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Conversation Starters Card Game
Conversation Starters Card Game is a fun card game that your students will love playing! As students play, they are asked to either ask or answer questions that will help students get to know one another and facilitate conversations. There are 104 questions and each color has it's own specific typ

Also included in: I Know Card Game Counseling Bundle | Social Emotional Learning


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Coping Skills Card Game
Coping Skills Card Game is fun card game that your students will love playing! As students play, they are asked to answer questions that will test their coping skills and will help you to facilitate discussion regarding how to handle different situations and emotional regulation. Contains:✔ 124 G

Also included in: I Know Card Game Counseling Bundle | Social Emotional Learning


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Any Game Counseling Prompts for 26 Different Topics
These low-prep counseling prompts will work with almost any game you already have – I use them almost daily at my school! Each set of prompts is coded by number and color. Roll a 5? Respond to prompt #5! Drew a yellow card? Respond to the yellow prompt! Questions/prompts are worded so that they can

Also included in: School Counselor Starter Bundle


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Size of the Problem, Big Deal vs Little Deal
Teach your students the difference between big, medium and little deals (problems) and to think of reasonable solutions. This resource will help students learn decision making and problem solving skills. Inlcuded:1 Set of DirectionsBIG, Medium and Little Deal Posters1 BIG, Medium and Little Deal E

Also included in: Distance Learning School Counseling Bundle


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Self-Control Counseling Group Wiggle Worms - School Counseling Group
This elementary school counseling self-control group teaches students self-control through engaging and fun activities! Wiggle Worms is a complete 8 week self-control group including outlines with ASCA Standards and Objectives. This self-control group is perfect for younger students who struggle wit

Also included in: School Counseling Group Curriculum BUNDLE 10 Ready to Use Counseling Groups


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CBT Game for School Counseling and Social Emotional Learning
The Helper Squad is here to grow students' social-emotional skills in small group counseling and individual counseling. Just like you, these 5 engaging characters are focused on helping students develop necessary SEL skills.This printable counseling game will get your students practicing feelings id

Also included in: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Game BUNDLE for school counseling


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Empathy Activities For Social Skills Lessons
These empathy puzzles are an engaging and hands on way to help your students understand the feelings of others and learn to respond empathetically! Students will look at each of the 12 feelings covered and match it to the correct situation and response. This activity is perfect for your small group

Also included in: Empathy Activities Bundle (Save 20%!)


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Conversation Starter Cards Group Counseling Lunch Bunch Icebreakers Activities
This resource includes 72 conversation-starting alternative option cards that are perfect icebreaker activities for lunch bunch activities, individual student counseling, or small group counseling icebreakers. The questions include embarrassing scenarios, academic preferences, learning style choices

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Self Control Games For Managing Impulsivity
Are your students struggling to think before they act? These engaging, low prep self control games will help your students learn what self control is, why it’s important and get to practice it! They are perfect for individual, small group and classroom counseling lessons!This resource is also part

Also included in: Social Skills Games Bundle {Save 20%}


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Emotions Activities | Emotions Games | Feelings Activities
The resources included in this product are designed to promote emotional literacy through hands on experiences, visuals, games, group activities, and independent practice!The emotions covered in the included activities are: angry, bored, confused, disappointed, embarrassed, excited, happy, nervous,

Also included in: Emotion Identification Resources Bundle


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School Counseling Game for Self Regulation Strategies and Coping Skills
This self regulation game has students practice identifying strategies to use when confronted with triggers that affect their ability to stay in control of their emotions, thoughts, and behavior. The supplemental materials included address the different types of triggers and matching the right strat

Also included in: Self Regulation Game Bundle


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Conflict Resolution Role Play Activities
This interactive conflict resolution lesson will get your students up and moving as they role play solving real life conflicts. Students will pair up and travel through 8 stations, where they will role play various conflicts and work to find a solution. This activity is the perfect way to make your

Also included in: Conflict Resolution Activities Bundle (Save 20%!)


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In A Pickle--Decision Making Social Skills Task Cards
In A Pickle will help your students learn decision making skills. Students will learn about choices and consequences and then look at different situations and discuss the choices to be made. Posters, worksheets, and additional scenarios complete the lesson.Contains:✔ 32 Question Cards✔ Direction

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Self-Control Counseling Game- Think it or Say it
Self-control is an essential social skill that some students need help to develop. Part of the social skill of self-control is the ability to filter one’s thoughts. The Think It or Say It game was created to assist students in learning what thoughts should be kept inside their head (think it thought

Also included in: Counseling Games Bundle


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"No-Print" Social-Emotional Counseling Trivia Game Bundle
This bundle contains each of the following interactive games that are designed to help students learn about a variety of social and emotional skill topics including anger control, bullying, behavior, feelings, friendship, and peer pressure.Each trivia game (Microsoft Powerpoint format) contains 24 E


Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Game BUNDLE for school counseling
Three cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) games for small group counseling designed to teach elementary students to identify triggers, challenge negative thoughts, practice coping skills, and understand the impact of their behavior. This bundle includes the original game, the worry game, and the ange


Feelings Games For Identifying Feelings And Emotions
Your students will love these easy to use feelings games as they become more comfortable talking about their feelings. By discussing their own feelings and learning to identify feelings in themselves and others, your students will build the skills they need to increase their emotional intelligence.

Also included in: Feelings And Emotions Activities Bundle (Save 20%!)


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Social Skills Jeopardy/Quiz Game for Speech Therapy, Counseling - HFA, ASD
I needed a fun end-of-the-year activity for my social skills group, so I decided to create this Jeopardy game. This packet contains the materials to make a social skills-themed Jeopardy / Quiz game to use in speech therapy or counseling sessions. The difficulty level of the questions is probably be

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Coping Skills Activities: Coping Skills Bingo Counseling Game
Coping Skills BINGO: Looking for a fun way to reinforce coping skills with your students?Play BINGO! This game includes 30 unique Coping Skills Bingo cards using 24 different coping skills, so you can play with your whole class in a coping skills classroom guidance lesson or in a coping skills small

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Positive Behavior Activity: Behavior Bingo Counseling Game
This fun bingo-style game helps elementary school students differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior (awesome actions and bummer behaviors). Using the behavior calling cards, students label behavior as an awesome action or bummer behavior and then have a discussion about the impli

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Don't Bite the Bait: Responding to Teasing and Put-Downs
It is inevitable that children are going to have teases tossed their way throughout their entire lives. This activity pack is a great supplement to use with the book "Simons Hook” written by Karen Gedig Burnett (you don't have to purchase the book to use this activity). Students will learn to respo

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Mr. Peabody's Apples: A Book Companion
Mr. Peabody's Apples by Madonna, is a great book to help students understand the impact rumors and gossip can have on a person's reputation. This download includes several activities that can be used to reinforce the lesson taught. Included in download: Rumors/Gossip terms defined. Think before yo

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Social Skills Games Bundle {Save 20%}
Use these 24 games to help your students enjoy learning about social skills! These social skills games will help your students learn about, and practice, a variety of social emotional topics such as empathy, social problem solving, anger management, expected v. unexpected behaviors, self- esteem, co


Gossip and Rumors Airing Dirty Laundry Sort
This Laundry Sort activity is designed to help students recognize acceptable and unacceptable conversation topics as a way to reduce gossip and rumors. This download includes both color and black & white versions. Download also includes EDITABLE PAGES. Included in Download: Airing Your Dirty La

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