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School Counseling Resources

76,508 results

Behavior Management and Self Regulation - Take A Break

All students need an opportunity to refocus, regain composure, reflect, or just take a moment to release stress. By providing a designated and well thought out space in the classroom for students to do just that, you can reduce classroom disruptions, teach self regulation, and provide opportunities to develop coping skills that will last a lifetime. Sometimes students are off task, impulsive, or distracted. Sometimes students carry stress and anxiety that is manifested in the form of impulsive

Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs

Created by
Autism Classroom
Over 2,800 positive reviews!!! See the preview for examples. Thanks in advance for the feedback on these social skills activities.Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs. (Teen edition also available!) Great as a send home packet for distance learning! These social skills printables will work well for any students whose special needs include developmental delays or it may work for younger students in primary grades learning to develop social skills. The prin

Back to School Bulletin Board & Cactus Growth Mindset Goal Setting Craft

Get your students setting goals for a new school year, quarter, or month AND creating a beautiful bulletin board with this kit, which includes both English and Spanish! There are six different plants to choose from, so you can create a whole garden of goals! The prompt on the pots reads, "My goal for growth is..."Here's what you'll get:Craftivity version (to be printed on colored paper) in full and 1/3 page sizesNo prep version (to be printed on white paper) in full and 1/3 page sizesBoth crafti

Behavior Contracts and Behavior Intervention Forms EDITABLE

Created by
This 240 page set contains behavior contracts, behavior intervention forms, behavior calendars, parent communication forms, positive notes home, and more! There are also editable forms for you to type in your own information onto each page. Inside the bundle you will find an English version and a Spanish version. The English version is 100% text-editable so you can type in your own wording or change what is already there.Behavior Contract eBook• Pictures and detailed directions on how to set up

CALM DOWN CORNER: Classroom Management Social Emotional Learning Coping Tools

Our Calm Down Corner kit has EVERYTHING you need to help your students with self-regulation, and will be a true game changer for your classroom management. It's the perfect social emotional learning and behavior management tool that's essential for every elementary classroom! You'll be able to create a beautiful break space where students can independently use coping strategies to self-regulate and manage their big feelings. All the while reducing classroom disruptions, making it easier for you

Growth Mindset: Change Your Words Bulletin Board Set - Editable

Complete bulletin board set to make the Change Your Words Change Your Mindset Bulletin Board. The colored pages include cute borders, backgrounds, and frames to make your bulletin board stand out. The ppt is completely editable, giving you the option to adjust the phrases as you see fit! Included in the set: *Color Brain (*ideal poster size is 18x24 - as shown - from Staples or similar store) *Black and White Brain (for those wanting to color it yourself) *Fixed title *Growth title *Change Yo

Self and Social Focus Sheets - Visuals for Social Development & Self Reflection

Created by
Speechy Musings
Use this resource to make targeting communication, self-awareness, and social knowledge in mixed groups so much easier! This resource includes ideas and visuals for direct instruction, discussion, and self-reflection on a variety of important skills.I use these focus sheets to introduce motivated students to one skill at a time, discuss the skill, and then reflect on their understanding and use of the skill. Included is one half-sheet “focus sheet” for the following skills: Having self-confidenc

Describing and Solving Problems in Speech Therapy: Emotional Regulation Activity

Created by
Speechy Musings
Do you have students on your caseload that have trouble determining how big or small their problems are? They might get very upset when they are told no or lose in a game? Or constantly over-react to small issues?I do! So I created this packet that will help your students better understand their problems and how to solve them ! It will teach them how to figure out the level of their problem on a scale of 1-5, name examples of each, know how to react, and figure out how to solve each problem the

Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, Character Education SEL Curriculum K-2

The mind + heart Social Emotional Learning Curriculum includes 8 units (40+ detailed, character education LESSONS) filled with hands-on and mindful activities that encourage children in Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade to build important social skills and emotional awareness.Teach children the most important lessons in life when they need them the most with units and activities on emotions, self-regulation, growth mindset, empathy, and social awareness, friendship, kindness, respect,

February Valentine's Day Bulletin Board and Door Decor Craft (English & Spanish)

Create an adorable Valentine's Day bulletin board while encouraging students to reflect on the things they love. The cactus pot says "Things I love" and the heart cactus sections prompt, "About myself...," "About my school...," and "About my community..." This kit includes multiple versions of both the low-prep and craftivity version of the cacti to best suit your students, including a Spanish version.Here's what you'll get:Craftivity version (to be printed on colored paper) in half and full-pag

Winter Mindfulness Activity and Winter Craft: Joy and Gratitude Activity

Created by
Counselor Keri
In this winter mindfulness activity, students will participate in a mindfulness exercise to explore joy and warmth through their senses! Use the mindfulness script included to lead students through the exercise and reflect on their experience of joy or warmth in their hearts. Students then create a hot cocoa craft and identify things that bring them joy. This includes a mindfulness script and cut and no-cut craft printables. This activity is perfect for classroom guidance lessons, small group c

Fluency Therapy Activities (Stuttering Therapy)

Created by
Peachie Speechie
This is a collection of engaging, activities for fluency therapy! Low-prep, and lots of fun! This product is positive and supportive to students struggling with fluency disorders. It helps teach fluency strategies and provides many opportunities for practice with a positive and reassuring attitude. It’s OK to stutter! We aren’t trying to eliminate every little repetition. We are trying to teach strategies and decrease disfluencies to make communication easier and more relaxed. Your students will

