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Are you looking for both a digital AND printable materials to teach children about kindness and inclusion? "The Invisible Boy" by Trudy Ludwig is the perfect choice, and has a powerful message that leaves a lasting impact on students!These resources are designed to teach how it feels to be left out
This bundle contains each of the following interactive games that are designed to help students learn about a variety of social and emotional skill topics including anger control, bullying, behavior, feelings, friendship, and peer pressure.Each trivia game (Microsoft Powerpoint format) contains 24 E
Are you looking for an engaging and interactive way to teach SELF-CONTROL for both in-person classroom lessons AND distance learning digital lessons? Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale is a must-have book for educators and does a phenomenal job teaching about self-control in a relatable and fun way! Thes
Stealing is a sticky subject to talk about. The purpose of this product is to lead an open discussion with students on what stealing is, in a non-threatening way. When using this lesson in a large group, I use with computer technology to allow for students to get up and move to click from the quest
This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson introduces students to the magical formula, or emotion potion, for sharing their feelings with others. Students practice stating their feelings, describing the scenario, and asking for what they would prefer to happen next time. Includes a
Are you looking for printable and digital resources to teach about personal space, keeping a safe body, and hands to self? This comprehensive set is perfect for virtual distance learning and in-person teaching a classroom of students, a small group, or an individual!DIGITAL RESOURCE FOR DISTANCE LEA
Personal safety and inappropriate touch awareness need to be taught to all students. This product contains a lesson about good, bad and secret touches to help teach students personal body safety and what to do if someone tries to violate their safety. This social narrative is written in a simple and
Problem solving and decision making skills are essential life long skills that need to be developed. This lesson teaches students to think about their choices, the afterwards , their responsibility for their own choice, as well as how to make good choices. The lesson begins with a discussion about
Two Units in One! Save Money! Psychological Disorders/Methods of Therapy - Disorders Powerpoints and Therapy Powerpoints, worksheets, assessment, lesson plans included. Each lesson begins with a warm-up, and continues with PowerPoint notes, activity or review worksheet, and an Exit Ticket. Both the
This mindfulness bundle is designed for 5th-9th grade. If you are looking for something for younger grades, please try this similar product on emotions. Video preview available!SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER for a FULL LENGTH freebie!Mindfulness is a proven tool that can help people deal with emotions i
This stress busters presentation is editable and includes coping skills for handling anxiety. Students will be equipped with the tools to handle the stress of daily life and the demands of school. Reduced Student Stress = Higher Academic Achievement = Equals Higher Teacher Evaluation Score Includ
This resource contains the "how to" to use information for multiple grade levels using the Conferencing-Solution Circles approach. Conferencing-Solution Circles provide a structured and safe venue for those most affected by a peer’s behavior(s). Conferencing-Solution Circles allow the class to expr
This is a great way to introduce the role of a school counselor to students. It helps give a better understanding of job responsibilities and services a school counselor provides. This download can be used as a powerpoint presentation or print and laminate for durability. This download includes: 1
"Jabari Jumps" by Gaia Cornwall is a beautiful story about finding the courage to face our fears! Jabari's bravery in overcoming his fear of jumping off the diving board is a perfect way to teach elementary students about GROWTH MINDSET! THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:Clickable PowerPoint presentation that
Self-talk is one of the most important skills we can teach our students. We can coach ourselves to feel better and do better through positive self-talk. This resource teaches students what self-talk is, how powerful it can be, and gives lots of opportunities for practicing and applying it. It's grea
Friendship Skills Classroom Feud (Family Feud inspired) Game is a great way to teach friendship skills to students. Split your class or group into teams and then let them compete against each other to control the game board and win points! This PowerPoint game includes 6 rounds with directions, a
This interactive PowerPoint bundle provides tools for students to manage difficult emotions and promote healthy thinking. These lessons include many animations, visuals, and interactive portions, and are not the typical text-heavy PowerPoints. They are designed to keep your students engaged and reta
If you're looking for a comprehensive child abuse prevention unit for K - 5th graders - here it is! This bundle makes teaching this sensitive and challenging topic easy, meaningful, and, believe it or not...FUN! :)This money-saving BUNDLE contains 4 items: (click on the product listings or links bel
"I feel all different feelings each day. All of my feelings are OKAY!"This thorough and engaging Feelings Identification Activity Pack has endless possibilities for interactive lessons, games, and individual/small group counseling! Students will learn to identify 8 different feelings and apply this
When students have the skills and tools they need to problem-solve, they feel empowered, independent, and strong! Teach your students to differentiate between small problems and big problems, and to solve small problems peacefully with this 3-step method for using I messages! Our students are smart
Child abuse prevention is perhaps the single-most important topic that educators can teach their students! But, we all know that it is SO sensitive that it can be difficult to navigate and uncomfortable to teach! So, I created this clickable PowerPoint presentation that makes this tough topic EASY-T
This social narrative story is for students who swear when angry to help them improve their coping skills. The story teaches why it is not okay to swear, and offers 12 strategies to use instead. The strategies can be printed and hung as posters in your classroom or office for additional reinforceme
This file contains a power point presentation with an introductory lesson for Growth Mindset theory described by Carol Dweck. Students are introduced to the understanding that our brains are like a sponge, and discuss the difference between a Growth & Fixed Mindset. This is lesson 1 of 3 in the
"When Miles Got Mad" by Abbie Schiller and Samantha Counter is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE book for teaching anger coping strategies to children. I love using this story and these materials to teach students how to identify their anger triggers and choose and practice calm down strategies that are effectiv

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