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Behavior Data Sheets EDITABLE MegaPack for Special Ed & RTI
This huge set of behavior data sheets are designed for easy use to assess and monitor problem behavior in your classroom. More than 35 data sheets included. Each of the data sheets is editable within PowerPoint and you can see what is editable and how in this video.⭐⭐If you are a member of the Speci

Also included in: Preschool-Elementary Special Education-Autism Classroom Starter Bundle


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Social Language Informal Assessment
Do you need to assess the social and pragmatic skills of higher functioning students at the K-5th grade levels?Would you love to have an evaluation that literally wrote the report for you?Then this informal assessment is PERFECT for you!This is an informal (non-standardized) assessment. It should be

Also included in: Bundle: Starter Pack for Social Skills


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Emotional Regulation Task Cards
Emotional self-regulation involves a whole bunch of different skills, like recognizing our own and others’ feeling states, responding proportionately to problems and frustrations, understanding how our behaviors impact others, and keeping or regaining control in the face of strong feelings. Whew!Wh

Also included in: Emotional Regulation Activity Bundle - Save 25%!


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Speech & Language Report Template BUNDLE
Swamped with evaluations and have no time to meet with the students let alone do the write-ups? Save amazing amounts of time with these speech & language evaluation report temples. Save 20% on all of these individual listings included:Articulation & Phonology TemplatesSchool Age Language Tem


Data Collection Sheets for Special Education Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Etc.
In today's Data-Driven classrooms, it's important to have the right forms to take accurate and meaningful data. If you're a special education or even a general education teacher, this is the pack that will help you do that! Data Collection will be quick and easy with this 23-page pack- enjoy!Here'

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Curriculum Based Social Language Assessments for Grades K-5 Aligned with CCSS
Social Language is often so difficult to assess. That's why I created the Social Language Version of my Curriculum-Based Assessments for grades K-5. The term “curriculum-based assessment” (CBA) simply means measurement that uses "direct observation and recording of a student's performance in the loc

Also included in: Curriculum-Based Language Assessments {BUNDLE}


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School Counselor-Test Anxiety Self-Assessment & Coping Skills Handout
This self-assessment helps students to understand test anxiety, it's purpose, and how to manage it. It allows adults to see how anxiety impacts student(s) and gives insight on how to assist. Survey also includes a "Coping Skills Guide" with lots of tips for test taking and ways to manage anxiety.

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Individual Counseling Tool: Check In Lapbook Includes Distance Learning Version
This interactive lapbook is a great way to start and end individual counseling sessions. It gives you a quick idea of how the student is doing when they come in and where their head's at when they leave. This tool is something that can be used with each session with students - consistency in counsel

Also included in: Individual Counseling Tools Bundle


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Social Language Informal Assessment #2
“Social Pragmatic Informal Language Assessment #2” provides the SLP with invaluable informal information about a child’s skills in social language and social thinking areas. The assessment is not standardized, but can be used as one part within a broader array of tests when evaluating for autism spe

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Early Childhood Speech and Language Screener
This observation form will guide you through speech and language targets to look for during your play-based assessment. Includes my handy dandy tool for calculating MLU on the spot in under 30 seconds! It also includes the link to the VIDEO demonstration of how to do it. Simply use the blanks to

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Editable K-8 Social Emotional Learning Checklists
Over 100 pages of Social and Emotional Standards Checklists for grade K-8. Perfect for intervention groups, evaluations, progress monitoring, and SEL programs. PDF and Editable Powerpoint included. CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) has established five areas of Soc

Also included in: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Bundle for Individual Behavior Plans


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Curriculum Based Social Language Assessments for MS HS Aligned with CCSS
Social Language is often so difficult to assess. That's why I created the Social Language Version of my Curriculum-Based Assessments for middle school and high school students. The term “curriculum-based assessment” (CBA) simply means measurement that uses "direct observation and recording of a stud

Also included in: Curriculum-Based Language Assessments {BUNDLE}


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ABC Data Sheets (Editable)
ABC (Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence) data sheets are a great way to identify behavioral patterns and possible functions for challenging behavior. This ABC data pack includes an editable PowerPoint version and a non-editable PDF version.The following forms and documents are included:-5 ABC Data Chec

Also included in: Special Education Data Sheet Growing Bundle


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Motivation Survey - find out what ACTUALLY motivates your toughest students!
Find out what actually motivates your toughest students! Don’t miss out on this resource you will use over and over again for years!! Do you ever have a tough student that behavioral interventions are just not working? Well, this resource is for you! This resource was designed and tested to to h

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Quick Meetings with the School Counselor (K-12)
Quick meetings are a way for you to have quick check-ins with many students in a small amount of time. The meetings can be done individually (to speak face-to-face with each student) or as a class assessment. (Instructions for both are included). Assessment questions about: friendships, self, schoo

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Learner Profiles: Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles
Use these learner profiles to help your students identify how they learn best! I have included a colored and black and white version of each. The first learner profile includes the three basic learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The second learner profile includes Howard Gardner's 8

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Student Observation Form Editable
This editable WORD form has all the information you need to conduct a student classroom observation and can also serve as your finished report. This form allows you to document the following, in your report, using a checklist, with room to write other information you would like to include: ✓Activiti

Also included in: School Counselor Starter Bundle


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Create IEP Behavior Plans: Editable FBAs, BIPs, Surveys, & Sample Goals
Ready to analyze behavior and write an effective Behavior Improvement Plan? This packet will provide you with sheets to conduct and write a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). You will then use the information from the FBA to write an effective Behavior Improvement Plan. All documents for the F

Also included in: Special Education Teacher Tools: Classroom Bundle for Inclusion & Resource Room


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Pragmatic Language Questionnaire: Use for informal social skills assessment
NEW!! Check my TPT store to find my NEW Pragmatic Language Progress Report that is intended for use along with this informal social skills assessment. Once you've completed your social skills therapy or class, use the Pragmatic Language Progress Report to communicate skills and progress to parents.

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IEP Writing Help Bundle: Special Education Students Inclusion & Severe/Moderate
Easily Write Individual Education Programs for Special Education Students in Inclusion AND Severe/Moderate Students in a Self-Contained SettingWhen I first started writing IEPs (Individualized Education Program), I spent hours trying to perfect the language within them. I found myself constantly ope


Free Behavior Support & Functional Behavior Assessment Checklist (Free)
Are you needing to complete a functional behavior assessment for your student with special needs or developmental delays? This 5 -page product contains behavior support questions to ask yourself or to ask a team when attempting to find the function of a student’s challenging behavior. There are

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Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Bundle for Individual Behavior Plans
The Behavior Evaluation Bundle is a comprehensive set of behavior documents for special education evaluations and functional behavior assessments (FBA). This resource helps you collect all the data necessary to develop effective behavior intervention plans for K-8. It includes interviews, data colle


Fold & Sort - Behavior Pack
This resource was designed to assist you in teaching the foundations of behavior by understanding expected and unexpected behaviors through a simple, hands on task!INCLUDED:★ Expected/unexpected picture sort★ Red feelings/green feelings sort★ Blue feelings/yellow feelings sort★ Big problem/small pro

Also included in: Expected and Unexpected Behavior Bundle


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Function of Social Communication Assessment (Pragmatics, Social Skills, Test)
I am SO EXCITED about this pragmatics assessment! Based on all the most recent research, this tool will add clarity to the difficulty that can happen with pragmatic assessments. The goal being - to determine WHY these difficulties are happening so that the appropriate type of support can be given (a

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