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★Why this game? It imitates natural conversation while providing a visual and something tangible to help visualize the flow of conversation! In addition, it provides practice asking questions, making comments, taking turns, and having a conversation about a variety of topics! Great for social groups
If your staff and coworkers need a gut-busting giggle, this staff morale booster Would You Rather game will get the job done.  Relate with each other through laughter and the classic “would you rather” game. Perfect for those few precious moments between classes or down-time during professional deve
I am always searching for new ways to address pragmatic skills with my students who struggle socially, AND I work with special education teachers who are always looking for ways to address social and behavior skills with their students. Address pragmatic, social, and behavior skills with these fun s
Meet Professor Cranium! He's here to teach you social skills and this week he's focusing on Social Filters! This packet features multi-modal instruction for Social Filters including an instruction booklet, 3 different practice activities, voting cards, bracelets, desk visuals, homework, awards, and
Conversation Starters Card Game is a fun card game that your students will love playing! As students play, they are asked to either ask or answer questions that will help students get to know one another and facilitate conversations. There are 104 questions and each color has it's own specific typ
Works great for telepractice and teletherapy!Finally...all my No Print Packs for one great price! Perfect for your iPad or computer! These No Print Packs are full of activities that you can begin right away on any computer or iPad. As a speech therapist, I know how valuable our time is (and how long
“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!” Learning social skills can feel like the journey to the Emerald City. Join Dorothy and her friends on the yellow brick road and practice a variety of social skills. page 5: Parent Letter page 6: Reference Poster page 7: YouTube links for sho
This Career Bingo game is great for a fun elementary school counseling career education lesson! Includes 30 unique bingo cards, 24 community helper description cards with 3 clues/facts per career to teach students about interests/work environment of the careers listed, and bingo markers with career
These low-prep counseling prompts will work with almost any game you already have – I use them almost daily at my school! Each set of prompts is coded by number and color. Roll a 5? Respond to prompt #5! Drew a yellow card? Respond to the yellow prompt! Questions/prompts are worded so that they can
This social skills pack features activities for Thanksgiving. For more information and previews visit SpeechRoomNews.blogspot.com. Social Problem Solving (16 cards) Each card contains a social situation that could take place at Thanksgiving. Determine what you should do. Thanksgiving Idioms (12
Do your students have a difficult time having conversations with peers or adults? Practice positive communication skills with the Conversations-Go-Around Game! Perfect for small groups or individual counseling sessions. The 40 unique conversation prompts make great ice breakers and journaling prom
Mindfulness has been a GAME CHANGER in my classroom! It has helped me to deescalate so many situations in a safe and calm way. My kids have learned how to self regulate their emotions through mindfulness and it has made my classroom community STRONG! PLEASE NOTE: This Calm Down Corner Kit is valid f
Coping Skills Card Game is fun card game that your students will love playing! As students play, they are asked to answer questions that will test their coping skills and will help you to facilitate discussion regarding how to handle different situations and emotional regulation. Contains:✔ 124 G
Teach your students the difference between big, medium and little deals (problems) and to think of reasonable solutions. This resource will help students learn decision making and problem solving skills. Included:1 Set of DirectionsBIG, Medium and Little Deal Posters1 BIG, Medium and Little Deal Ex
This bingo game was designed to help students learn many different coping strategies that they can use if they are stressed, angry, frustrated, or upset. It works best after students have already been introduced to the idea of what coping skills are. Two versions are included - one for younger stude
Meet the School Counselor!This game is great for upper elementary students to review the role of the school counselor. The game cards can be used to help facilitate a class discussion, or they can be used with a Nerf basketball hoop as a team game. My students enjoy this game each year while revie
Anger management is a vital skill for our students. Many kids are overpowered by intense emotions and need to be taught how to respond when they are frustrated. I've had a lot of success teaching my students anger management strategies through games and activities based off of picture books. The a
REAL LIFE pictures showing children's emotions, sorting feelings activity (sad, happy, mad, scared, silly, bored). This Autism Sorting Board EMOTIONS activity comes complete with 24 Emotions Sorting Cards, two Sorting Boards (to be attached or used individually), 24 Emotions Flashcards, and two St
Teach your students to be “Social Butterflies” with this super fun game that targets Social Language Skills, one of my favorite areas to address! Many of our students struggling with these skills have difficulty building relationships and interacting with peers. This can lead to difficulties and res
Many kids are so desperate to have friends that they are willing to ignore rude behavior. Over time, they start to accept controlling and hostile behavior as a normal part of their relationships with other people. Help your students develop better friendships by teaching them the qualities of a
Sometimes we have to disguise learning into games! Students love Candyland®, but don't always like talking about bullying, anger control, or problem-solving. Students of all ability levels love moving their piece along the same Candyland® board they've come to know and love, and hardly even realiz
This scoot game is adapted from my original scoot game in my School Counselor's December Activity Pack. This product is simply an "any time" version and is very similar to the original minus the reindeer names and clip art. Is it Bullying? Scoot Game is a fun whole class activity involving movem
This bundle includes 7 escape room activities with interactive challenges related to coping strategies, executive functioning skills, growth mindset, managing emotions, and conflict resolution. Students work together in small groups to solve a variety of puzzles and challenges in order to discover t
This elementary school counseling self-control group teaches students self-control through engaging and fun activities! Wiggle Worms is a complete 8 week self-control group including outlines with ASCA Standards and Objectives. This self-control group is perfect for younger students who struggle wit

showing 1-24 of 3,241 results

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