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This is a story about a monster that comes to school and does not obey school rules. This is a great way to remind students about following directions, staying on task and being respectful of others. This makes a great Counseling and Guidance Lesson. You can print this out and make it into a book o
A social story to discourage running or elopement behaviors written in rhyme. In addition to keeping little people from escaping, it may keep bigger people from participating in an involuntary emergency exercise program. It teaches reasons students should stay with their teacher and class. It also
This social story is a simplified version of my previous Taking Turns is Important to Learn social story. This version uses less language and includes activities to do with others and in the book to practice turn taking and reinforce the concept. This book would be great to use with preschoolers or
A simple, short, cute story about feeling sad and with coping strategies for students to use to feel better. This story is intended for use to help students who frequently cry when sad or when things do not go their way. Please leave me some feedback if you download. :)The following strategies are
This no hurting social narrative story will teach students that hands are not for hurting others. This story can be used for a whole class, small group or individual student discussion . The purpose of this story is to teach students how to use their hands appropriately. Included:1 No Hurting Socia
This fun, rhyming social story teaches the dangers of using mean words and then offers a series of tips to avoid hurting others with words. Word choice, apologizing, thinking before speaking, and tone of voice are all addressed. If you have a student or child who is in the habit of speaking to other
This is a story about a monster that comes to school and does not obey school rules. This is a great way to remind students about following directions, staying on task and being respectful of others. This makes a great Counseling and Guidance Lesson. You can print this out and make it into a book
It's not your place to invade my space. A rhyming social story to teach students about personal space with tips to avoid being a space invaderUpdated February 2016This product now contains three versions of the story plus 10 activity pages.I originally created this book with a black background to go
This set of clip cards is perfect for February or anytime you want to improve beginning social skills for your students. This product contains 76 unique clip cards in color and black and white. The objective for this activity is for students to identify positive behaviors related to making and maint
“I Can Stay Checked In” is a story that breaks down and describes the specific skills involved in paying attention to the teacher and task in the classroom. It can be used to introduce and teach these behaviors to the whole group, or as an intervention delivered within the small group or individual
   As school counseling providers, we are often strapped for time to plan for classroom lessons, small groups and individual student counseling sessions, due to the many hats we wear. This E-Book, 8 FREE Social Skill Mini Lessons was designed to be used with little to no-prep! It’s perfect to use wh
Are you looking for a way to teach self regulation to your students? You have found it. Compliments self regulation series that emphasis colored feelings: Blue (Sad), Green (Calm), Yellow (Worried), Red (Angry). Digital Learning is made easy with Video Links & Google Links to the activities. Th
Being able to show respect is a very important skill for children to develop. In this social story, children learn ways they can show respect both at home and at school. You can use this social story in either individual or group practice. This product includes: Color copy of social story Black
**Updated to include color and black and white versions! A social story that teaches kids what it means to take responsibility by making good choices. When things go wrong, this story gives concrete steps to follow to make them right again. This story teaches how to take responsibility and then g
This fun, rhyming social story was written for a kindergarten student having trouble understanding how to manage his frustration at school. In a new environment, he started hitting other students. This story focuses on strategies to use instead of hitting in several situations including when a frien
Friend Maker or Heart Breaker is a rhyming social story designed to teach students about kindness and making friends. This product provides the book in color and black and white versions, Four activity pages supporting the book are also included. 43 total pages Keywords: social story, kindness, sh
Teach your students the difference between tattling and reporting with this easy to understand story. This cute story can be use individually, in a small group or as a whole class lesson. Read this simple story with your younger students to help them identify the difference between tattling and repo
Please check out my newest book, Socially Skilled: 62 Social Skills Lessons for Adolescents with Behavior Disorders or Autism Spectrum Disorders to get the best and most up-to-date materials. Books in the E2E series are non-sequential; choose the book that best fits YOUR students' needs!The book lis
Worry Activity: Meet the Worry Whale - a kind and gentle creature who will share your burden when you are feeling worried! This resource includes a PPT story and printable PDF story that describes worry & 3 strategies for managing worry in the moment and introduces the worry whale. Students can
Today's children are bombarded with problems that would cause even the most well-adjusted adults to fall apart. Worrying about standardized tests, bullying, and various problems at home are among the many problems children face on a daily basis. Teachers, parents, and caregivers can help children
Mindful Mornings Mindfulness Activities: This ebook is packed with easy to use, scripted mindfulness activities to appeal to a wide variety of students! Guide your students through simple controlled breathing exercises, guided mediations, and movement-based mindfulness exercises to help them build a
This digital story will help you introduce your role as a school counselor to the students in your school. Share this story, along with the activities the weeks after school begins to help children understand what you can do to help them throughout the year. Full video with professional read-aloud o
This therapeutic story for children struggling with separation anxiety and school refusal will help open the conversation about anxiety and coping skills. The sweet story is about a puppy named Sam, who is anxious about starting school. Through reassurance and love, Sam's parents share their feeli
It's not legit to throw a fit! A rhyming social story to discourage tantrums and teach appropriate ways to get what you want. This social story begins with examples of when tantrums may occur and follows them with a catchy verse specific to the situation. Here is an example. Oh, no! Say it isn’t

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