Positive & Negative Behavior Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}

Created by
This is a collection of 2 sets of clipart showing positive and negative behavior.You are receiving a discount when you purchase this big bundle.Each image file is labeled so you will easily know what the image was designed to show. There is a boy and girl version of each design.The images in this collection are:NEGATIVE BEHAVIORLack of teamwork/co-operationBeing disrespectfulInvading personal spaceNot listeningDistractingDisorganizedKicking someonePinching someonepushing someoneThrowing an objec

Inferencing and Predicting Using Real Pictures for Speech Therapy

Created by
Speechy Musings
Target perspective taking and making inferences and predictions using real pictures with this resource! This resource includes 100 real life picture cards that allow you to provide effective, direct teaching on how to make inferences from picture scenes.Each card includes a visual across the top outlining the "Look", "Think", "Infer", "Predict" strategy (along with sentence starters for students to provide increased support). Next to the photo, there are four questions that require your students

Social Language and Pragmatic Rubrics: Data Tracking and Progress Monitoring

Having a hard time getting a percentage for eye contact or topic maintenance? Putting a percentage to social skills can be tricky. So, I created these social language and pragmatic rubrics to help making tracking progress of these tough areas a bit easier. * There are two rubrics for each area. One rubric has a 1-5 scale with criteria in each corresponding box. The other is a 1-4 scale with narrative criteria for each rating. There are also boxes for you to record the date and score for 9 sessio

Restorative Practices Behavior Reflection Sheets

These Restorative Practices or Restorative Justice behavior reflection sheets that help students process negative choices in a non-threatening and child-friendly way that emphasizes repairing harm and moving forward. They're a simple but powerful behavior management tool that can be incorporated into classroom management plans or student support/student success plans as a behavior intervention.⭐It is particularly powerful when someone else was harmed due to their actions.⭐It’s perfect when the t

Autism Visual Behavior Management - I Feel I Need Visual Aid File Folder

This visual choice board is a simple resource for your special education or inclusion classroom. Providing a student with this file folder visual support may allow him to express his needs without having to find the words. While this visual was designed for students with autism, it can be beneficial for any struggling students. Even verbal students can have trouble retrieving the words or articulating what they need. Offering this simple visual can aid a student in saying "I feel confused.

Emotions Clip Art Set (Educlips Clipart)

Created by
This is a collection of children showing different emotions. The emotions shown in this set are:angry, confused, proud, sad, excited, shy, content, embarrassed, happy, scared, shocked, worried.This set was completely updated in September 2018, and added to this download.The 2018 version includes a boy and girl version for each emotion shown. Word art has also been added.72 images (36 in color and the same 36 in B&W)This set contains all of the images shown.Version 1 (2014)48 images (24 color

Mindfulness Guided Meditations For Self-Regulation, Morning Meetings & SEL

Looking for an easy way to implement mindfulness with your students? These 30 guided meditation scripts are a great, no prep way to help your students be calm, focused, and productive. Students will reflect on various experiences and use mindfulness to stay in the present! They are great to use in the morning, after recess, or any other time when your students could benefit from taking time to be calm and reflective.This resource is part of a mindfulness activities bundle! Click here to save 20%

Behavior Chart {Classroom Behavior Management and Behavior Intervention}

Created by
Brooke Reagan
Behavior Charts PDF and Editable Behavior Charts **Updated November 2021: Update includes new PDF printable behavior charts and editable behavior charts with the capability of adding and deleting rows!Behavior Charts are a must for your classroom to not only track behavior, but to reward positive behavior. Students need to be able to visually see how there day is going and also have a goal or reward to work towards. That is why I created this product that has multiple types of behavior charts. W

Behavior Survival Kit {Data Tracking, Interventions, Reward Charts, and More}

Created by
Haley O'Connor
Do you have students in your class who need extra behavior supports? Are you spending valuable instructional time constantly redirecting a few challenging students, and aren't sure what to do to support them? This packet is FULL of resources, ideas, and tools to help every student in your classroom be successful. This resource is ideal for any primary teacher that needs additional behavior resources to support the students in their class! By working WITH the student, you're able to create strong

Mindfulness Brain Breaks: Classroom Management Coping Skills for Calm + Focus

Bring calm, focus and social emotional learning support into your in-person or distance learning classroom using these effective 48 Mindfulness Brain Breaks. Now in both printable and Google Slides™ digital formats with pre-recorded narration and music. TRY A FREE SAMPLE HERE! What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the here and now without judgement. It can be practiced where ever we find ourselves, in whatever we are doing. The first step into the present mom

Mindfulness Activities and SEL Lessons for Self-Regulation

These mindfulness lessons and activities teach important social emotional skills that helps students build self-regulation and focus. Mindfulness activities include mindful breathing practice, listening to music, coloring, making crafts, and much more. Unlock the calm in your classroom with these engaging lessons!What is Mindfulness?Mindfulness is a self-regulation strategy. It means being present in the moment with your thoughts and feelings without making judgments. This is being aware of what

Let's Talk - A Conversation Card Game - Targets Social Language Skills

Created by
Speechy Musings
Teach conversation skills in a structured way with this fun game that teaches asking questions, making comments, taking turns, and having a conversation about a variety of topics!Your kids will love this simple card game that imitates natural conversation while providing a visual and something tangible to help visualize the flow of conversation! Great for social groups or anybody working on social language skills.Here’s what’s inside:2 pages of 'direction cards' (i.e.: ask a question, make a com
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