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Emotional Regulation Task Cards
Emotional self-regulation involves a whole bunch of different skills, like recognizing our own and others’ feeling states, responding proportionately to problems and frustrations, understanding how our behaviors impact others, and keeping or regaining control in the face of strong feelings. Whew!Wh

Also included in: Emotional Regulation Activity Bundle - Save 25%!


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Positive Thinking Cards
This deck was designed to help students learn how to change negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s helpful for students who struggle with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or other mental health issues. The download includes 2 separate decks – a version for older students and a version for

Also included in: Self-Esteem Complete Bundle


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Negative Thinking Activities to Recognize Automatic Negative Thoughts
This resource will help students understand, recognize, and challenge their negative thinking or negative talk. Everyone struggles with cognitive distortions from time to time. Many of the students we see for counseling struggle with negative thinking patterns every day. They don’t recognize their n

Also included in: CBT Activities Bundle for School Counseling


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Worry Ninja Power Cards
These six power cards have strategies children can use to combat anxiety just like "Worry Ninjas." Several of the cards reinforce concepts from Dawn Huebner's book, "What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Anxiety."*UPDATE* I have added a "junior" set of the same cards where I've simpl

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*Distance Learning* Train Conversation Cards
This train-themed activity was designed to help students learn how to have reciprocal conversations. It’s especially helpful for students with Autism, Cognitive Impairments, or other social difficulties. It contains 16 different conversations with 6 exchanges each, plus blank cards so you can create

Also included in: Social Skills Complete Bundle (Grades K-2)


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Identifying Feelings and Emotions with Definitions and Body Language Cues
Are you looking for a way to teach your students to identify and describe emotions and their body language cues? This go-to resource will make it easy and fun with engaging pictures and simple wording! Flash cards are included and can easily be used with any open-ended game.***This item is now avail

Also included in: Feelings and Emotions Definitions, Body Language, and Practice Packet BUNDLE


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Emotional Regulation Activity Bundle - Save 25%!
Do you have students who are easily overwhelmed by their feelings? Who can’t think of more than one solution to a problem, or who have the same kind of huge upset reaction whether they have a paper cut or a death in the family?Emotional regulation is the most important life skill we teach. Many chi


Semantic Absurdities
Something is not quite right in these pictures... "A lion doesn't belong in a doghouse! A dog does!" Your students will enjoy describing/ naming "whats silly" about the scenes on each flashcard. There are also pages included for children to draw a picture in a scene to make it semantically absurd!

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Feelings and Emotions Definition Cards and Posters
The Feelings Card's resource includes 24 feelings task cards with definitions and examples, along with a few worksheets and 4 feelings posters (anger, sad, fear, happy) for references. Identify feelings and sensations in the body. Describe when one would experience the specific feeling. Note beh

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What I Can and Can't Control Sorting and Discussion Activity
Use this supplemental activity to practice the concept of what I can and can't control! Students sort and discuss 56 relatable scenarios (with 8 blank to customize!) onto a sorting mat with balloons. The mat references the idea of "letting go" the things that cannot be controlled. After sorting a

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Problem Solving &  Predicting Social Skills
Are you looking for good problem solving materials for your early elementary students? STAND is an acronym to help teach students the STEPS for problem solving. (Stop, Think, Anaylyze, Name, Decide.) This download is designed to provide multiple opportunities for students to identify and explain

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Ugly Sweater Positive Thinking Matching Game
This fun “Ugly Holiday Sweater” themed game will teach students how to change their “ugly” negative thoughts into positive ones. Included: *24 ugly sweater thought cards (12 negative thought and corresponding positive thought cards) *Decorative Card Fronts (optional to use) *Ugly Sweater Sorting

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Superhero Power Cards for Social-Emotional Skills
Power cards are portable visual cue cards that help students generalize new skills or remind them of expectations in an engaging way. My students love them because they get to keep them and show them off to others. The skills on these 6 superhero power cards are ones that will help most children:

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Feelings/Emotions Posters and Flash Cards - School Counseling
These feeling printables are perfect for posters, calm-down corners, flash cards, o-ring books, and more! 20 emotions are included in boy and girl format, color and black/white, and full page, half page, and quarter page size printing options. Keep in touch: Counselor Keri on Pinterest Counselor Ker

Also included in: School Counseling Centers Bundle: 50+ Social Emotional Learning SEL Activities


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Boundary Setting: Saying NO Politely Scripted Cards 4 Self Esteem; Pink
Assertiveness is an important skill to have for the purpose of educating another person what one's emotional, physical, or social needs are. Whether it be in individual counseling, group therapy, a student in distress, or a classroom discussion, when not comfortable answering a question, engaging

Also included in: Girl Drama and Friendship Therapy Tools BUNDLE


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Social Skills Behavior Yes No Autism Special Education
Social Skills Behavior Yes/No clip cards for students with autism and special education needs.After reading a short sentence your students with answer one of the following questions:Is this gentle?Is this kind?Is this caring?Is this sharing?Is this OK?Is this helpful?This set contains 30 Easy Prep c

Also included in: Social Skills Life Skills BUNDLE Autism Independent Tasks


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Positive Affirmation Cards for Positive Thinking and Healthy Self-Esteem
This set of 48 positive affirmation cards (in color and BW) are perfect for helping students develop positive thinking habits, a healthy self-esteem, and a persistent attitude. These are great for students who struggle with confidence and negative thinking, but can also be used as part of a positive

Also included in: Positive Thinking Lesson, Game, and Activity Bundle


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Friend Files trading cards
Use these 8 designs to help your students develop "Friend Files" on their friends and classmates, which will encourage them (especially those on the autism spectrum) to think about others’ interests and to have a starting point for social interactions. These resemble collectible cards, with a plac

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Self Regulation and Behavior Management Key Ring
Help your students to self regulate their emotions with this key ring. This key ring guides students to regulate their emotions in a manner that is acceptable in the classroom, playground, home or wherever they may be. Regulating emotions is a fundamental skill in the development of a child and con

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#distancelearning Boom Cards Social Inferences for Middle and High School
Are you looking for interactive ways to teach middle and high school students about understanding social cues and making social inferences? Are your students in speech therapy or social skills less than excited about most social skills activities? It's time to try Boom cards for social skills!

Also included in: #distancelearning Boom Cards Social Skills Bundle Middle High School


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No Biting Visual Cue Card
Use this double sided card for visual supports for students who engage in self-injurious behaviors. On one side of the card there is a large picture with the words "I will not bite myself." On the backside there is a list of replacement behaviors along with pictures of the rules. ................

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Monster Feelings and Emotions Cards Freebie
Use these flash cards to help your students learn to identify and label basic emotions while having fun at the same time! You can also use these cards to play a variety of matching games to practice and reinforce the skills they have learned. Emotions included: Happy, Confused, Surprised, Sad, Pro

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Friendship Booster or Buster? A Social Skills Sorting Activity
20 different cards that describe a positive social interaction (Friendship Booster) or a negative social interaction (Friendship Buster). Great for individual, small group, or large group activities.

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Feelings Flash Cards 3
Gretchen Rose from Speckled Moose Counseling had a wonderful idea---to take my Feelings Posters and use them to make a feelings check-in chart. It was brilliant, but I wanted one where the faces would be larger and I'd have more options for kids to choose from. And---oh yes---I also thought it wou

Also included in: Emotional Regulation Activity Bundle - Save 25%!


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