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This interactive, eye-catching lesson on bullying will have everyones attention!In this 4th/5th grade classroom lesson, "Bullying - What it is, what it isn't, and how to stop it", students will: (1) Learn the difference between rude, mean, and bullying (2) Practice identifying mean vs. bullying with
Once teens are old enough to begin to look for a part time job they often have many questions. This program will help prepare teens as they begin to look for their first job and is perfect for class lessons or individual student meetings! This program offers: ☆ Tips on how to find a job ☆ Guidance
Teach your students what you really want them to know about What Bullying Is, What It Isn't, and How To Stop It in this 30 minute lesson!In this classroom lesson, students will: (1) Learn the difference between rude, mean, and bullying (2) Practice identifying mean vs. bullying with short, engaging
Teach your 2nd grade students what you really want them to know about What Bullying Is, What It Isn't, and How To Stop It in this 30 minute lesson!In this classroom lesson, students will: (1) Learn the difference between rude, mean, and bullying (2) Learn how to stand up for themselves and others u
Teach and practice problem solving life skills with a whiteboard and dry erase markers. Resource includes: -Step by step interactive whiteboard lesson using a house to increase engagement. This fun layout may be used as an anchor chart. -1 worksheet for practicing problem solving skills independent
Use this presentation to introduce the concept of 3 types of strangers to your students. This 28-page PDF presentation teaches the concepts of 3 types of strangers with scenario questions, trusted adults, answering the phone safely, and what to do when a stranger is at the door. This stranger danger
This resource will quickly become a valued program in your student support toolkit! This non-editable PowerPoint program discusses the differences between snitching and reporting, bullying and conflict vs. accidents or misunderstandings. The focus of this program is to educate students to understan
This pre-planned presentation on Transactional Analysis is anything but canned. (Get it? Canned?) Transactional Analysis can be super useful in the school setting! Who says there's no time for theory in school counseling? Using mason jar piggy banks and basic banking terms, this lesson covers... ♥
This is a powerpoint that can be used as an initial lesson for teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation. It provides video clips, simulation questions, etc. The powerpoint has informational notes at the bottom of the slides. I use these to help guide talking points and add connections t
This interactive lesson on offline & online bullying and meanness will have everyone's attention! This tried and true lesson, used and tweaked for 2 years before it's release, is now ready for YOU! This 5th/6th grade classroom lesson, "Bullying - What it is, What it isn't, and How to stop it Of
This powerpoint provides students in grades 6-12 with information about mental health and how it is negatively affected by alcohol use. Students are educated about the negative effects of teen drinking and provided with healthy alternatives to improving their mood. This slide looks at the science be
This PowerPoint presentation describes stress, general adaptation syndrome, and stress management techniques. It also contains webquest activities. It addresses four of the National Health Education Standards and is appropriate for middle and junior high school classes. Key words: Stress, stress ma
This is a short presentation for teachers, counselors, or other support staff to use with 8th grade students preparing to register for the 9th grade. It covers some tips for entering high school, some common high school terminology, and has space for students to reflect on their feelings about the m
This is a prezi I created of the top jobs in 10 industries for the year 2016. It lists jobs and median annual salary from a CNN article. I share this information to help guide my students in their post graduation plans.
101 Words You Should Know for College presents to students college survival terminology and concepts they will need to become familiar with as they make plans for, and look forward to, attending college/university.Vocabulary is presented in the following categories:GeneralGraduationTranscriptsCredit
Career skills curriculum - Visual Interactive Lecture Presentation formatted like a social narrative with mini quiz that gives instant correct/incorrect feedback. Great for secondary special education students, distance or remote learningThis unit focuses on pre-vocational vocabulary and skills on w
I wrote this for a college presentation to professors at Metro Denver. Over time, I expanded it to include the social history of the Disability Rights movement. It includes the dark history of the eugenics movement around the world, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and other historic figures in the
Learning Goal: Your existence is not a chance of nature. You are God’s creation to do great things for him. This workshop discusses 1) how and why we were created, 2) destroying the lies of the enemy regarding any insecurities you may have, and 3) restoring the image that others or you, yourselves
This PowerPoint provides a template that teachers and counselors can use when explaining how to approach writing the college application essay. The template can be edited and customized to suit one's desired message for students.
This lecture was created for HS level introductory psychology. It covers the differences between love and attachment, explains the major attachment theories, discusses brain activity related to love, the types of love, as well as indicatorsof both healthy and unhealthy relationships. The last slide
Build resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles with this socioemotional learning lesson plan! This is a fully customizable lesson plan.What concepts are taught in this lesson plan?The concept of grit and its importance in achieving goals and sustaining effortFixed vs. growth mindset, with ex
The Manage Your Stress and Learn Coping Skills PowerPoint program will assist you to teach your student about stress and how to cope with it. This 21 page non-editable PowerPoint will allow you to teach students, teachers, school staff and parents about stress. Learners will discover: ✓ What stress
A PowerPoint I use with my kids as a game. I let them click to the next slide to see if it was a good choice (thumbs up) or a bad choice (thumbs down) Then a couple video clips I let them choose from. This game is great for small groups or classroom lessons on friendship skills.
This video was created to give students an introduction to mindfulness, its many benefits, and some tips for practicing it. With so many benefits to physical and mental health, it's critical that we start training our students to practice mindful activities. Mindfulness has been shown to improve m

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