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This activity is a fun and engaging way to learn map skills and practice coding! Students will create a map of their city and use an Ozobot to code through their city. This download includes:- code your city practice cards- Ozobot practice coding cards- blue prints to plan your city- map key and com
This is a winning grant proposal to purchase LEGO Mindstorm Invention System robotics kits to use for science, physics, technology and engineering activities. A state electrical cooperation awarded $1500.00 for this grant in 2002. This proposal is customizable and can be adjusted to compensate for t
This packet includes everything you need to run an Invention Convention. Students can choose to actually create an invention, write a report about a famous inventor, or draw and write an essay about an invention they would like to create. The packet also includes an invitation, guidelines for each
This package contains over 20 different STEM challenges that range in complexity. Science, mathematics, engineering, music, and/or literacy, or a combination of these, are embedded into all tasks. Some of these tasks are suitable for Kindergarten through 8th grade, and are specifically related the
Robots? What Robots? PowerPoint Assignment Students research a famous robot or robotic device of their choice, and create a PowerPoint with specific information about their robotic device. This is a good introduction to a unit on robotics, or it can be a culminating activity. It also aligns wi
A ten lesson unit with full lesson plans and some resources.With this program your students will spend ten weeks learning to code their own computer games!Week 1: Explore gaming and computer codingWeek 2: Planning the gameWeek 3: Troubleshooting and creating the gameWeek 4: Creating the gameWeek 5:
Students adore drawing robots. This project helps your students create original robots, while using textures and asymmetry. You could use this project for Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year. Many examples are given to inspire your students. Level:Grade 1 and upTechniques:DrawingRubbing te
This ozobot coordinate challenge will help your students review coordinates and quadrants with a fun STEM challenge. Your students will need to use ozoblockly to program their ozobot to stay inside the grid paper. The checklist provided will help challenge your students while they are programming
Great for all group or team projects. Offers multiple criteria for students to effectively evaluate their performance and those of their peers. Open questions allow for more nuanced details. I find most students are very honest and fair with this form. I use this in all of my engineering project cou
Robots are the future! In this engaging project, students meet NGSS and CCSS standards as they conduct research about a real world robot of their choice. They compile their research using a graphic organizer, and then summarize what they have learned by creating a poster. Finally, students present t
Want to have a lesson that gets you the most technology (including coding,) research skills, collaboration skills, and more? ----------------------------------- Original Challenge Idea: Question: Have you heard of Robot Wars? Pretty soon we will be coding robots to participate in sports of all sor
This STEAM project includes directions for students to create a recycled robot to help celebrate Earth Day! Or you can decide when to give this project to your students and change up the directions as it is editable!It also includes a robot commercial planning sheet for students to be able to share
These are the guided notes for our lesson about wheels and how their sizes affect distance traveled when programming. We complete this lesson before starting the "Moving Forward Challenges" found here: Moving Forward Challenges Included in this purchase are the student guided notes and the "answe
Full set of team job descriptions for a FIRST or VEX competitive team. To be successful in FIRST especially a team of students needs to specialize, this also allows students to build a better understanding of how professional engineering project teams can work. Students in my robotics class apply f
A simple science activity with the help of card paper, straws and thread to understand the functioning of our joints in the hand. This step by step guide provides instructions with pictures to make a functioning model of hand, you can pull various threads to make fingers move, bend hand etc.
This is a complete lesson on STEM lesson for incorporating using Ozobot Robots to teach States of Matter ; Mapping Skills. Objectives: Integrate Ozobot, coding, and the states of matter. Use coding to make connections to what they were learning in class, the states of matter, which is about the
I created these sheets to go along with a Scribble Bots lesson for our STEAM Club. Scribble Bots are simple robots usually built around a cup. You will need to use a battery pack and motor to make your robot move. By attaching markers to your cup, you will make a robot that scribbles! Depending
For this project students work together to complete research on ONE robot. This project requires students to use the Robot for iPad App to complete the research. Students will pick ONE category of robots (aerospace, telepresence, military/defense, humanoid, etc.), then choose one robot from that cat
Description here.
This open ended graphic organizer helps my Robotics, STEM and Green Energy students focus their ideas prior to starting a project. Since launching this process in my classes, students' projects have been more focused, timely and better researched. This could work for any class project.
This two-day lesson aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards for Grade 4 and combines both coding and content to reinforce the ideas of area, perimeter, linear measurement, and angle measurement. The lesson is written to be used with Wonder Workshop's Dash robot though a robot
This two-day lesson is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards for Grade 3 and combines both coding and content to reinforce the ideas of fractions, perimeter, and linear measurement. The lesson is written to be used with Wonder Workshop's Dash robot though a robot is not requi
Scribble Bots are simple machines which are easy to construct and use.They fit well within the simple machines area of science learning, and are an excellent task to complete in pairs or small groups with minimal equipment and resources.What is a Scribble Bot?A small motor drives a propeller which i
Looking to teach coding & robotics in your classroom? This Landform Activity Mat is a great way to teach students how to program robots while incorporating geography in your classroom. Students can practice identifying 24 different landforms.** If you already own the BIG bundle - just redownload

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