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Take your STEAM or STEM program to the next level with this bundle of classroom resources, designed for upper elementary and middle grades. This bundle includes: ★A rubric for the engineering design process that you can use for professional development or with students to cultivate a growth mindse
Great for all group or team projects. Offers multiple criteria for students to effectively evaluate their performance and those of their peers. Open questions allow for more nuanced details. I find most students are very honest and fair with this form. I use this in all of my engineering project cou
This behavior/participation checklist was developed as a tool for keeping track of student participation in a Robotics class. It is based on a point system. I found my middle school students were very receptive to this form of immediate feedback. This checklist could also be used in elementary,
A simple checklist for the Year 3-4 Digital Technologies from the Western Australian Curriculum. (SCSA) Use it to check of or record grades against the content descriptors.
For this project students work together to complete research on ONE robot. This project requires students to use the Robot for iPad App to complete the research. Students will pick ONE category of robots (aerospace, telepresence, military/defense, humanoid, etc.), then choose one robot from that cat
This coding rubric is based off of Marzano's Student Self-Assessment Rubric. This was created using beginning language, but could be used for all ages. This rubric allows teachers to stop periodically and have students use a number system to identify how readily they are working and understanding.
If your VEX team is part of a class then grading at Tournaments is a must. Here is a quick and simple rubric to score individual based upon tournament results, attitude and organization. Also it includes a rubric for grading individuals who are part of the team but didn't travel to the competition
This is a quick VEX Rubric for grading a uniquely built robot for your class. It incorporates good building practices like 2 points on contact and wire control. I use this after each challenge and grade it with the students as we talk about their robot and design. Format is word document so you c
This compressed file contains lesson plans for stations, task cards, checklists, and exit slips for the unit. The task cards are for Osmo Coding Jam, Robot Mouse, Let's Go Code, Dash Robots, Keyboarding, Flappy Bird task, rubric, and exit slip.
Looking for a great way to meet those new technology standards...look no further! Using the mini-Sphero robots, have students create an obstacle course from recycled materials and then block code or drive the robot through the course...it's that easy! (This lesson plan/rubric can easily be adapted
This document gives directions for students to start using the large motors on the LEGO EV3 bot as well as a rubric for how they will be assessed on the project. This is designed for students who have built the educator bot; the build that comes with the LEGO EV3 for Education kits. Rubric categor
This document gives directions for students to start learning how to use and program the sensors on their EV3 robot as well as a rubric for how they will be assessed on the project. This is designed for students who have build the educator bot; the build that comes with the LEGO EV3 for Education k
This document gives directions for students to design, create, and race their own robot that does not have wheels without the aid of step-by-step instructions. The document also has a rubric on how to assess students on the project. There is also a link for students to watch a video on how to get
Use this robotics activity guide to easily assess your students progress. Works great with the EV3 Mindstorms Core Set booklet and the free online Intro to Programming Basics with EV3 from Robomatter.
As a final in our FIRST FTC Robotics course teams write a season summary as a group, covering all aspects of their journey, fundraising, competing, etc. Task card with basic Rubric, in Word doc for easy editing.
Students apply for their specialized jobs in my competitive robotics class. This is an activity that we do very early in the school year to set a professional tone, and to help students imagine what it would be like to be an engineer hired for a project. The mini resumes created are also used in the
This document gives directions for students to build a sumo-bot that can play soccer. Students will compete against one another and the rules are provided in the document as well as a rubric for assessment. If you'd like students to give a presentation on their process, there are directions and gr
Rubric designed for engineering projects. In my FTC robotics class this is used to grade daily entries in addition to the materials provided by FIRST. I also use it to grade all projects in robotics, STEM and Green Energy, usually combined with the engineering notebook graphic organizer also availab
These are teacher made resources to go with the Lego Mindstorms EV-3 robotics set. It includes a rubric for grading, a Project Planning Sheet, and a Vocabulary Matching Quiz. I used this for my special education High School level computer class. Thanks for viewing!
Students use markers and their OzoCodes Sheets to create an "Ozobot Program." I tell the students to imagine their Ozobots competing in a figure skating, free-style skiing, or snowboarding half-pipe program! The printable includes the program guidelines/goals and criteria for a Gold, Silver, or Bron
In many career and technical education classes having a lab manager is a large help and teaches responsibility and supply management to students. Attached is a contract I use, as well a as grading rubric and journal pages for lab managers to track what they do daily.
To be used with the Robot Book of Challenges, this rubric is your tool for scoring each team's performance on each of the three challenges: Drag Race, Clean Sweep, and Minefield.
Students imagine they have discovered a new species of animal and must create a 3D model of the animal for a museum exhibit. Everything you need included, planning guide, rubric, museum exhibit card.
A pack of resources for developing Computational Thinking Skills with Foundation/Kindergarten - Year 2 aligned with the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies and ICT General Capability including: 3 lesson plans Single point rubric templates 6 taxonomies and frameworks for integration A glossar

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