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Looking for an easy way to implement mindfulness with your students? These 30 guided meditation scripts are a great, no prep way to help your students be calm, focused, and productive. Students will reflect on various experiences and use mindfulness to stay in the present! They are great to use in t
This activity teaches kids how to identify whether something is within their control or not, which can be useful for kids with anxiety, anger, lack of focus, motivation, or other social & emotional concerns. There are 3 separate sets of instructions for individual counseling, small groups, and
This engaging and interactive back to school activity will make an amazing addition to your get-to-know-you fun! There are a variety of options to choose from to make it work for your classroom! :) Options Included:*Class Puzzle {Whole Group}*Small Group Team Puzzle {3 Different Puzzles}*Take Home F
The resources included in this product are designed to assist you in teaching the foundations of behavior by understanding expected and unexpected behaviors through simple hands on, visual, engaging activities. INCLUDED:★ Expected/unexpected behavior visuals★ File folders related to behaviors★ Cut a
Teach your students the difference between big, medium and little deals (problems) and to think of reasonable solutions. This resource will help students learn decision making and problem solving skills. Included:1 Set of DirectionsBIG, Medium and Little Deal Posters1 BIG, Medium and Little Deal Ex
The resources included in this project are designed to assist you in teaching the foundations of emotional regulation through hands on experiences, visuals, and simple, structured interventions. INCLUDED:★ Color coded emotions posters★ Coping skills visuals★ File folders related to emotional regulat
Social Skills Loops are the cure for the common card game! Perfect for the traveling SLP, push-in services, and having lots of fun without a mess! I put for a grade range of 3-6 for this activity to make sure the situations are applicable. The format is elementary and middle school friendly, so ol
The resources included in this product are designed to assist you in teaching the students the size of their everyday problems and appropriate reactions through hands on experiences, visuals, scenarios, group activities, self reflection, and independent practice!INCLUDED:★ Ideas for use★ Size of the
If you're like me, you were extraordinarily moved by the "I wish my teacher knew..." movement and hashtag on Twitter. Thanks to Denver teacher Kyle Schwartz, many of us have begun to discover things that our students want us to know but have not before shared with us. This is a way to build and main
Are your students struggling with being honest? These no prep honesty activities are a great way to get your students learning about what honesty is, why its important and how to practice it. This is a great resource for non-readers and can be used in individual, small group or classroom lessons. **
“My Calm Tools Keychain: A Teaching Tool and Visual Prompt” can be used to teach, practice and eventually prompt the younger, more behaviorally challenged student to use positive replacement behaviors as an alternative to acting out. It presents visual and written examples of strategies the studen
Do you have students whose reactions do not match the size of their problems? It takes time and practice for children to be able use emotional regulation to appropriately react to their problems. Perfect for school counselors, social workers, special education teachers, and speech-language pathologi
This self esteem small group plan will help your students to learn about what self esteem is, celebrate their strengths, cope with low self esteem, and build the self esteem of others. This resource includes 6 NO PREP sessions that include a detailed lesson plan with objectives, discussion points an
Personal space is a social skill that some students struggle to understand. This resource will help teach your students to stay in their own personal space and to understand some possible social cues that their personal space level is not appropriate. Included with this resource are the following ma
A primary kit designed to explore students emotions and feelings. This kit is designed to go along with the book, The Way I Feel by Janan Cain. Students can learn to define what their feelings are using this kit. There is a chart for your to print and laminate, just add velcro or magnets onto the ba
This pack contains 501 Social Skills-themed open-ended discussion prompts to use as discussion starters in speech therapy, counseling, social skills group, ABA therapy, and similar settings. These prompts come in both a flash card and a list format. I took many of the activities directly from my We
Thought traps are negative ways of thinking that interfere with our mood and behaviors. By being aware of our thinking, we have power over changing how we feel for the better and making prideful actions. Included in this product are 80 pages of visual handouts, posters, game, and worksheets that d
This is a great small group lesson for anger management. It helps students understand what triggers their anger. It takes students through scaffolded activities that support their awareness of the types of events that make them angry and provide them with examples of those events to promote discussi
Color Your Feelings is an art therapy project that can be used for feeling identification and exploration. This resource is perfect for intake sessions, individual sessions, and group counseling. The file includes 35 unique templates that can be used to help individuals identify and explore their em
Anger management and poor impulse control begins with self-awareness, following with the introduction and practice of coping skills. This product includes a sweet story of a shark that becomes angry when things do not go his way. His anger is shown in both his physical sensations and his actions. Af
Not bad behavior is a pragmatic language activity for our younger students/clients (4-8) that teach the concept of unexpected versus expected behaviors using games and activities. There are activities for a group as well as individual work, just what is EXPECTED!Included:Expected versus unexpected
#thankyouheroesEquip your students with tools to help manage their anger! The "TACO" 'Bout It strategy gives students steps to take when their emotions are getting the best of them. T: Take 3 deep breathsA: Ask for help from a teacher or friendC: Choose calm wordsO: Overcome the obstacle This pack i
Introduce your program with these editable flipbooks. Students will flip for the school counselor with this back to school activity. Once completed, they can keep the book as a stress relieving coloring book. Editable titles and content for social workers and other specialists as well. Topic Pag
In my elementary school setting I have teachers come up to me almost every week requesting behavior support stories for their students. I thought that since there is such a need for these stories, I would compile a comprehensive collection of social stories, resulting in this Mega Bundle!There is a

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