubelets are awesome little cubes that are either inputs or outputs. Each combination of different cubes creates a different robot. I use an inquiry-based approach when introducing my students to these little robots. I just give them and go over the first two pages of this packet or pages 3-4 of
Students being introduced to PLTW Automation and Robotics program will find this drag and drop activity fun and useful as they begin to use motors, sensors, and begin to code. This activity is meant for students to use Google Drawings to drag and drop the sensor with the appropriate code, as well a
Using Ozobots to retell a fiction story is a motivating way to help students practice summarizing, characters, setting, plot, and so much more! This resource includes the lesson plan and graphic organizer needed to get you started! Just add a favorite fiction book and an Ozobot and you're ready to g
A pack of resources for developing Computational Thinking Skills with Foundation/Kindergarten - Year 2 aligned with the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies and ICT General Capability including: 3 lesson plans Single point rubric templates 6 taxonomies and frameworks for integration A glossar
Teach your students to become problem solvers the STEM Engineering Design Steps Process! This resource is a perfect way for them to record notes about each step of the design process. Included is a printable PDF file as well as an editable Google Doc. This way you can share the whole organizer with
Help students organize their thoughts with this robot journal. There is a spot for students to make notes, report any challenges, and reflect about their program. This resources will work with any robot devices and can work for any grade.
Dash the Robot is so fun in our Primary classrooms! Here's a fabulous ELA Task Card Activity for your primary kiddies. There's five different graphic organizers to choose from!Dash the Robot can be used in Primary lessons in:Center, Whole Group, or Small Group Activities.The Bundle of 5 Graphic Orga
Use this data entry sheet to help your students practice using the Engineering Design Process in any STEM, STEAM, or other problem solving activities. Please feel free to contact me for other file formats.
This graphic organizer can be used to aid students in organizing their thoughts and analyses of STEM activities. This Engineering Pyramid walks students through the critical thinking aspects of the Engineering Design Process.
BLAST OFF into the FLL season with understanding and keeping track of what each mission's goal is. This worksheet is great to handout to the team to fill out and see for their Robot Design Executive Summary and their Engineering Notebook.
Design Thinking Process and other Digital technology graphic organizers (organisers) for Computer Science. Scratch Coding Game Design resource. Process Rubrics. Posters.
Introducing the Lego Spike Prime kit to your students for the first time? Try it out with this FREE graphic organizer. Kits can become overwhelming with the amount of pieces, unfamiliar parts, and new software. Help students remember and become familiar with the kit by having them fill out and creat

showing 1-24 of 26 results

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