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Solution Focused School Counseling: Goal Setting & Strength-Based Interventions
Using Solution Focused Brief Counseling at SchoolExpand your school counseling go-to interventions, tools & "tricks"! Inspired by Solution Focused Brief Therapy, this School Counselor Toolbox features engaging, developmentally appropriate tools that can used with students to help them recognize

Also included in: School Counseling Bundle: Solution Focused Individual & Small Group Counseling


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How to Make and Keep a Friend - For Elementary-Aged Students
This product contains activities for teaching elementary-aged students what a friend is, how to make a friend, and how to keep a friend! The activities are perfect for individual student counseling or small groups. In this pack you'll get: Section 1: -Hypothesize: What is a friend like? handout (co

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Data Collection Pack
In today's world data speaks! Collecting meaningful data can be difficult whether you are a counselor, a special educator, a general educator or hold another position. This data pack will provide you with tools to collect useful data that will inform your instruction and get to the root of the funct

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Grief Group: Grief Recovery Small Group Counseling Program with Grief Activities
Healing Hearts grief recovery group counseling program is designed to help students honor and celebrate the memory of lost loved ones. Students participate in several therapeutic art activities, complete an "I Remember" book, and participate in a balloon release to celebrate the lives of their loved

Also included in: Elementary School Small Group Counseling Curriculum Bundle


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Superhero Themed School Counseling Classroom Guidance Lesson Bundle
This super-hero themed elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson bundle includes 15 lessons intended for students in Kindergarten, first grade, or second grade. The unit includes topics such as responsibility, emotions, friendship, conflict resolution, cooperation, and more! Your studen


Divorce Activities: Family Changes Interactive Lap Book Divorce and Separation
Divorce Activities: Do you need a new way to provide students with hands-on interactive activities? Try a lap book! This Family Changes Lap Book gives students the chance to express their emotional needs in relation to divorce or separation, identify supportive people in their lives, generate strate

Also included in: School Counseling Lap Book Bundle for Social Emotional Learning


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100 Free Coping Strategies
Use these 100 free coping strategies to help kids and young adults with anxiety, depression, anger, dealing with stress, and more. This resource includes a 2-page printable list of coping strategies. A space is also included for kids and young adults to write in their own individualized coping str

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Random Acts of Kindness "KIND" Bingo
Random Acts of Kindness Week takes place each February in order to spread kindness and teach students the value of doing a kind act for others. This Bingo game is designed to encourage students to do as many acts of kindness as possible. I used this activity in a middle school setting as a school wi

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Choices Think Sheet | Behavior Reflection Program | Restorative Process
Choices Think Sheet | Behavioral Reflection Program is a complete program to run a behavioral reflection program. A Think Sheet is a very effective tool to use when a student is displaying unacceptable behaviors. These sheets can be used to help correct undesired behaviors and help students process

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Reducing Test Anxiety Brochure
Learning to Manage Test Anxiety Brochure is a great activity to help students reduce worries. Each student is given their own brochure. Directions for assembly: Print double sided and fold on dotted lines. Brochure includes: Change your words…change your mindset activity: Students change negat

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Size of the Problem and Size of the Reaction Bundle
ZIP File that includes the following Size of the Problem and Size of the Reaction items in pdf format: Size of the Problem - Instruction -Teach big, medium, and small sized problems with well organized visuals and plenty of examples! -Provides opportunities for student participation and guided prac

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Grief in Children
"Gator Grief" is a collection of activities, worksheets, & handouts for elementary students. Death and grief is explained in child-friendly terminology and followed-up with simple worksheets and activities that allow children to express themselves. This product is great for both groups and indiv

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School Counseling Brochure for Parents (Editable)
Looking for something to hand out at your school's orientation, open house, or meet the teacher night? This editable school counseling brochure is super customizable, easy to read, and already has tons of info filled in to help you save time! Includes information on school counseling duties, the top

Also included in: School Counselor Starter Bundle


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Social Emotional Learning Brochures for 3-8th
25 tri-fold brochures are packed with information on common social and emotional learning topics. Students color them and fill out the interactive sections. Use them in classroom lessons, for small groups or grab and go individual needs. You can set them out during open house to showcase the many w


Ten Minute CBT Worksheets and Handouts for Depression and Anxiety
Manage anger, depression, and anxiety by taking 10 minutes a day to practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies. Students will learn how to dispute negative thinking patterns and thought distortions, while also building self-awareness, confidence, and a growth mindset.No prep product inc

Also included in: Anxiety and Depression BUNDLE


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Worry and Anxiety Brochure K2
This brochure is full of calming tools to help ease worry and anxiety. Send it home as a takeaway with students who come to the school counseling office about their worries. Guide them through the breathing exercises and grounding techniques so that they can use them on their own as well. They can l

Also included in: Social Emotional Learning Brochures K-2


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Disability Awareness Student Booklet {FREE}
Teach your students about disabilities with this fun booklet! Simple, kid-friendly descriptions and clipart make these complex disabilities more understandable for students. Disabilities covered in this booklet include: 1. Visual Impairments 2. Hearing Impairments 3. Autism 4. Learning Disabilitie

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Anxiety In Children - Great for Distance Learning
The ultimate collection of activities, worksheets, and handouts that address anxiety in elementary school children. A practical (and fabulous!) addition to your counseling toolbox.This product contains:2 Handouts that explain anxiety in kid-friendly terms2 Checklists ("Coping at School" and "School

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Parent Handouts Bundle!
**UPDATE** This download now also contains a PowerPoint file that allows you to change the text of the handouts to meet your specific setting's needs. Simply open the PowerPoint document, click in the text box you want to change, and make the change. NOTE: The text of the headings, the formatting, a

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Clark The Shark Self Control Lesson
Clark The Shark Self Control Lesson is the perfect lesson about self control. This is a book companion for the book, Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale. Use it with the book or the YouTube read aloud (link provided). Clark is a lovable character who learns that his behaviors will impact his friendshi

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The Starfish (30 minutes or less) Lesson Plan
The Starfish Story is the perfect great lesson plan for a 20-30 minute block of time. The Starfish Story helps students understand how they can help to make a difference in the world. I Includes: ★ Story ★ Discussion Questions ★ Printable Worksheet ★ and ASCA standards ★★

Also included in: Lunch Bunch Starter Pack Bundle


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New Students Counseling Group with New Student Activities
In this 4-session summer camp-themed group counseling curriculum, new students are welcomed and introduced to important people and places in the school! Pair students with "cabin buddies," or an experienced peer mentor to show them the ropes! Students participate in a scavenger hunt to become famili

Also included in: Elementary School Small Group Counseling Curriculum Bundle


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THINK Before You Speak Posters and Questions
If you love this resource, please leave some feedback! :) The THINK Poster should be in all classrooms and offices! Use it as a visual springboard for a small group or class discussions on kindness and the words we use, or use it to assist in mediating conflicts between students. Before you speak,

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Depression Program with Complete Facilitator's Guide
This fun and relatable depression workbook teaches new skills every lesson which helps students become more independent and manage their sadness. All of the research and hard work has been done for you; your job is to help guide the kids through the evidence-based program. This workbook has been

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