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Teaching the 5 stages of grief and loss is a helpful strategy to begin the healing process following a death. This grief wheel provides an opportunity for children to identify the grief stage they are in and to discuss coping solutions to move through their pain. You may print and create the grief
This student focused self-assessment is the perfect behavior management packet for helping students who struggle with outbursts learn what their triggers are and where their strengths lie. It also gives them tools to help with reflection, brainstorming alternate reactions and monitoring their feeli
PRICE SLASHED TO CELEBRATE OVER 600 FOLLOWERS! If you have previously bought this packet please re-download to receive the Valentine's Day, Monster and Chinese New Year game boards for FREE! Over 50% Off the price of buying each game individually!!! THIS IS THE COMPLETE SET! Do you have students
For social workers, teachers, psychologists, and others who participate in the process of creating FBA (functional behavioral assessments) and BIP (behavioral intervention plans). Use this "cheat sheet" to fill in information when creating FBAs and BIPs, which includes: - Descriptions of each cat
Students will find their Meyers-Briggs personality type and relate it to various career opportunities. Includes lesson plan, PowerPoint, and a brief Meyers-Briggs personality assessment. This activity helps students learn about their own personality and what types of jobs fit for career professional
I-statements are a great way to teach kids how to express their feelings. Use this flap-book to give your students an opportunity to practice I-Statements through 4 easy steps. It's easy to use! Prior to the lesson, copy the two pages so they are back to back. Then, have students just fold the pag
I used this assessment as a pre- and post-test for my middle school girls group. It should be administered during the first and last sessions of the group. If you would like to assess data based on students, they may write their name on the test. If you would like to keep it anonymous and analyze
This Managing Anger Survey is a great way to gain information about a student's ability to control their anger. It can be used in classroom lessons, small groups, or individually. I use it as a pre-test in my small anger management groups to identify which skills I need to target the most, and follo
Through games, assessments, fun activities and lessons, students will explore everything surrounding DWIs, BAC, Addiction, Risks, Teenage Binging, alcohol poisoning and more! -----------------------------------------------------------------------Included here:*Powerpoint and note packet*Crossword pu
Students will be actively engaged with a partner to practice solving a conflict with an I-Message. National ASCA Standards are used and noted on the game. Great for skill practice and a great, quick and lively formative assessment.
This chart is a great way to find a baseline for student behavior. It is also a great way to keep data on a child who does not react well to behavior systems. This is a way for the teacher to track a child's behaviors without the child knowing it. I recommend carrying it with you throughout the day
This behavior form can be used with schools using a PBIS model or not. However, schools that are using the PBIS approach and connecting with SWIS, this form is quite compatible. The purpose of this form is to track data for minor and major behaviors, but it's all on one form. Expectations: Behavi
Use this creative coloring assessment as a supplement to the book “In My Heart: A Book of Feelings” by: By: Jo Witek and Christine Roussey. Have students make a color key on the right side (For example: color the box yellow next to the word “Happy”). Pick a color for each feeling word. Ask studen
Here, relationship lessons meet loads of information on psychology and mental health! Your health or life-skills class needs these enriching, eye-opening, and hands-on activities that explore deep issues such as abuse and negative family patterns while also diving in to topics of healing, help and g
Behavior data is something that should be collected on a daily basis. This product has a daily behavior log that can function as frequency data, interval data, or duration data collection. You can also copy front to back with a BIP strategy checklist to show which strategies are used daily. There
These editable, four point self rating scales are teletherapy compatible and for middle and high school students to give you assessment data in the following areas of social skills:Conversation Skills,Self Control,Friendship Skills,Understanding perspective and social cues,Organization and study ski
This is a set of forms to aid in conducting an ABC behavior intervention plan. It includes step by step instructions on how to conduct this analysis, forms to aid in the process, and an example case using the forms.
Help students banish test-taking anxiety and outsmart school stress BEFORE it takes a toll on academic performance! A growing body of research shows that fairly simple interventions targeting attitudes and “ways of thinking” can lower students’ anxiety AND boost achievement levels. High-stakes
These check off lists can be utilized by classroom teachers,social workers, counselors, psychologists, aides, and student teachers to be utilized for collecting data on behaviors, work habits, participation, social skills, and how the student works in groups. The lists are written in a positive wa
Do you need a simple, easy way to obtain academic and behavioral information for students in your school? This evaluation tool will provide you with the information you need to support and write clear data-based Individual Education Programs (IEPs) present levels of performances (PLOPs), data- sup
Frequency Data, identify triggers in the daily schedule. Also good to use for justification of reduced day.
These kids cars punch cards may be used in a variety of activities, games, or lessons as a behavior reinforcement tool. This is a fun way to gain motivation, and watch your students light up with pride:) Included: Twelve punch cards. Sixteen recognition reward cards ("You are awesome"). Sixteen
This lesson focuses on bringing awareness to students about safe and unsafe products for our body. For use with Grades 2-3.INCLUDED IN THIS COMPRESSED FILE:►"Make Safe Choices" Scenario Cards (PDF File)►Lesson Plan (Word Doc) aligned with ASCA standards, including objective, procedures, materials li
Counseling surveys and needs assessments are crucial for collecting data on how successful your program was during the school year and for planning appropriate topics for the next school year. Additionally, guidance curriculum pretests and posttests are effective tools at showing knowledge gained th

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